Jupiter Retrograde 2021

What happens if Jupiter is retrograde?

The planet Jupiter will be retrograde in the time between June 20 and October 17 2021, bringing old collective discontent, unfulfilled promises and unpopular political measures.

During this period of time, our daily life rhythm will slow down, being the perfect time to reflect, observe and return in the past in order to be more aware of the situations we faced, helping us to approach new prospects in the future.

We have the opportunity to discern between what has been useful in our past and what must be removed or changed in our lives in order to progress in the future.

Jupiter Retrograde will force us to review the lessons we did not learn or opportunities we did not take advantage of.

It is a good time to resume some classes you have given up on, complete your studies and deepen the shallow knowledge.

June 20 – October 17: Jupiter retrograde in Pisces ending in Aquarius

Be careful when driving, watch out for accidents, and look out for scratches or accidents caused by mistakes. Don’t get angry while driving.

If you are studying, you might stop or not evolve at all during this time. You may fail exams or will have to quit studying for a while.

A general overview shows that retrogrades will occur in the following domains: financial, communication, close relatives (starting with siblings but not including parents), travels, car and communication devices such as fax, telephone etc., the money house, and last but not least, relationship house including business partners as well as romantic relationships, affairs, marriages and even divorces.

How Jupiter Retrograde 2021 Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Your impulsive nature will lead to you having a great impact over those around you.

You will feel the need to calm down and quiet your mind. Usually, this would be the last thing you would want.

You will be more thoughtful and quiet. You will have to find new values and hobbies to suit your new needs. You will try to self-discover more.

You will ask yourself about who you are, what belongs to you, what suits you best.


Usually, you feel the need for security. You need to know where you are, what to expect and need intensive preparations for certain things. However, now, you will simply take advantage of opportunities, without overthinking.

Now you will have the courage to take things to the next level. For example, you will marry your partner, or talk with your boss about your ideas which might prove to be brilliant.


You usually try to please everyone and are very good at adapting to all kinds of environments.

This retrograde will force you to choose a single identity and ditch the rest. You will become the purest, most real version of yourself, regardless of the situation. You don’t like making enemies, and letting people get too close to you.

This change will be good for you, because it will finally show you who you can trust. Get noticed for who you truly are. Focus on just a single ‘you’ and you will get better results across all areas.


You usually are very open with those you love, and let your feelings influence your decisions.

However, now you will no longer feel comfortable doing that. You will let your mind make all the decisions. We don’t have to always follow our heart, sometimes it is better to think about our next move.

During this time you will learn this lesson. You will reevaluate and understand what you deserve, while also making sure you achieve it.


Usually you like being the center of attention, and for all the eyes to be on you. You like being the best, and that everybody knows who you are.

During this time, you will feel the need to be more discrete and keep some things to yourself. You will want to help others reach success, thus becoming their motivation.

You will learn that sometimes, the best feeling is helping someone win the first place. You will tidy up your life, and improve some things; from changing aspects of your personality to renovating your house.


Your life revolves around organizing, hard work and meticulousness. During this time you will sink into chaos, but in its embrace you will discover colors you didn’t even know existed.

Sometimes, there are more important things in life than having everything perfect and clean. Sometimes chaos is the best part of life.


Usually, you are afraid of conflicts or getting involved in a difficult task. In the following period of time, you will feel the need to put a nail on the head, without being afraid of talking about certain painful aspects of your past.

Darkness will become comfortable. You will learn how to deal with your true feelings, regardless of how ugly they may be.

Thus, it is a good time to change your job or make other changes that you will benefit from in the future.


Most of the time, you are the most honest person in the room. You usually find it very hard to give up on things, even when people tell you that giving up will be good for you.

During the following period of time, you will learn how to get rid of toxic aspects of your life. You need to make room for your next adventures and forget the past.

Give yourself some time to reflect on who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go. It’s time to become the person you wish to be.


Adventure, spontaneity, diversity: your personality usually revolves around these characteristics.

During this time you will feel the need for security and comfort. Maybe you will feel the need for new adventures, but the most beautiful things are found at home.


You let nothing stand in your way, and as usual, you don’t stop until you finish what you started.

During the following period of time, you will follow your heart and let things work out on their own.

In life, you can’t force things to go your way. Many times, you achieve your greatest success when you don’t make an obsession with reaching it.


You are usually more distant. During this time, you will feel the need to attach yourself to something, whether it is a person, a place or a hobby. You will feel the need to be completely devoted.

Even though you may be afraid of losing your freedom, you will see that it’s more beneficial to focus on only a single thing. If you haven’t evolved much in the last few months, it’s time to make a change.


You are a sensitive person, and, most of the time, you live in an imaginary world of your own. During the following period of time, a drastic change will occur in your life.

You will learn that sometimes it is better to follow your instincts in order to reach your full potential.
In conclusion, when Jupiter will be retrograde in 2021, we will face two things.

Some will feel that they are stagnating, that they have nowhere to go and can’t evolve anymore, that everybody is against them and nobody helps them. They might not know which way to go.

Spiritually, we will face a great energy wave of change. During this time, we might have to face frequent headaches or have problems with our bones, legs, teeth or sinuses, etc.