Leo 2020 Horoscope

Ambitious, you apply all your energy to achieve your goals and your combativeness keeps you going no matter what.

Like the animal you symbolize, your reign is absolute.


Seeing some dramatic change in 2020 is the area of friendships, important alliances and all kinds of personal goals, ideals and missions that can be shared, Leo. This is a terrific new period where fresh faces along with unique ideas and thoughts are a constant reality in your day to day life.

With three lunar eclipses ahead the realms of personal dreams and friendships is touched in May, then the energy moves to dreams and memories and nostalgia in June and finally to passion close to home in November.

Making this year super special is a total eclipse if the sun in December which brings deeply important heart connections, new creative possibilities and plenty of feelings into play.

The relationship thing so energized over the last several years continues to see some positive input with far more emphasis on instant attractions and affairs if the heart.

A new love could be on the menu for the year ahead, with, naturally, the most surprising twist to it. With all the fireworks and dramatics that have made up this important part of your life recently this year can see the culmination of many things that have been offered but never quite materialized.

love predictions

As mentioned above this part of your life continues to roll on dramatically. New alliances and the return of old loves from the past are all part of the potentials.

This entire period that has reached back as far as 6 years has slowly, and sometimes not so slowly, been reworking how you approach love, what you want from it, what you need from it on the very deepest levels.

Fireworks without substance seldom last long as you move towards a more fulfilling, more complete attitude and awareness around intimacy.

With a Venus retrograde adding flavor and intensity in October and November (in Scorpio to boot) you can expect early fall to see some dynamic, exciting and potentially life-changing moments arriving. It’s a perfect chance to look back at your passions and honor what was and to release what no longer works while embracing what does.

Destiny and kismet of this soul-stirring kind can be one of the treats of this transit. Look forward to the last two and three months of the year.

Health Horoscope

As a general note, during this year, the Leo natives can feel overstrained and sometimes even energetically overwhelmed by things they plan to successfully finalize. Perhaps you expect too much of yourself or… it is time to make some changes in your life, changes that require some time and you must grant it. But, since all days have an equal number of hours, it is possible to feel that you are never going to finish the task you’ve planned to finalize, as you used to do before.

A reevaluation of your life, of your wishes and aspirations for this year, as well as reorganizing your priority list would do you a lot of good. Although the start of the year feels like a powerful one because you are full of enthusiasm, you will soon feel to put some order in your like, maybe even some cleaning in your circles of friends.

Therefore, if mentally you are facing turbulence, as far as your physical health is concerned, we can say that the start don’t predict any severe illness in your case. However, despite the fast rhythm of your life, you should not neglect your own body, instead, you should make doctor appointments when they are due for routine checkups, adopt a balanced lifestyle and also you should not neglect your sleep hours. The alternative therapies can be of great help, as well as halotherapy or SPA treatments, which are able to relieve stress and relax you.

 Money & Career

You’ll find yourself stretching intellectually and creatively to work with all the incoming possibilities that are connected to resources and finances. They are opportunities to obvious to miss but they do require a new outlook, a new state of mind and, quite possibly, some new goal orientation.

It used to work but does it still do its job? Don’t hang on to old ways of handling your assets or investing for the future if they no longer fulfill requirements and/or expectations. Partners can be helpful at times….but learn to watch for clues that let you know when to ask for help and when to trudge onwards on your own.

You’ll find yourself feeling the need to bring some extra comfort, some new conditions into your home towards the end of 2020. Reflective of a year-end bonus perhaps, or a new career offer, put anything that arrives to good use…and consider the future.

Beneficial Months

Jupiter hugs the shadows of your life silently for the first 7 months of the year offering guardian angels when you most need them and support when support is most lacking. Intuitions can be enhanced but they can also be over-expansive.

Stay grounded when tuning in to your intuition and have faith that the universe will provide precisely what you need when you need it the most. A quiet, steady someone can play a very covert part in your life early this year but as the months go along you may discover their help and their presence.

In August Jupiter moves into your own sign signaling a period of enhanced opportunities. Indulgences are easy to pursue…stay centered and avoid over-doing anything.

Change Yourself in Positive Ways in 2020

Another year is ahead that hosts Uranus in the realm of partnerships and intimate commitments, Leo. Where the up and down changes this cosmic giant has zipped into your life. removing things here, depositing them there this year can see a much more defined focus.

New love..renewed love…surprising love….delightful love are all possible. Forget trying to guess what the universe is bringing in next when it comes to romance, passion and those delightful explorations….just trust that it is all designed to bring you everything you truly need.

Dreams, fantasies and reality.
Perceptions and misty reality are the realms of Neptune and it too does its number on your relationships, romances and unions. Where Uranus changes things literally and visibly Neptune does an inside job, shifting awareness, remolding beliefs, creating dreams that either disappear in a puff of smoke if they aren’t grounded or that turn into a very divine reality.

