Mercury retrograde 2020

We’ve probably all heard the planet Mercury blamed for miscellaneous mayhem: My computer crashed, Mercury must be retrograde. The car won’t start, Mercury must be retrograde.

That certain someone I’ve been lusting after didn’t phone even though I was promised I’d get a call — Mercury MUST be retrograde!

During 2020, Mercury goes retrograde three times:

  • February 17 (Pisces)– March 10 (Aquarius)
  • June 18 (Cancer) – July 12  (Leo)
  • October 14 (Libra) – November 3 (Scorpio)

Update: Check the article about the Mercury Retrograde 2021

Well, what exactly is this mysterious culprit of chaos?

mercury in retrograde dates for 2020

Mercury, the planet of communication, will have a retrograde motion from June 18th-July 17th of 2021, in Cancer. In this period, nostalgia could have a serious impact on you.

This is the second apparent retrograde motion of Mercury from this year, occurring in an astral context in which we still experience significant changes and transformations.

We may obtain long-awaited legalization or even fix some mistakes of the past in terms of communication. Practically, this is the moment when we have the chance to mend or regain a relationship.

However, this will not be easy. Before saving something, the disagreements in a relationship are likely to worsen. This is why, in June of 2020, it is important to get into position because, during the following period, the bad news might not bypass us.


Three or four times a year, Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky when spied from Earth. These two- to three-week cycles of “backward” motion are called retrograde periods.

And until Mercury looks like it’s going “direct” again, innocent earthlings can expect delays, interferences, spontaneous schedule changes, malfunctions in small appliances (think computers, answering machines), mix-ups, mental confusion, missed appointments, misdeliveries, misunderstandings, misinterpretations…whew…and a general breakdown in communications — particularly those of the interpersonal sort.

Contracts and negotiations have the potential to go wrong, or could require rehashing at a later (Mercury direct!) date. Mercury retrograde is also not the best time for making up your mind.


So what kind of chaos does this spell for your love life? Expect fights over things that are better left unsaid (or at least better said when Mercury is no longer retrograde) and breakups caused by speaking too impulsively or reacting to a distortion of facts.

Did your sweetie really say that? Maybe. Just check our Merc-O-Meter (above) before letting the pots and pans fly. Don’t even think about asking someone out during this cycle — any relationship starting off under Mercury retrograde is destined to be doomed.

Also, you may want to consider planning weddings and other romantic unions for times when Mercury is calmly moving forward.

The zodiac signs affected by Mercury retrograde in 2020:

Taurus – Mercury retrograde in Leo will influence your family life, your past, and home, which will ensure emotional safety and stability. This retrograde transit is ideal for making plans to redecorate the house, for changes that you can apply after the period when Mercury is retrograde.

Some issues can occur related to your family, home, parents, and some family businesses that were left unsolved in the past can reappear during this period, so it is the best time to find a solution and reconcile.

Gemini and Virgo
will feel a strong general blockage. Geminis are masters in communications, and Virgos will have a hard time finding their words, and they will not feel good in their skin. They will tend to isolate and exclude themselves from their groups of interest.

During this period, when Mercury is retrograde, Cancer will suffer from unexplainable fatigue, lack of energy, and apathy that will push them into a dead end.

Aquarius natives are going to be edgy, irascible, sulky, and caustic more than they usually are. They will be dissatisfied with everything, and nothing will please them.

Leos will also suffer because of Mercury’s retrograde motion, but its effect is minimal. They are going to be lazy, calm – exceptionally calm, apparently resigned, and they will sit quietly in their lair doing almost nothing.

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What goes well when Mercury is retrograde:

Not everything is bad, on the contrary! There are zodiac signs that will benefit from the retrograde motion of Mercury, transforming it into an advantage. The following will be facilitated:

  • introspection and dialogue with yourself;
  • establishing a new life plan – you can start a diet or a fitness class;
  • it is an excellent time for plans and projects, as long as you don’t apply them, only establish them step by step in your mind and soul;
  • fixing some unclear situations from the past;
  • it is an ideal time to ask for forgiveness from those you’ve wronged, and to forgive those who’ve wronged you;

Favored zodiac signs:

The Aries who also have a dose of calmness and patience instilled by their sign will be unaffected by this period. They can also have some advantages if they will manage to do what they’ve long postponed.

Scorpios are not going to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde very strongly because they function on another wavelength. The effects of Mercury will elude them. They can benefit from the negative effects Mercury has on those around them. They will do what others cannot or will not do.

Sagittarius is protected by Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, so all the negative effects will be canceled out by the force of the great planet.

The people born under the Pisces sign are on the wave. They can go through positive transformations related to family, career, and financial decisions. When Mercury is retrograde right in their sign, the effects for them are opposite in comparison with the other natives.

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Things you shouldn’t do when Mercury is retrograde!

Don’t start new projects

The sensitive periods, when Mercury is retrograde, are perfect for reflection, evaluations, and conclusions. So, if you are going to launch a new project or to make an official announcement on social media, wait a little bit longer.

Don’t make promises and don’t take important decisions

Mercury is retrograde three or four times each year, so it would be preposterous to stop all your activity every time the planet is acting up. However, astrologers advise you to be cautious.

More exactly, during this period, it would be wise not to sign important contracts or to make deals with potential business partners. Even if you are eager, it would be recommended to refrain from making great promises and to focus on strategy.

Don’t go late to appointments, airport, or train station

If you truly have to go on a trip, don’t be surprised if you waste a lot of time in train stations or airports. Make sure the margin of error is more generous than usual and that your luggage won’t disappear like magic.

Confirm your bookings, appointments, and addresses again to make sure that you get to your destination in time.

Don’t start anything new if you haven’t already finished the old projects

Avoid launching a new project or making an important presentation. You will encounter resistance from those who are usually approachable.

There is also the risk to overlook essential details, and if the project is, however, adopted, it will need serious modifications to be successful.

In conclusion, if we align ourselves to the wisdom of the universe, we can thrive and grow.

A retrograde planet can generate unexpected events, bring forth issues that were left unresolved in the past, encourage wrong actions, imply unforeseen changes, all kind of blockages, frustrations in certain aspects of life.

The astrologers refer to Mercury as the Soul Guide, and the purpose of the retrogradation phase is to show us the way to our soul.