Horoscope 2022 for Each Zodiac Sign

The horoscope of 2022 brings good news for all the signs: more love and emotional fulfillment, a new relationship for the single ones, a marriage proposal or new plans for starting a family, financial satisfaction.

Take a look at the future and find out what are the main astrological predictions for 2022. Find out how and in what way the planets will influence you in 2022.

Every year I scan the major planetary stations, eclipses, and strong planetary configurations to see what I can glean in terms of planetary weather for the year to come. I create myself a cheat sheet that hangs on my noticeboard for the year. I carry over the previous year or two lest I forget that there have been configurations that are far from dormant.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn moves into Aquarius at the end of April 2022. Imposing those limitations and making us acutely aware of what we lack both from a material and emotional perspective.

Our security emotional, financial, and physical becomes the main theme. Aquarius is about emotions, caring, nurturing, and empathy and Capricorn are about control, structures, rules, and regulations. These two signs represent naturally opposing energies, and in May 2022 the “clashing” begins.

Real estate markets will likely be the first to reflect the changing sky. Our perspective on home, family, and our roots will likely undergo a transformation of sorts. If we are in an unsupportive environment either at home, work or play, we are likely to recognize that we do need support after all, and consequently, we are likely to take ‘baby’ steps (Capricorn is slow and steady, not rash and sudden) toward getting that need met.

Saturn represents shortages, hard work with no time to play and have fun. We may notice that things that represent security, money for bills, homes for people, and food are in short supply. World hunger and homelessness may well be topics in the limelight more than previously.

Saturn spends 2.5 years in a zodiacal sign, which translates to slow and steady changes that come after contemplation no daredevil stunts with Saturn energies. For each sign, this affects a different area of life, based on the past 2.5 years of determining what we do or do not need in our lives, and as a consequence of the conclusions, we make and we wish to put behind us.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is in Pisces from 14th May 2022. Great for Pisces and the other two water signs, not bad for the rest of us. Jupiter always delivers, we may have built up our expectations so high that they are out of touch with reality.

Jupiter increases our expectations so that we work on realizing at least some of these potential ‘rewards’. Jupiter spells generosity, this year be generous and you’ll receive the same back tenfold.

With Jupiter in Pisces, children’s issues and their well-being have become prominent issues. Many of these have been rectified in the course of the Jupiter year. Pisces people are those that look after others – people in the service industry, healthcare workers, soldiers, teachers and all kinds of support workers.

On a global scale, these people’s lack of what they deserve and have rightfully earned becomes something we need to address.

Aries (March 22 – April 20)

2022 will be a year of considerations between your own position and your relationships with others. Right up to mid-2023 you are meant to focus on what your life means to you and the things you feel you should set out to accomplish.

Coupled with this is the need to be aware of how other people either affect or influence you. Falling into old habit patterns when it comes to relationship matters is something you need to be alert to all year but especially mid-August.

Between 20th March and 12th April, you could find yourself rethinking past issues or decisions. Long-term holding back influences will still be in operation during 2022 and this could reach peaks of frustration during mid-May, late August, early November, and mid-January 2023.

Desires of others can place you under added pressure from late October. Your priorities need to be based on what you value most in life. Work this out and then maintain a steady focus on its fulfillment. Patience will be required – a rather difficult task for an Aries!

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Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

2022 will be one year full of stops and starts. From late July to early October, you will feel it is all go but there is a strong need for you to analyze things carefully and not be tempted just to look at the big picture and move too quickly.

If you do not do this, you could suffer some disappointments between early October and mid-December. It will be early ’06 before you will succeed in organizing things to your complete satisfaction.

Feeling more secure about the right method of approach will begin to take shape from late July. Pay attention to your health to early October.

Weight gain will occur readily, which might require you to become more conscious of regular exercise. You may also feel quite unappreciated for your efforts.

From late October this will change for the better, as will your associations with others both on the personal and/or business level. This will mark the beginning of more social interaction.

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Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

There should be plenty of opportunities to enjoy life right up to late October. It is as if you need to look at this aspect of your life as a separate entity from all other situations that are occurring at the same time.

Powerful influences from someone else could require you to seriously assess things very important to you in life. This first began in July 2021 but will reach peaks of pressure again in mid-January and mid-May.

Their expectations have a definite yes or no quality – your response has to be the same. From late July right through to February 2022 you will have a sense of being on the verge of something new but it won’t go anywhere or you won’t feel quite ready to fully commit.

Late August and early November could be very confusing times and certainly not good for making final choices. From late July you will become quite serious about making sensible decisions.

There is something you will need to review from 23rd July to 16th August, placing a different slant on things and further decisions.

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Cancer (June 22 – July 23)

You are entering the final stretch of lessons you have had to learn about personal commitment and responsibility since June last year.

The next stage of serious consideration will be to important values in your life, beginning around your birthday. This could also be the start of significant changes with your personal finances that may include work opportunities.

Before you get there though, there may be the need, during January and May, to gain better control, once and for all, of certain habit patterns.

2022 is an important year for establishing a good foundation in your life. Whatever you do will grow, so be sure it is good things that you grow for the future.

Life will run smoothly in mid-March and mid-September, so take advantage of these times. These are also periods where family and property matters will work well.

From late October, increased enjoyment will be experienced. This can begin to alter your perspective of what can be expected in the future. A whole new world can begin to open up.

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Leo (July 24 – August 23)

2022 will be a busy year with you believing there are better things to come. Your birthday will be the beginning of important personal changes that will develop fully over the following 2 years .

You will have to develop greater levels of self-discipline. You need to clearly define obligations you are willing to accept and perhaps it is time some of these things from the past are changed.