There is only one place to go for your answers here…and that place is inside. Every connection can feel pre-destined at certain times under Neptune’s foggy touch….but you always have a say over what you do and how you act on a feeling of cosmic connections.


Friendships, alliances and all those shared dream-things fall into the category of events and connections and possibilities that usher in the future. With the north node of the moon sharing the sign of Gemini with Saturn it is easy to know which exciting new option fits best…it will always be the one that makes the most sense, that fits your life logically and that carries the most practicality.

 Horoscope month by month


It seems that someone very close to you thinks s/he is in love and plans to get married or move in together and this is going to cost you emotionally and possibly financially. Now, you want the best for this person but you know some things about the other partner that are less than flattering and you don’t know whether to tell or not. This is going to cause you a great deal of pain.

So, your decision is whether or not to let the secret out. It’s a difficult one but my guess is that you will decide not to. This is one of those situations where free-will is in play. I suspect your course of action will be to bury yourself in your work and try not to think about it. This may be the way to go and the decision is yours, of course. Just remember that everything is in Divine Order.


It seems that there are some important decisions you’ll have to make this month. These appear to have to do with affairs of the heart. There are many things about him or her that really work for you and then there are those negatives that you’re not sure are worth the trouble. Perhaps what you need to do is really do some thinking about whether you truly want this relationship or not.

It may not be in your best interest. However, regardless of what I say, you’ll still be in the deciding process by the end of the month. You’ve seen others in this same situation and you’ve wondered how they handle it but don’t try to compare your situation with theirs.

Things may look the same but they’re not. So, stay focused on your work and try not to obsess over this issue but I know you probably will anyway. The fact remains that once again, you may have chosen someone who wasn’t emotionally available to you. This may be just what it takes for you to work that through. If so, it will be worth it, won’t it?


You’ve been trying to decide between two options recently and just when you thought you’d made up your mind, you changed it again! It’s a good thing you did too, because this one is going to be the more profitable decision in the long run.

Be aware that that younger person in your life may be charming but don’t give all your trust to him/her. That charm may be only skin deep. Later in the month, you may feel like you’re somewhat overloaded and all you want is some parity in your life! It will feel like everything falls on your shoulders. Don’t try to do it all. Either don’t do it or find someone else to take care of some of these problems. The month ends with some new hopes and dreams beginning to come true. Don’t be afraid to risk!


Boy, you really seem to be on the fast track this month! It appears that you ran into a snag at the end of July and work that you’d done either on yourself or at your workplace got stalled but that’s almost over now and you’re taking off again!

So, get ready for a month that will seem to be over just as it begins because you’ll be so busy, time will fly by. And, of all the readings I’ve been doing the last few months, Leo seems to be the one with the most prosperity consciousness and what that means is that you are feeling, acting and becoming prosperous! Now, the concern that I’m feeling has to do with “burnout.” You must structure time for fun even if you’re tired. Also, don’t take on more than any job actually requires. Take good care of you!


You will have more strength this month than usual so feel free to take on some of those projects you have been avoiding. Also, you will find yourself able to confront someone who has been giving you a hard time recently. Rely on this new-found strength and know that it will carry you through. You will also receive a gift that you are not expecting. Enjoy it!


The month begins with the possibility of a new but serious friendship and you appear to be feeling very happy about that! But, unfortunately, the celebration doesn’t last very long because the issues that you both brought to the relationship stand in the way of it going any further.

You know you have the ability to create your own reality and you’re confused as to why you have trouble making this “relationship” work or ones similar to it that haven’t worked in the past.

The truth seems to be that you need to have a very rich fantasy life and when reality comes in, it just doesn’t have the excitement of the fantasy.

The Universe is NOT withholding from you. So, I would recommend that you deal with reality instead of expecting reality to be the same as fantasy or you’re going to be disappointed again and again. It may take some work but you can do it!


Well, those petty problems you were concerned about have resolved themselves, haven’t they? There’s a beautiful promise in this month for you of a loving relationship and a happy family but there’s a small catch.

The promise is here IF you are faithful with your meditations and allow the old ways to fall away. Then, all you have to do is stand back and wait. It will all come to pass. Just be patient and don’t create any small diversions that may inhibit that which is to be yours! Keep saying the word, “Patience” to yourself and stay centered.


Go ahead and take that risk! It will pay off! If you don’t do it, you’ll be stuck in the same old rut that you’re sick and tired of. This is a wonderful month for you to shake off the old and bring on the new. Of course, it can be scary.

But all those professionals whom you have turned to for help will be there for you and their advice is sound, so don’t walk away from this opportunity. You will be the richer (in many ways) if you just say “yes” to this new venture.

Don’t forget, you laid the groundwork for this even though at one level it looks like it’s brand new. It isn’t. You’ve been working on this success in your subconscious, so enjoy the fruits of your labors!

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