Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope

One of the most energized aspects of 2020 is found in partnerships, relationships and all manners and types of commitments, Sagittarius. From the intimate and the romantic to the business liaisons to simply important life commitments you’re energy, in important respects, is very much geared at finding more empowering ways to work intimately with others…and with alliances.

Saturn adds its touch of no-nonsense strength and the north node brings in waves of the future and both a lunar and solar eclipse all share this important realm of your chart and your life.

There are rules to follow and guidelines to stay within but there are also new opportunities for higher connections that are built on trust, respect and love.

In addition to the partnership things brought about by a lunar eclipse in May moon magic also adds touches of work and responsibilities to work in June and dreams and all that go with them in November.

Making a deeper emotional commitment to the obligations that go along with life and finding new empathic connections to your inner world make this year an enlightening and empowering one. A total eclipse of the sun in December in your own sign brings some powerful potentials to the surface of your life. Be ready to chase those dreamy goals you spent the year building.

love predictions

With all the emphasis in your 7th house of integral and important partnerships love is definitely one of the finer promises of the year ahead. A long term commitment could be in the air but it is built not only from your romantic dreams and desires but also by evaluating what works in your everyday world.

The unions which take up mots of your thoughts this year will be far from light and airy escapades and will, in some way or another, have deeper roots and more empowering potentials. Playing by the rules is paramount as Saturn continues to do its thing to love affairs and joint partnerships.

Magical new beginnings may blossom and very quickly turn serious. With a Venus retrograde adding flavor and tone to October and November–not to mention passion and intensity– going back to the romantic past is an obligation..rather than an option.

Health Horoscope

The year 2020 is auspicious for your health, dear Sagittarius natives. The efforts you’ve made lately to improve your health show their effect now. You will maintain the healthy lifestyle and you will tend to stop postponing the doctor appointments, whether they are for routine tests or for your periodical dental scaling.

You are going to adopt new eating and movement habits, better and more efficient for you and you will become more optimistic. The stars bring you positive energy to succeed in finalizing everything you’ve planned.

The stars bring one recommendation: caution regarding processed sweets and cereals, as well as alcohol because your pancreas can react during this year. Otherwise, the stars bring no disturbing news health wise.

Financial goals and assets are relatively quiet during 2020. When they do look as important, potentially life changing options they will more likely than not be attached to other things. Money via partnerships or new commitments to important goals.

Career is spotlighted in the way of the way you support it, the work you are willing to put into it, the manner in which you handle the details, obligations and routines that go along with it.

When chasing objectives choose something other than the financial assets it may bring and choose a different goal…the sense of self empowerment, the security, the satisfaction. Abundance and prosperity always begin as states of mind but this year they also have some other attachment to them.

Beneficial Months

You are ruled by Jupiter, the epitome of good luck, expansiveness and fairness. During the first 7 months of 2020 it is your passions which feel the touch of this giant planet. It reaches out to enhance your business arrangements, the financial goals you share with others.

It may bring in good luck around lawsuits or money owed you. During August Jupiter moves on to open up your future. It brings in a teacher or lessons or delicious knowledge to explore. If planning a trip for a life enhancing reason try to do so after the middle of August. Long distance travels then become easier to pull off, more satisfying and far more likely to unfold as you want them to.

Change Yourself in Positive Ways in 2020

Communications remain very important aspects of your life. Uranus, planet of the future and change, continues to bring you inspiration, albeit surprising and unpredictable, through words, conversations and messages.

Anything is possible when it comes to who you may hear from…or who you may reach out to contact. Continue staying open minding and learning from the exchanges and meetings you encounter unexpectedly.

Dreams, fantasies and all that is attached to your inner hopes also remain in the area of your world where they influence your words, where they add both delight and haze to your communications. Constantly double check your facts, especially written ones. Learn to stay grounded while still retaining your dreams. Sweet messages and vague ones will play a role as the year unfolds.


Partnerships, partnerships, partnerships. New people arrive and some may leave. New beginnings ignite and closures take place. It is this area which once again sees a tremendous amount of cosmic action as the months roll through.

