Sagittarius 2022 Horoscope – Love, Money & Career

If your birth date falls between November 22 and December 21, your zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

The past two years bought for Sagittarius opportunities to expand his life and some prosperity, but also some hard lessons of character building. Sagittarius starts the year 2022 with renewed strength, ready to achieve his ambitions.

2022 continues to be a prosperous year for Sagittarius, with opportunities for increasing your finances. Finance is highlighted throughout the year, so perhaps a good time to invest or overhaul his financial portfolio.

sagittarius 2022 horoscope

Also, as far as his own creativity is concerned, this is a marvelous year, so Sagittarius must put in place avenues for his creativity. This can take many forms, from cooking to writing, painting to designing – whatever it is, plan to do it in 2022.

Towards the end of 2021, life was rather stressful, and Sagittarius may have been feeling a pull between home and career or public life. However, the stressful aspects are now passed, and he feels freer to go ahead with his plans, which may include expanding his home or working environment in some way.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2022

It’s a two-fold kind of year for you where on the one hand you’ll do a lot of thinking over relationships and friendships, and on the other, will get ready to enter into a great time indeed.

Jupiter your ruling planet sits in sexy Scorpio and won’t enter your sign until November, but from now until then, you’ll have plenty of fun checking out what love and passion mean to you.

You’re going to be busy! There’s something major coming to an end this year emotionally, but just before you start panicking too much, it may be that the old you and the old ways you did things is what’s being given its marching orders.

You’re heading into a new phase of life where you feel younger and more energetic, so if you’ve been in the single state longer than you care to admit to, this is the year where you’ll jettison old habits and old images and will take the world by storm.

Clear away any old negativity you’ve retained as your comfort blanket. It was always a crutch to fall back on, wasn’t it? No more! If partnered your significant other will get a shock this year, but it’s a shock they’ll be smiling about for some time. You’re back to being the fun-loving Sagittarian you’d been known for and you’re even cheekier this time around. Good for you! A great year to be the centre of attraction.


Then, of course, we have your money sector, and it’s there you face your biggest fears. Because of the many and varied changes going on in your life, you’re in some way going to have to speculate to accumulate and that could cause a financial Hiatus.

You won’t know where the next paycheque is coming from, and that always makes you a bit nervous. At least if it keeps you hungry it will keep you on your toes.

On the plus side, Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in the position where it helps you clear the decks. In the past, you’ve put up with long-drawn-out financial commitments which seem endless because it seems easier to go with the flow rather than attend to it and settle it more quickly. No more. You’ll face that fear and will take the bull by the horns this year. Don’t enter any financial obligations without being totally clear of time scales.

If it’s going to take too long, get it from elsewhere. The same goes for your confusion over money and work. Do you take a pay cut to get a great job, only to find that you suffer financially? Is it about kudos or is it about survival? This all changes in March for you as the lights of reality start to dawn.

From spring you’ll know what you need. Don’t be afraid to take risks this year as it will give you much better headway. In November, when Jupiter arrives in your sign, you’ll know that the morass you’ve come through and the fears you’ve faced have all been worth it when you realise you now have a great job with great money.


You’re famed for your brainpower, your innovative ideas, and your ability to make things happen, even although sometimes all of the above never get past the debating stage.

However, this is the year you’ll prove to all and sundry you’re not only good at having the ideas and getting things done, but will actually put it into practice. It sure looks like you’re making your way up the ladder to something totally new and different, but like all new areas any of us enter, be aware there will be hurdles and restrictions to overcome before reaching the top.

New skills, new learning, new opportunities, and a new route of where you want to be are all yours for the taking. You get bored with routine very easily, so try to adopt a different mindset as you veer off on this new road of adventure or you’ll just repeat old patterns.

You’ve traveled the same old road for too long now and are desperate to get your teeth into something new. This is the year you’ll do it.

Yes, there will be times when because it’s all so new it will be a bit scary but so what! You’re a fearless Sagittarian and can stare fear in the face more than many of us. Get out there and make it happen. You’ve got nothing to lose. Anything you begin now will grow in a major fashion and within two years will have far surpassed your expectations. Then you can reap what you’ve sown, so good for you.

2022 Sagittarius Horoscope month by month

  • January – From the beginning of the year, Sagittarius receives in their lives a person with whom they fall in love quite quickly.
  • Things are moving pretty fast in February, which may even herald a marriage for next year.
  • March – Sagittarians do not complain about the lack of money, but they do not have enough to buy everything they want.
  • April – In his career, things are going at a normal pace for Sagittarius. They get along very well with their co-workers, which makes them change their minds and not want to look for another job.
  • May – Sagittarians finally realize how important family is to them and therefore visits them as often as possible
  • June – The family will be with them throughout this month, especially since they are in great physical and financial need.
  • July – They start the month full of energy and hard work, which will amaze even them.
  • August – Whether it’s a salary increase, a bonus or a gift, Sagittarians receive a sum of money this month that will make them very happy.
  • September – Parents or very close relatives will be quite angry with Sagittarius for the decisions they make.
  • October – For Sagittarians who have not yet met their half, this month will be a lucky one. The person who will attract their attention is a co-worker 
  • November – The health problems seem to be related to work, being caused by the exaggerated efforts that they will strive to make from the beginning of the year.
  • Financially, things are going very well for Sagittarius in December , and the relationship with the family is very good.

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