Mercury Retrograde 2021 Effects on Each Zodiac Sign

When we talk about the retrogradation of the planets, we refer to their apparent reverse motion from a geocentric perspective (watched from the Earth).

This is due to the different speeds the planets rotate around the Sun and compose these speeds with the Earth’s speed.

first Mercury retrograde cycle of the year 2021

A planet in retrograde can emphasize predestined events, unsolved issues from the past, wrong actions, unforeseen changes, all kind of blockages, frustrations, aggravations in some spheres of life.

Let’s not forget that Mercury is the “spiritual guide” and the retrogradation period can show us the way to our soul.

Mercury’s major influence will be exerted upon fixed signs, such as Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, but also upon two of the signs it governs: Gemini and Virgo.

During Mercury Retrograde periods everyone will notice issues like:

  • the communication between people is disturbed
  • blockages and delays in transport occur
  • cars and Internet connection no longer function
  • we are more prone to wrong judgements or decisions,
  • we have a more defective way to express ourselves or we misunderstand the others
  • we need to delay or cancel trips, we miss exams out of luck of focus or we fail interviews due to unfavorable self-presentation
  • our transactions fail, we lose or the phone gets broken or the network falls
  • we have a weaker mental focus and a faulty dexterity
  • tense relationships occur with office clerks or secretariats, mental and communication confusions occur in general.

Mercury retrograde happens three times in 2021:

Mercury Retrograde 2021
  • January 30 ( in Aquarius) – February 19  ( in Pisces )
  • May 31 – June 21 (Gemini)
  • September 28 – October 16 (Libra)


Mercury’s first retrogradation in 2021 (January 30 – February 19)- Effects on each zodiac sign


As if the native stubbornness of Aries was not enough, now that Mercury is in a retrograde motion, their restlessness gets extreme and their inadequate mood seems to be a daily occurrence in their case.


This will affects the communication skills of Taurus natives in all regards and doesn’t allow them to express themselves as they want, which causes great tensions and unrest in the couple’s life, but also at the office.

This is not a good time for taking decisions or making changes in important matters.
However, it is a beneficial time for increasing financial gains, but it would be advisable not to overdo it.


For Gemini, it means that you are not facing a beneficial period for social growth, communication, personal project development or for improving the relationships with your loved ones.

Try to stay as far away from stressful activities that imply taking important decisions.

It would also be a good idea to be more careful about what you are saying because Mercury retrograde greatly affects the communication area of Gemini.


If usually, the Crabs move one step forward and three steps back, now all the steps they make are backward and not even one forward if they are stubborn to jump headfirst in taking important decisions and initiating new projects.

This is not a beneficial time for interactions, so it would be better if they leave these activities for other times, when you feel more inspired.


The Leo natives become very confused and no longer understand what is happening around them.

They hesitate and they don’t know in what direction to go, they don’t know where to start and what to do.

They should analyze things better and try to detach a little from all the worries and problems.


The nervous system is the most affected and this reflects in the professional relationships and the atmosphere from the office.

The communication in the workplace is not efficient at all and you can’t manage to express yourself as you should, thus you are misunderstood most of the time.


You are an inexplicable tendency to change the communication strategy with your life partner and the other members of your family, but it would be better to avoid important decisions and conclusions at least during the following period.


For Scorpios, this time period steps out of line in terms of blood relations or the relationships with family and friends.

It is yet a good time for redecorating your home and for thinking about strategies that would help you be more efficient and more creative than ever in this regard.


The agitation and the nervous state of Sagittarius significantly increase during this period, which always gives us a hard time.

Disagreements within the family and in the relationship with your friends are likely to occur, but with a bit of diplomacy, they will get solved very easily.


Surprisingly, the Capricorns are the luckiest zodiac signs during the first Mercury Retrograde from 2021. During this period, they can solve some of the problems that occurred recently and they can easily develop new partnerships that in the end will prove to be very auspicious.


Misunderstandings regarding the communication with your life partner, but also with the professional partners may occur.

It’s very difficult for you to express your thoughts and to make yourself understood during this period, so it would be better to avoid as much as possible taking important decisions.

Starting new projects is also not auspicious during this period.


Pisces  have the tendency to internalize and to withdraw from the sight of others.

They feel the need to be alone and to think peacefully of what they need to do if they have something to do.

If not, they simply want to meditate to their existence and to the spirituality surrounding them.