Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 2021

Pluto will go retrograde between April 27 to October 6, 2021.

Pluto, the transformer of the zodiac will continue to occupy your sector of travel, higher education, studies and connections to foreign people or places. During this time Pluto will turn retrograde (backwards) between April and early october 2021. Your aims and actions in these departments of your life can bring transformative conditions.

You could totally alter your belief systems. This influence has been operating for many years and will continue up until late 2022. During the retrograde phase you may discover some deep and profound reasons for your life and perhaps even consider living in another country. During the direct phase (January to March 2021 and again from September to the end of the year) you will come to realize what truly works for you in terms of your religious and spiritual beliefs and your destiny.

It forces us to reevaluate our plans and wants. At the same time, during this period you can achieve your goals because you will have the necessary energy to do so.

If you focus that energy on your goals, you will achieve them.

A planet’s retrograde state forces us to return to the past (more exactly, in its direct travel period) and to finish the things we avoided or left unfinished back then.

It mostly demands us to trust in our own power, emotional maturity and accepting responsibility for our own actions.

This is how Pluto retrograde through Capricorn influences each and every sign, depending on the astrological chart it forms!


Aries people are advised to avoid taking major decisions in the next two months, avoid getting involved in new projects, avoid creating tension between their friends and are advised to be more understanding instead.


Pluto’s retrograde state through Capricorn will affect Taurus people when it comes to their jobs, where the astrological signs will make it harder for them to complete their tasks.

At the same time, Tauruses will have two months time to reevaluate and change certain aspects about their work place and external affairs.


Those born in the Gemini will have their travels, studies, principles and life values influenced by planet Pluto retrograde.

Geminis will postpone going on a trip or it will be carried out with great difficulty and they will have to pay close attention to the road, to avoid accidents.

Those who are waiting for news about their studies, enlistment in a faculty abroad, should expect delays.


The planet Pluto will affect the financial sector of Cancer sign.

Those born in Cancer will have to face obstacles and delays in receiving a large sum of money, an inheritance or valuable goods.

Those who are waiting to receive a credit will face great difficulty in obtaining it, and the situation isn’t much better when it comes to the money they and their partner currently possess.


Leo may encounter real difficulties in managing their emotions in a constructive way. They must learn to stop trying to control others and making themselves noticed at all costs.

You will have to be more reserved in order to solve your problems. The more in control of yourself you are, the sooner you will solve your problems.


Those born in the sign of Virgo will experience Pluto retrograde in their House of Work and Health, and Virgos are advised to take great care when it comes to these matters.

They must avoid excesses of any kind, overworking themselves at their jobs, where they will encounter numerous obstacles and delays in completing their tasks, and those who are dealing with older afflictions are advised to do a check-up.


Pluto retrograde forces those born in the sign of Libra to reevaluate their feelings and attitudes towards their partner and children, where is the case.

Disillusions and arguments in the couple are to be expected, and single Libras may have an affair or may return to an older relationship.

The situation will be harder as well for Libras who are undertaking creative or sports activities.


Those born in the sign of Scorpio will be greeted by a period of reevaluating their family and domestic plans.

Scorpios will face difficulties in carrying out activities around the house, which can involve redecorating the house, changing homes or renting space, but also difficulties in the administrative department.

At the same time, even the relationship with family members will be a tumultuous one, where fights will occur, possibly because of household chores.


Those born in the sign of Sagittarius will have to careful when they travel, because they may get involved in accidents along the way.

Pluto’s retrograde state will affect Sagittariuses that are studying and are taking interviews and exams, and will also force Sagittarians to be careful when driving, to be cautious when talking to others and to avoid straining relationships with relatives.


Those born in the sign of Capricorn will have their financial sector affected by Pluto retrograde, where for two months time they will have to deal with financial problems.

They will encounter difficulties in obtaining money they are owed and certain gains may be delayed. They are advised to avoid investing during this period and to spend money responsibly.


Those born in the sign of Aquarius will have a two month period of anxiety, stress and they will be tempted to make rushed decisions and make statements that they will regret later. The horoscope recommend calmness, patience and more relaxation.


Those born in the sign of Pisces will be greeted with a two month period in which they will feel a need for isolation, meditation and introspection, Pluto being retrograde exactly in the House of the Subconscious.

Additionally, Pisces are advised to be extra careful of their health and jobs, to treat current ailments and to not let themselves be overwhelmed by the less than pleasant situations that may occur at their workplace.