Be on the watch for dramatic turns of events….for new possibilities….for new liaisons.

 Horoscope month by month


What looked like a disaster in the area of legal/money matters will finally be settled this month. Not quite as lucrative as you had hoped but at least it will be over and enough to give you a fresh start! With some creative thinking and investing, you can parlay this into something very positive! As the month progresses, you will find that your intuition is playing an even bigger role in your life than you had previously realized.

It will be central to an increase in appreciation by those close to you and those acts that you thought had gone unnoticed will be recognized in both word and deed. You will finally get the gratitude you deserve!


I see that there are some things that are really worrying you, dear Sag. In fact, recently, it appears that you’ve felt pretty much unable to cope altogether. I don’t want to make light of your problems but they really aren’t as bad as they seem. In fact, there’s is hidden strength in you that will pull you out of this funk very soon. You’ll be reminded one more time of how much strength there is available to you.

You tend to forget, don’t you? You’ll be helped through this by a young person who you don’t often expect to come through for you but this time, s/he will and it will help a lot! By the end of the month everything will be looking up and you’ll be more optimistic than you’ve been in awhile. It’s learning and growing time and that isn’t always easy but this situation won’t last too much longer and that’s good news, isn’t it?


Now is an excellent time for a rest. You’ve been working hard and it’s time to just take it easy! And, in addition, you’re not sure what your next step ought to be. You see an option out there but you’re afraid of looking foolish if you go for it.

Face the fear and do it anyway! If you always take the safe route, the Universe may offer you many gifts that you refuse. That’s self-sacrificing and not a good idea. Besides, the cards say anyone who thought you might be making a foolish choice is wrong because you will prevail! Fight that urge to stay in your cocoon and get out and enjoy what the Universe has to offer.


With some time spent in meditation, dear Sag, this month can bring you much of what you’ve been wanting. Remember that the most effective way of drawing that which you want and need to you is to affirm that it’s already done.

So, during your meditation see who or what you desire at your side or in your hands. You see, right now, the cards indicate that you have a special window of opportunity open to you. Your psychic ability is high and your Universe appears to want to deliver your visualizations! So, if I were a Sagittarius, I’d be spending a lot of time in contemplation in August! Why not take advantage of this great month?


You can be a “powerhouse” this first part of the month! You have influences that are giving you abilities to force situations! However, be cautious. Remember to be careful what you pray for, you may get it! Also, you have a code of ethics to answer to within yourself. So, look every situation over carefully and if it is something that you really want, go for it!


October brings you to a number of places where you will need to make some important decisions. Most of them will be no problem because you know what you want. However, there is one that if you decide to go for it, you may wind up very unhappy, indeed, so weigh those choices carefully and if there’s one that seems “iffy” choose against it! It may feel as though there are forces working to get you to accept that offer but don’t do it.

Look to a young dynamic person to help you work through this month. S/he has your best interests at heart and will not only have good advice but also can take some tasks off your hands. By the end of the month, all of this should be resolved and in the best possible way.


The Universe will be offering you several opportunities this month. Be careful about being too careful. I know that this is in opposition to your Sag nature but for some reason you’re being more cautious at this point in time.

You need to relax more and have more fun.You’ve been much too serious lately and perhaps working too hard. You have some old issues that may rear their ugly heads in November and you can take care of those by prayer, insight and meditation. An excellent sign at this time is that even though you may be going through a rather difficult time,the end IS in sight! But, I want to reiterate that to be able to accept the above opportunities, you MUST relax!


Don’t be afraid to fight for what you know is rightfully yours! It could mean success and money. You’ll receive two messages around this issue and take them to heart because they are the key to this financial venture.

You’ll finally be able to reward yourself with some of those little gifts you’ve been wanting! Don’t wait for Santa Claus. Someone is wanting to be close to you that you’re unsure about. This person is clever and charming but be careful. I’m not convinced s/he is completely trustworthy. Give it some time before you decide to give your heart away. It could be a gamble you don’t want to take.

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