Libra 2022 Horoscope – Love, Health, Money & Career

If your birth date falls between September 23 and October 23, your zodiac sign is Libra.

  • Element: Air
  • Quadruplicity: Cardinal
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Natural House: 7th
  • Parts of the body associated with Libra: The kidneys

According to Libra 2022 horoscope, learning and travel as well as the future and plans you make regarding it ,are hotspots for the celestial weather this year, Libra.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself investigating some new courses, classes and educational extras that help put you in a better position to capture a success you’ve been dreaming of.

There is both a need to follow your heart while playing by the rules of the road as this dynamic and important year unfolds before you.

This year lunar eclipses add their intuitive, emotional touches to different areas of your life.

In May it is travel and exotic possibilities which are brought out under the moon’s special magic.

libra 2022 horoscope

In June it is your career and efforts there which radiate with possibilities and in November finances, resources and personal values are influenced.

Communications are the focal point for the total eclipse during the 2022 Christmas holiday season. new ways to express yourself and new bonds with your family and intimate friends are possible.

Look forward to this year as a chance to put much of the information and self understanding you’ve learned over the last several years to work for you.

 Love predictions

Love affairs and long-term relationships will demand more attention than usual this 2022, Libra: over the next 6 to months expect unique home developments and rare social proposals to arrive.

Some Librans, especially those born late in September, may also encounter unexpected news from family members, friends or co-workers before mid-March: key areas of concern may be birth announcements, wedding plans or extended family agreements.

If so, Libra, watch also for a era of social invitations and new group involvement to be an ongoing theme for the next 14 months: obligations to friends and public reputation will may soon become complicated by new relationships, family celebrations or social duties.

After mid-March watch also for long-term relationships to experience a brief but intense phase of disagreement or discussion: key areas of concern may involve short-term financial plans, property matters or unpredictable family events.

By late April, however, all will work in your favor: expect money or home agreements to bring added understanding, intimacy and private sharing throughout much of the next 3 years.

Single Librans may this year experience the return of a past lover or rare romantic introduction to an old friend.

Social complications will be minor, Libra, so not to worry. Do, however, expect a quickly deepening phase of romantic feelings between mid-March and early June to be followed by 2 months of rare social adjustments.

Carefully explain your decisions and actions to friends, Libra: others may need added reassurance that your life is not changing beyond your control.

After August 26th watch also for romantic creativity, fertility and new forms of entertainment to be a prime topic of discussion.

Loved ones and long-term partners may this year wish to adopt new behaviors or extend ongoing family commitments.

A busy and changeable year in all key relationships, Libra: enjoy!

 Health Horoscope

For you, dear Libra natives, the concern for your health, for your physical appearance and the way you feel every day started since 2022.

Although your general health state has improved, you feel that there is still place for more.

In the previous year, you’ve discovered beneficial therapies and activities, which means very much to you.

Now you know what you have to do, which changes in your lifestyle are beneficial for you and bring you joy, and the stars also predict a strong spiritual ascension.

Your loved ones are also supporting your ideas and your life changes and, actually, you might have to also implement them in their lives, because they become adepts of your ideas.

 money & career

There is a lot of value reworking running continuously through this incoming year.

Things that made you feel safe, stable, secure even a year ago aren’t likely to provide those assets anymore.

You’ve redefined what has meaning and importance to you on all levels from the emotional to the financial and this year allows you to work more of them into your life.

There may be incoming money from work done in the past and there could be a bonus or promotion connected to your work and career…a bonus or promotion that has been hard-earned.

Continue to see your independence, your abilities to manage on your own and you’ll find some valuable resources waiting for you as you journey through the months.

2022 month by month astrology advises

  • January – The relationship with the people from your life will gain a new interest towards the end of the month. A great number of opportunities to advance in your projects will occur during this period.
  • February – Your energy level will be simply extraordinary, and you will manage to bring your career on the path you desire. 
  • March – Pay more attention to your interests and hobbies because some of them will bring you new opportunities. 
  • April – Managing your budget is the key to your financial stability and survival this month. 
  • May – You will enjoy an intense passion and a lot of love this month. 
  • June – Some unexpected expenses might occur related to your friends and family. Be ready for this. It is a good time to invest, to buy a new car or house. 
  • July – You need relaxation not only physically, but also mentally. You will discover new hobbies that will improve your mood. 
  • August – This month, the people born in this sign are advised not to take impulsive actions when it comes to love. 
  • September – Towards the end of the month, you can spend some money to spoil yourself. Some unexpected expenses related to your friends and family might occur. 
  • October – Giving up on some unstable relationships will open the way to total happiness and commitment to a new relationship. Take measures to develop in a positive way your love relationships this month. 
  • November – This is a good time to invest, buy a new car or house. Your investments will bring you a lot of financial benefits next month. 
  • December – Focus on yourself and your work. Your optimism will help you overcome any career obstacles this year.

Change Yourself in Positive Ways in 2022

Cosmic crushes and celestial flings…soul-mate magic and destiny like meetings can flash to life at just about anytime. It’s always better to watch and wait when this kind of electrified lightning is near to your heart. Give any new feelings, new attraction time to settle down before jumping in…and think twice (or three times) before acting out impulsively.

The stirring magic if Neptune creates a sweetness that is gentle but often subtle. Believe in what your intuition tells you only if you can also back it up intellectually and logically.

The Libra horoscope indicates that there are likely to be dramatic turning points throughout 2022 when the past rushes out and the future rushes in.

Acting out logically, reasonably and practically can make almost anything work for you.

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