Mercury Retrograde In Gemini – May 29 to June 22 2021

Mercury, the planet of wisdom, begins its retrograde journey into Gemini on 15 May 2021.

The following period of time will be difficult for several signs. The signs that haven’t managed to change certain things at the right time will find many obstacles in the time to come.

Aries signs will become more passionate, more prone to conflict and will always be on the defensive.

Taurus signs will go through a period of positive changes, one full of interesting moments, especially when it comes to their love life. Cancer signs will have to make several important choices.

Leo signs will go through a favorable period in which they will solve some health problems and will be financially secure.

On the other hand, Mercury in Gemini will invigorate us to use more of our intuition and it will stimulate the search for knowledge, compelling us to seek more of it, to further our intellectual growth and development.

Additionally, it will increase our interest in traveling, both for studies and for socializing with people from other communities, environments and cultures.

Here is the Horoscope for the period May 29 to June 22, the period in which Mercury will traverse through the Gemini sign:


For those born in the sign of Aries, this transit will stimulate interest for studies, for knowledge gathering and the search for new opportunities to expand their knowledge.

Aries signs will be very drawn to the idea of traveling to different locations, to meet new people and see new places, and during Mercury retrograde in Gemini, they will discover a new philosophical side to them.


Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini will strongly stimulate the desire for wealth, the desire for financial comfort, and those born in the sign of Taurus will have the opportunity to carry out numerous endeavors to that end.

Those born in this sign will be more favored during legal processes, divisions, inheritance disputes and obtaining material goods. Additionally, this transit will facilitate to the exploration and rediscovery of their own sexual side.


For those born in the sign of Gemini, this transit will have effects on their marriage and their professional lives, as such, those born in this sign will have constructive and revealing discussions with their life partner, and in their professional lives they may receive new association and collaboration offers, a detail that may help expand their businesses in the labor sector.

Those single may meet their significant other either abroad or through the internet, and those who have strong and lasting relationships can expect a marriage proposal.


Mercury retrograde in Gemini will have effects on the Work and Health sector of life, and those born in the sign of Cancer will have the opportunity, through dialogue, to make themselves heard or known at the work place, which can also ease tensions between colleagues and superiors.

Cancer signs will have the chance to expand their horizons when it comes to the professional part of their lives, they will have the chance to negotiate work contracts, to assess situations that are linked to their job and the may even go on business trips that will help expand their knowledge.


Those born in the sign of Leo can take advantage of this transit to improve their relationship with their significant other and with their children.

Leo signs will be able to reach an understanding, through revealing dialogues, will be able to obtain the necessary support to expand their intellect, maybe even change some of their ideas regarding love and the way they manifest their feelings.

This will be a favorable period for relaxation, for sports, walks and entertainment.


Those born in the sign of Virgo will benefit from this transit when it comes to family and home and it is very likely that they will become closer to their loved ones, to solve a problem with their residence, to solve something about the house’s paperwork and something regarding the building itself.

Additionally, they may even want to come up with a fresh, revolutionary perspective on their way of life.


Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini in May 2021 will imprint upon those born in the Libra sign the desire for knowledge, for communication and the desire to develop through them.

Libra signs will easily form new friendships or professional relationships and it is also likely that they will expand their horizons by coming into contact with strangers, from another culture and religion, or after marrying in a foreign country.

During this period, they will be able to obtain diplomas, certificates and will easily pass exams and will make a good impression during interviews.


For those born in the sign of Scorpio, Mercury’s transit through Sagittarius will give them numerous opportunities to improve their financial status.

Scorpio signs will experience financial growth, will obtain bonuses at the work place and will be able to solve a problem regarding their salary.


Those born in the sign of Sagittarius will benefit greatly from Mercury’s retrograde, this transit will tickle their appetite for knowledge, for information and personal development through study.

Sagittarius signs will have better communication skills, they will easily have conversations with those around them and will even be able to negotiate in their favor.


Those born in the sign of the Capricorn will experience the effects of this transit in one of the houses of the subconscious, however this transit will make them more confident in their abilities, will help them overcome fears and obsessions and they will be much more optimistic.

Capricorn signs will be able to discuss their past and will integrate it into their lives much easier, they will be able to accept it and will be able to distance themselves from traumatic experiences.


For those born in the sign of Capricorn, Mercury’s retrograde will bring them the chance to expand their friend circle, to make new friends with whom they will undertake profitable projects and will make important plans for the future.

They will be able to meet and quickly form friendships, even with foreigners from a different culture and religion.


Their career and professional growth will be major points of interest for those born in the sign of Pisces.

Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini will give them the opportunity to stand out and be more important at the work place, to improve their self-image through conversations, public discourse, through negotiations, to consolidate their professional status, and they will have greater chances for promotions.

There will be Pisces signs that, driven by the desire for a promotion, will change their domain, maybe even leave the country under contract.