How Saturn Retrograde 2021 will affect your zodiac sign

What happens when Saturn is retrograde

Saturn will be retrograde between May 22 and October 10 2021, in Aquarius. – which will be one of the most difficult retrograde periods. 

Saturn is the planet of life lessons. It has a slow motion, taking it 30 years for it to return to a zodiac sign. Currently, he is in Capricorn, the sign he governs.

Retrograde Saturn means to discipline us, teaching us the importance of responsibility, of sustained work and of long-term success.

He is like an authoritarian figure, we were afraid of when we were children.

His lessons are not at all pleasant, but necessary so that we can develop and become better versions of ourselves. 

How does Saturn retrograde affect me

You can easily feel overwhelmed by retrograde Saturn, who has the habit of unveiling our biggest uncertainties concerning our ambitions and how we work for them.

These stages usually occur exactly when it is in our best interest to face these problems.

A first step you can make when Saturn is retrograde is ask yourself “What is the purpose for my work?

What can I sacrifice in the present to benefit in the future? Am I disciplined enough?”

The answers will help you see more clearly the plan you have to follow for a better future. 

The Money House is currently governed by Saturn and Mars, two very strong planets, which would usually favor us financially during transit, but during this time they will rather cause more trouble. 

It is not good for us to lend money to others or from others. If you want to apply for a loan, all your documents will be delayed, the bank will work slowly, and your much needed money will come long after you need them.

Many of us will become spenders during this time, spending even on things we don’t need.

My advice is to be more careful. Honestly, some things are really not needed.

Don’t start making major investments or capitalizations that will not bring you any profit, not now, when the planet of war and the great teacher are retrograde. Some of us, on the contrary, will receive inheritance money, but lose it very fast. 

How Saturn Retrograde will affect your zodiac sign

If Saturn is in a Water sign, the problems that will occur, regardless of their concrete form, will be related to emotions, feelings (astral plane).

In Earth signs (physical plane), problems will occur in the material field.

Air signs show communication problems, related to changing ideas with other people.

In Fire signs, being connected both with action and intuition, everything is about controlling your own energy (spiritual) and the direction this energy is oriented to.

Saturn will bring suffering, frustration, restraining, limitation, but it also is the strongest factor of evolution. 


You are about to see a change regarding friendships and relationships. You may want to sort your existing relationships, and you will feel like you can’t be a part of society, you have a desire for something different, for another level of relationships.

You will give up on people and organizations you were a part of. You need mature relationships that help you evolve, not involve, that is why you will search for places that are unknown to you, because you need novelty, thus leaving your comfort zone. 


For you, the areas that will see revolution are work and career, where the need for change will become more present.

Whether you want to advance in the current domain, or you feel it is the time for a pay raise, or even wish to completely change your domain. It is time to think of such change, including your social status.

Be it marriage or divorce, although I would rather choose social advancement, you feel you can finally take the next step in society  .


Your life philosophy, religion and spirituality will undergo profound transformations in the following years.

You feel driven to dig deep, to inner changes and radically change your perception.

It is time to evolve in other planes along with the material ones, so everything that surrounds you takes the back seat as you focus more on the inside.

You realize that some of the things you see are not correct, or you get fixated on outdated concepts. Your relationship with foreign countries will also be changed, you may get in contact with foreign people or simply be interested in other cultures, and for those who are already abroad, you can think of having a more stable life where you are. 


The hidden part of life and of you are asking to be brought into light. There are changes that occur at an inner, subtle and sensitive level.

It is not the easiest time, but prepare yourself for a profound cleanse. It is time to put aside any fears or inhibitions and dig deep.

You have the opportunity to heal a lot of traumas during these years. Everything shape-shifts inside you… that is if this is what you want. Inheritances and common goods can also take the spotlight, regarding sharing in case of divorce or clarifying certain inheritance documents.


For you, this transit is extremely important, because your opposite sign is activated, friendships, romantic relationships and partnerships both sentimentally and for business purposes.

All partnerships will be put under the microscope, because you will feel the need to clean this area of life.

It can also be a time for constructive and long-term marriage, but also for divorce, for marriages that haven’t worked for a while. 


For you, the transformation will occur in the work and health department. For some, the time has come to change their way of working, to search for something better or to demand certain rights.

Job pressure is pretty intense and the work responsibilities increase every day… it would be ideal to make some changes to improve your situation as much as possible.

For others, health can play tricks on you, there can be stress-related problems due to lack of sleep. Pay special attention to the bottom part of your legs and the nervous system.


Let’s say you are getting away a little easier, because the segments that will be affected are hobbies, pleasures and children.

You may want to take more care of yourself, but it might not work, because something always comes up. For those that have their own business, it is a time for reconstruction and serious changes.

Children might be a nuisance because they are maturing and changing themselves, or maybe you will quarrel.  For those who want children, 2021 will be a beneficial year in this regard.  


The home and family sectors will give you some trouble, whether you wish to change or make renovations, to sell or buy properties, you will have to work hard in these sectors.

Pay special attention to bureaucratic issues, rules and documents should be looked at twice before acting.

Parents may also need you more during these years or will need you to solve some problems on their behalf. Property documents may also demand your attention.  


For Sagittarius, restructuring occurs in regard to thinking and communication.

It’s time to change your way of thinking and acting. Your mind will get more mature, even though you might feel a mental pressure, this is a signal to give up old patterns and open to new horizons.

Communication might be a little chaotic, some communication problems might surface and you might have to correct some mistakes in this regard. You can start important studies or learn a new craft.


You are getting rid of Saturn in your sign, but you will have to deal with him in the financial area.

It is time, after so much cleaning, to revise your own value, the things or the situations you value and which you shouldn’t value no longer, you can revise your goods and finances and the way you spend or save money.

It is time to be more thoughtful, in every way, and even give up on many habits collected in time, embracing a minimalist lifestyle. 


You are targeted by Saturn, so you will feel the strongest influence. It hasn’t been too easy for you in the last 3 years, but now, the transformations are a bit more concrete and you will feel Saturn’s presence more.

A new inner reconstruction is needed, giving up on old situations and things, you will need to tear down everything you believed is unchanged and look for stronger bricks for the foundation of your life.

You may feel stuck because things aren’t moving and nothing good ever happens to you, but your life will now transform more than ever, you just don’t realize it yet, you will need patience to practically see your change. 


Saturn will affect your subconscious, sleep and health. The interior will start boiling at certain times during the following 3 year, and long forgotten situations may come to light.

You might feel an inner uneasiness, without always knowing why it is just your subconscious that is playing tricks on you.

Problems with old enemies might come up, so watch out for benevolent people around you.

Pay great attention to your health, because some chronic diseases or old diseases might make a return. Your sleep may also be affected.