Nostradamus predictions that ‘came true’

He made these predictions in 1555, but his statements are still the subject of heated debate.

The death of Henry II
King of France between 1547 and 1559, Henry II died during a tournament. Here’s what Nostradamus wrote and what happened:

“The young lion will defeat the eldest on the battlefield, in one battle. He will pierce his eyes in the golden cage; two wounds in one, and then he will die of a terrible death.”

On July 1, 1559, while the king was participating in a tournament, accidentally, his friend’s spear, who was an opponent in the competition, pierced the royal gold cap and entered his eyes. The terrified deed, Count de Montgomery, was younger than the sovereign; a chip from the broken weapon caused him a second wound, and the king endured terrible pain for ten days, after which he died. All that time he would be and remain the only sovereign of France with one eye. Both Henry and Montgomery had a lion on their shields.

  • The great fire in London

“The blood of the righteous will be demanded by London, Burned with fire in the year 66, Old Lady will fall from her high place, And many in the same sect will be killed”

The fire took place in 1666 and destroyed much of the city, including St. Paul’s Cathedral.

  • The French Revolution

The slave population will sing and demand that princes and lords be held captive in prison, and the answer to their divine prayers will be idle heads .

Following the well-known revolution of 1789, which served as a model for many European peoples, the peasants were able to defeat the nobles and send them to Bastille, where they were beheaded.

  • The reign of Napoleon

“PAU, NAY, LORON will be more of fire than of blood, To swim in glory, the mighty
will run to the confluence. He will refuse to enter Piuses, He will imprison the depraved. ”

Pau, Nay and Oloron are three cities in France. Anagramming their name we get, NAPAULON ROY, meaning Napoleon, king. More of the fire is meant to emphasize the modest family from which Napoleon came. Piuses can be Pope Pius VI or Pius VII, rivals of Napoleon.

  • Louis Pasteur

A lost thing, hidden for many centuries,
It will be discovered, and the shepherd will be celebrated almost like a god. But rumors say he will be dishonored .

It’s a fantastic prediction. Pasteur was to be listed as the discoverer of anthrax and rabies vaccines. Subsequently, the anthrax vaccine was shown to have been discovered.

  • Hitler

“In western Europe, a child will be born of poor parents. He will seduce a lot of people with his words. And his fame will grow to the east.”

Born in western Europe from very poor parents, Hitler was a perfect speaker, due to this quality reaching the front of the German people .

  • Charles de Gaulle

“One named Gaulle will drive three times …”

The historical figure was a leader of the Free French Forces in World War II, the prime minister of France in the post-war interim government and the first president of the Fifth Republic.

  • Assassination of J.F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy

“One big man will be shot down in a day by a devastating blow, An evil deed, predicted by the petitioner. Another will fall at night. Conflict in Reims, London and a plague in Tuscany” .

John Kennedy received numerous death threats and was shot dead on the afternoon of November 22, 1963. Bobby Kennedy was killed at midnight on June 5, 1968.

  • The September 2001 attacks

On September 11, 2001, the twin towers of New York were the target of a terrorist attack.

“A rattling fire from the center of the earth will cause creeps in the New City. Two large rocks will carry the footsteps long, Arethusa will flush another river.”

  • A great earthquake in the future?

“A sloping earth movement, a great calamity, Over the West and Lombardy Earths There will be fire on the ship, plague and captivity: Mercury in Sagittarius. Saturn” disappears “”

The earthquake is predicted in the New World, most likely in California when Mercury is retrograde in Cancer (between June 18 and July 12, 2020 ).