The Luckiest Zodiac Signs of 2019

🆕 Horoscope 2020 : Are You One Of The Luckiest Zodiac Signs In 2020?

The favored zodiac signs this year are: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. The year is going to be really flourishing for these five zodiac signs.

The career and the personal relationships are among the domains that are influenced by the presence of Jupiter, the Big Benefactor.

Taurus  is lucky in everything he try to accomplish. January, February and the first decade of March seem to highlight Taurus relationships  in terms of personal development, career, and public visibility, while romance makes a full appearance only in April, when sensuality, the desire for love, luck and harmony will occur in the relationship of the couple.

2019 is going to be a year of relational blossoming. September is the happiest month.

The first eight months of the year seem to be full of satisfaction. Starting with the “magical month” of the year – September, new long-term contracts, partnerships, and advantageous alliances will occur. Regarding money, the first three trimesters are very generous for Taurus , making 2019 a year with huge potential for growth.

 Cancer will enjoy harmony in the family life during this year . Until September , this zodiac sign will easily assimilate new ideas. It is the perfect time for studies. Jupiter’s influence transforms them into nonchalant people, improving their communication or negotiation style. It is possible to meet people with whom you will, later on, establish close partnerships, with possible beneficial effects for your family or your real estate.

Starting from September , the objectives have as a focal point the home, family, and real estate. Therefore, possible investments may occur.

During the same period,  Cancer  will make some wise and well-coordinated changes in his professional life. In love, the most romantic months for Cancer  are June, July, and November, while November and December are prosperous for their home and family.

Scorpio benefits from the support of Saturn and Uranus, two planets with considerable force.
Uranus brings energy, love for new, original ideas, reforming concepts, while Saturn functions as an anchor, as a stable and well-structured reference system.

This year  brings for Scorpio  seriousness, deep reasoning, patience and tenacity, attributes with great value when taking solid actions on long-term. The connection with the Sun facilitates progress, development, constant and sustained evolution. It also facilitates renewal but maintains and promotes previous positive accumulations, building new on what is old but valuable.

Therefore, 2019 can be a good year in terms of career, especially if you open up your mind, use your creativity and speculate the occurring changes in a strategic and wise way, but also in your personal life, because it helps you experiment and enjoy the beautiful things in your life. During the first two months, interesting opportunities for gain will occur.

Virgo will place love in the first place during this year.  Virgo enjoys a full and thriving life until September .

Your personal magnetism grows, and the others are starting to see you more and more as a unique, special, and fascinating person. You have energy and authority and you have a better focus on your objectives. You are pursuing promotion, honors, and financial gains, but trips, exploring, and adventures are also attractive.

Trips abroad and foreign people are favorable for you. Your cultural and intellectual horizon is broadening. Starting from September , the capacity to manage and increase your material resources is increasing, and the gains won’t fail to appear. Sentimentally, the auspices are in your favor, especially in September. Everything that is related to couple gains priority and plenty of Virgo natives’ thoughts, initiatives and actions are motivated by feelings, love or marriage.

Overall,this is a good year for the Virgo. And if you know how to communicate with calm and diplomacy, you can avoid most problems. The most romantic months  are February and November. The most intense, but contradictory months are March and August.

 Sagittarius is lucky in terms of career during 2019. With Jupiter in the house of Sagittarius until January 2020, you will broaden your horizon. Trips and contacts with people from afar are advantageous, offering you new opportunities, and the active involvement in cultural, scientific, academic, editorial or spiritual actions will stimulate you mentally.

In September , Jupiter remains in Sagittarius’ career house, promising a year full of success, ascension, and material prosperity.

Sentimentally, a special time for the Sagittarius  might occur between April 6th and June 13th .

The first two decades of May  may be full of romance and sensuality, because Venus, the planet of love, will be in transit through Sagittarius love house, while the Sun will bring energy and vitality.

Professionally, in 2019,  Sagittarius  is on an ascendant slope. Jupiter attracts chance and advantageous conjunctures, it makes you gain the favor of your superiors, it gives you enthusiasm and the strength to progress, to dare put in practice ambitious ideas and projects, which other times maybe you didn’t dare approach. It brings you ascension, recognition, and fame.