Money Horoscope – Money Profiles of the Zodiac Signs …

We’re all familiar with the sun-sign columns in newspapers and magazines, and for many people, that’s where their acquaintance with astrology begins and ends.

But the fact is, astrology can provide the most invaluable insights into how we relate to money and can help to explain those bothersome differences that cause us so much grief.

For the observations of astrologers down the centuries have shown quite conclusively that people born under the same sun sign handle their money in strikingly similar ways.

What that means is that, deep-down, all Ariens relate to money in the same fundamental way, even if their surface behaviour may differ radically at times – that’s because they probably have a different moon sign or rising sign. So, how does this work out in practice?

Most Ariens are pretty impatient about having to wait for money, and they’ll usually view their moneymaking endeavours as one great adventure!

The opposite sign of Libra, however, presents a different picture entirely. Most Librans wouldn’t dream of making a fuss about money, even if a bill or debt is long overdue. Indeed, they’ll tend to charm, rather than bludgeon, their debtors into paying!

Unlike Aries, though, they’ll always make a high priority out of spending on their home, for they love to surround themselves with pretty things. Money often runs through a Libran’s fingers, which is most unlike…

...Taurus, who attracts it like a magnet! Taureans get a warm inner glow from having money in the bank and usually manage to pile it high as the years go by.

Their opposite sign of Scorpio loves it too, and will often go to considerable lengths to get it. But you’ll also often find that Scorpios and their money are subject to a periodic ‘wipeouts’: Scorpios can make a lot of money in their lives, but they often lose it too, and financially speaking, they’ll often rise like the phoenix from the ashes once, twice or even thrice in a lifetime.

Take Gemini now: it’s a different story again. These quicksilver characters are full of wild, exciting ideas for making lots of money – but when it comes to handling those little financial details, their eyes glaze over with boredom.

Nothing could be further from the truth with Cancer, though, who loves to hoard the pennies – and who keeps the firmest possible tabs on each and every cent.

Sagittarians have millions of ideas about growing their cash reserves too, though they usually spend their money far quicker than they make it! But every archer has wonderful dreams and once in a while those dreams pay off.

Dreaming wouldn’t appeal much to a Capricorn, though, especially when it comes to money. Goats like to build their business empires on a solid financial footing, and they never ever rest till they get to the very top.

The top of the mountain appeals to Aquarians, too, though they usually prefer to contemplate the far horizon rather than deal with financial reality.

Like their opposite sign of Leo, they can sometimes be very extravagant, but the lions of the zodiac differ in that they regard money in the bank as their god-given birthright, and not something they’d ever stoop to worrying about.

Contrast Leo’s carefree attitude with the neighbouring sign of Virgo, who is one of the zodiac’s great pessimists! Virgos worry more about money than all the other signs put together.

This is most unlike their opposing sign of Pisces, who always sees the bigger picture, and has a god-given faith that “something will turn up!” …which brings us right back to Aries, and the very point where we first started!

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