About Me

I’m Amber Michaud, an engineer, passionate about astrology and everything people call “paranormal.” Contact with astrology and “paranormal specialty” books occurred immediately after ’89. I was self-taught until the first astrology course I attended in 2000.

I developed the method of astrological analysis in the sense of deciphering the personality and the human psyche, in order to identify and use the native potential, because from my experience I have found that the most valuable help for a human being is to guide him so that he knows himself better yourself and help yourself.

I understood and experienced what I consider to be the essence of the theories of personal development, namely that, regardless of the path we choose to go through in life, the engine of all our actions and the generator of any result is our thinking.

I regularly organize astrology workshops, aimed at the general public, for popularizing astrological knowledge, as well as for working with them, for personal growth. If you want to work together, we meet on the CONTACT page.