Mercury retrograde 2020

We’ve probably all heard the planet Mercury blamed for miscellaneous mayhem: My computer crashed, Mercury must be retrograde. The car won’t start, Mercury must be retrograde. That certain someone I’ve been lusting after didn’t phone even though I was promisedI’d get a call — Mercury MUST be retrograde!

During 2020, Mercury goes retrograde three times:

  • March 22nd  (Aries) – April 15th (Aries)
  • July 25th (Leo) – August 18th  (Leo)
  • November 16th 12th  (Scorpio) – December 6th  (Sagittarius)


Well, what exactly is this mysterious culprit of chaos?


Three or four times a year, Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky when spied from Earth. These two- to three-week cycles of “backward” motion are called retrograde periods. And until Mercury looks like it’s going “direct” again, innocent earthlings can expect delays, interferences, spontaneous schedule changes, malfunctions in small appliances (think computers, answering machines), mix-ups, mental confusion, missed appointments, misdeliveries, misunderstandings, misinterpretations…whew…and a general breakdown in communications — particularly those of the interpersonal sort. Contracts and negotiations have the potential to go wrong, or could require rehashing at a later (Mercury direct!) date. Mercury retrograde is also not the best time for making up your mind.


So what kind of chaos does this spell for your love life? Expect fights over things that are better left unsaid (or at least better said when Mercury is no longer retrograde) and breakups caused by speaking too impulsively or reacting to a distortion of facts. Did your sweetie really say that? Maybe. Just check our Merc-O-Meter (above) before letting the pots and pans fly. Don’t even think about asking someone out during this cycle — any relationship starting off under Mercury retrograde is destined to be doomed. Also, you may want to consider planning weddings and other romantic unions for times when Mercury is calmly moving forward.