Was Nostradamus a true prophet ?

Nostradamus is one of the most enigmatic astrologers in history, a mysterious figure who continues to fascinate people around the world. From astrology to prophecies, Nostradamus managed to gather a circle of loyal disciples, who continued to promote his visions long after his death.

It has been hundreds of years since Nostradamus wrote his predictions and continues to be considered by many as a prophet who predicted many important events in history, from the ascension of Adolf Hitler to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Born Michel de Nostradame in France in 1503, the preacher was a renowned astrologer and physicist, who managed to gather many disciples throughout his life. He published the book Prophets in 1555, which became famous throughout the world .

At just 14 years old, Nostradamus was a medical student at the University of Avignon, who had to leave after just one year due to an outbreak of bubonic plague. He attended the University of Montpelier, where he received a doctorate in medicine. According to rumors, he was expelled because of his passion for astrology, but other documents attest that he completed his studies in 1525.

After several difficulties with the authorities in France, Nostradamus preferred to embark on a journey across Europe instead of appearing before the Inquisition court. During this journey, his disciples say that he has found a true purpose – that of a prophet. It is said that when he met a group of monks in Italy, he told one of them that the Pope would arrive, which happened when the foreigner was named Pope Sixtus V in 1585.

When he returned to France, Nostradamus became fascinated by the occult area and began to write down his forecasts. His disciples claim that when he published the Prophecies, in order not to be persecuted by the church, he “hid” his predictions in vague lyrics, whole paragraphs in other languages and many other tricks that gave an aura of mystery to his writings – and what they allowed them to be interpreted in countless ways.

Nostradamus claimed that his writings are inspired by the astrological signs he discovered and interpreted, but critics say his writings are so vague that they can be interpreted anyway. Many claim that exactly the same paragraph in the Prophety predicted, in turn, the success of Napoleon, the defeat of Hitler, the atomic bomb and even the birth of the Kennedy brothers.

His predictions do not have data and contain elusive descriptions, so quotes can be interpreted at will, which Nostradamus’ disciples continued to do after his death. Many experts believe that the “prophecies” were merely observations of current events in Nostradamus’ time and not an attempt to predict the future.

One thing is certain: Nostradamus continues to be an enigmatic figure and many will continue to look for hidden meanings in his writings, as they have for hundreds of years. It remains to be seen what other predictions for 2020 from his book will come out and if they will come true.