Love Horoscope 2021 – Relationships & Compatibility Predictions

Love becomes something serious long term, with a rich emotional involvement in 2021, when Saturn curbs the sexual drive of Scorpio and Jupiter brings to light the family spirit of Cancer.

We boil over low heat, stewing in our own juice, and we invest a lot of passion in one single relationship, which we hope it to be as long as possible.

According to the 2021 love horoscope, this will be a year full of pleasant surprises and passion for many of the zodiac signs. Single persons have the chance to find their soul mate and those who are already in a relationship will greatly improve their love life.


It can’t be said that 2021 is one of the most interesting years in terms of love, but during summer, your heart will beat faster, as a vacation love relationship might occur in your life.


In love, you manage to put yourself in the limelight in May and October, months when your romantic life can flourish or clarify in many aspects.

Mars makes your heart whirling, ignites the flame, and overturns the peaceful state of your soul.


In 2021, your life partner will do everything in his/her power to make you feel the most important person in the whole world.

His/her gestures will prove to you that you’ve been mistaken when you thought that he/she doesn’t return your feelings.


You will start the year with Venus’ aid, an influence that will stretch on a very long period, which might support you in finishing the year with a new partner.

In fact, you are looking for stability, which you might also obtain in your career, but you will have to make intense efforts and use your whole arsenal of knowledge.


The first three months of the year are going to be very quiet, but the following months will bring a few challenges in your personal life. Don’t get scared because the planets have good omens, and you just have to take advantage of the occasions that will appear throughout the year.


Try to live the moment, with no resentments, especially since you will beneficiate from some positive-influenced astral occasions of finding your better half or live some wonderful moments of sensuality with your partner. However, don’t expect to receive too much in return.


Certain changes will occur in your life. All of them will be positive, profitable, and pleasant if you know how to appreciate and manipulate them. Don’t let the past and unnecessary details imped your life.

Since the beginning of 2021, try to eliminate what stops you from moving forward or stays in the way of your spontaneity and joy. It will be very obvious that happiness is ahead, not behind you.

This will help you have a better life, much more stable and in an upward progression, during this period, especially if you succeed to involve your partner in as many common activities as possible.


Avoid being so impulsive and a perfectionist in love, and you will live the beautiful moments you expect.

Although you will have a lot of peace in this domain, you can expect some changes, either positive or negative, depending on how much desire and passion you invest.


The first six months of 2021 are essential for you in terms of relationships. This year, you will be lucky and have plenty of opportunities in the area of marriage, relationships, and partnerships.

If you are not already married, this is the best period for making this step.


You would think that during these years, when Saturn has placed your heart on trial, you’ve assumed your maturity lessons in everything related to love, and you’ve learned how to approach a romantic relationship to make it last.


For Aquarius, the year of 2021 is an extremely good period for reconnecting with their inner world and their profound aspiration in life.

They will have significant revelations in love in April, June, and September. The planets promise the Aquarius moments full of romance and sensuality in the summer months of 2021.


The beginning of 2021 is going to be full of amusement and adventure for those who are born under the Pisces sign.

The relaxed attitude can bring moments of total spontaneity and sensuality between the partners, including romantic escapades full of charm.

Moreover, everything related to exploring the common passions in the couple or the joint involvement in different socio-recreational activities will have a strong astral impulse in July, August, and September.

Which Zodiac Sign Falls in Love Easily This Year


This year, it is enough to intuit your desires, and your relationship can be very intense and passionate.

In fact, an Aries falls in love very fast as long as you keep him engaged. So, be creative and daring, and the Aries can be yours for life!


The Cancer lives to love. In fact, love is the sole reason for Cancer. And this year is no exception since he will fall in love very fast!

However, the way you will succeed in keeping the Cancer by your side is entirely up to you.

Find a way that will satisfy both of you, and the Cancer is already conquered!


In 2021, to attract a Libra in your life, you need to keep in mind what his preferences are.

If you know how to read between the lines and guess what the Libra man wants, he will fall at your feet!

He will fall in love with you madly and put aside everything for your wellbeing and comfort.

Which Zodiac Signs Don’t Fall in Love Easily in 2020

According to the zodiac, these people take a step back when they feel like they fall in love.

They use a defence mechanism and avoid any suffering caused by love. After all, no one wants a broken soul and wounded pride.

Discover the three signs that don’t fall in love easily and oppose this feeling the most in 2021.


Cancers need freedom and independence, and they will lose no occasion to tell you this loud and clear this year.

When it comes to romantic gestures and attention, they will always be in the first place.

And this could be a good thing because it helps them have more self-confidence. So, attention to quantity! To fall in love is synonymous with romance for Cancer, but they can very well live without your attention.

They don’t need anything, and they will fight not to end up with a broken heart and dependent on you.


Maybe it sounds harsh, but the Capricorns effectively avoid falling in love in 2021.

Let’s be clear, they love to love, but they are so suspicious that their main goal is to obtain attention from their partners. This is why they are better off single!

A dreamer by nature, the Capricorn falls in love with an ideal and is disappointed when the person he loves doesn’t meet his expectations.

Instead of facing the danger, the Capricorn will rather prefer avoiding everything related to love and falling in love, so it will be difficult to get into his soul.


The Aquarius is a fanatic of the idea of love in 2021, but not when it comes to his own feelings.

He admires the couples, and love is a source of inspiration, but he prefers to remain to imagination and romance story level. To be blunt, they are more attracted to the fantasy of love than real everyday love.

They rather fall in love with actors and stars, and when it comes to real love, they prefer to remain cold and pragmatic.