Commitments cannot be avoided but what they are to be, will require your serious consideration. If you are seeking a promotion, it will come your way.

Past issues may need revisiting from 23rd July until 16th August. Expect limitations or added pressure from early October to mid-December.

Exactly where you stand with others might be rather confusing in late August and early November. It is early 2023 before this becomes clear, so be patient. It will not be difficult to maintain mental optimism. Will be a huge help in turning things around.

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Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

The unpredictable nature of others is still something you will have to deal with during 2022. This may produce some rather exciting experiences, especially early March and mid-May.

Whatever, you have to be prepared to embrace alternatives. Things important to you personally and the path you ultimately want your life to take should remain uppermost in your mind.

Someone else may challenge what you want between 20th March and 12th April and this could cause difficulty if you are not careful.

From late July you will move into a 2-year cycle of endings, in preparation for new beginnings. Past issues may resurface.

You will have to learn to have faith in the future because getting a clear picture of the best way to plan things will be difficult especially in late August and early November.

A sensation of life being stuck in one place may affect you strongly from early October to mid-December. From late October it will be easier to think with optimism. With this, mentally create positive expectations and life will eventually follow that course.

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Libra (September 24 – October 23)

Any hold-ups or boundaries in life should be fast disappearing as you move into 2022 and continue that way until your birthday. There will be little inclination for you to place limitations on anything that involves you personally.

This can be good in some senses but not so good in others. Amongst other things, it could see you gaining weight very easily. Your lesson in life to learn balance will be strongly tested.

Between 20th March and 12th April, someone could appear from your past or you may find past issues involving others may arise yet again.

It will be mid-May before there is any finality. Until late July you need to be alert to obligations and commitments that are just part of life or perhaps expected of you.

Added pressure will come from others’ expectations from late July and you may feel powerless. It will mark the beginning of serious consideration of your future. In mid-September, you can come up with solutions. From late October you will find it easier to focus on things important to you.

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Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Until your birthday you are meant to contemplate exactly where you are in life and your dreams for the future. Your energy level will be low and you will no doubt find yourself needing more rest than usual.

Since June it has been necessary to focus on future goals in a practical way but now you need to bring in what you believe would give you a sense of freedom.

From late July you will be subject to pressure from others, coupled with an expectation of commitment on your part. This will reach stress points in late August and early November especially if they feel you have been putting things off. Your perceptions can be continuously developing all year but can be quite amazing in mid-September.

You have to be able to have confidence in them, which may not be so easy. On your birthday you will begin a new 12-year personal cycle. Your energy level will lift and so will your self-confidence along with the need to be able to expand. Avoid anything that will cage you in.

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Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)

Personal transformation is a continuing fact in your life as is some sort of emotional dependence from someone else. The need to break this or alter it dramatically first arose in July 2021 and will emerge again in January 2022 of which there can be a final outcome in mid-May.

Oddly enough, it will be much easier to take an optimistic view of future potentials. This can be a huge help in taking actions that need to be taken. From late July matters will begin to shift in one sense but move towards being held up in another.

From this time to late October, you should fully concentrate on future goals, bearing in mind that it will take time for these things to evolve.

Mid-September could bring an opportunity or a sudden jolt of awareness. From late July to mid-February 2022 your health needs proper attention.

Regular exercise would be wise though not necessarily appealing. Attention to detail with matters that involve you daily will be essential but perhaps aggravating. Can’t be avoided though.

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Capricorn (December 23 – January 21)

Your interactions with others have been going through important developments since last year. You have had the opportunity to become aware of the effect other people can have on you.

More than any other time in your life, no matter your age, are you in a position to completely alter the obligations you tend to naturally accept when involved with others either on a personal or business level.

This first period of questioning was July 2021 and this can arise again in mid-January and mid-May. You have to ensure things are one thing or another, no in-between.

Then by late July, you can feel very proud of the progress you have made, even if it has been a bit of an inner battle. 2022 can bring very favorable growth with your life’s aims.

This will entail commitments. Something of importance can fall into place in mid-September. Social pleasures will be strongly highlighted from late July onwards. You may have to be selective with your involvement, as it may distract you from significant goals.

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Aquarius (January 22 – February 19)

A sense of putting in a lot of effort but not gaining appreciation or recognition will continue until late July. Try not to feel too disappointed.

Any health issues may seem at a standstill. The important thing is to persist with regular routine with improvement in mind. In mid-March what is possible for the future may suddenly become clear. It may be a result of accepting certain things that can’t be. Maintaining a sense of optimism should be your aim.

From late July it will be much easier to gain a response. At the same time though it will demand a serious commitment on your part.

You will be all fired up to establish a solid foundation and this can take off quite quickly. From mid-October to mid-December a slowing down process will occur that could require you to re-establish matters.

This could be very frustrating. It is important you do not allow this to stimulate personal doubts. Acceptance of others, how you will interact and the obligations involved is what you will have to juggle to gain what you want,

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Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

The strong sense to break out and become what you really want to be will continue during 2022. If the intentions of others around you are not on your wavelength, you could easily find yourself becoming overwhelmed by what they expect until late October.

Confidence of mind will be strong from late July. Be prepared to deal with possible workings against you during late August and early November.

From late July you have to learn to work with the reality of daily habits – either your own or of those you are dealing with. It might also be a combination of how one affects the other. You may feel you have little power, especially between early October and mid-December.

It may also be difficult to gain any sense of recognition or appreciation for your contribution. Reflect on things you need to manage for yourself and work out a routine for doing so and stick with it. Gaining a sense of ultimate personal freedom requires slow and practical steps. It will be worth it in the end.

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