Gemini 2020 Horoscope

Much of the focus for 2020 spotlights your work, Gemini, from career to the way you simply do your job, from ambitions and aspirations to the more routine moments that support the bigger agendas.

With Saturn remaining in your sign through out the year playing by the rules is the only way to go. While this may feeling restraining at times, while it may seem as if your wings are clipped and you’re tied to the ground there is immense growth going on.[show_more]

The best part of having Saturn energizing your chart by transit is that it makes guidelines and decisions very, very easy…simply follow the traditional way and consider what is fair and correct when looking into options.

Two eclipses in your sign add spice and drama and excitement. The first is a Lunar Eclipse in May which will leave you considering emotional possibilities, connections and direction. A solar eclipse in June brings you the chance to transform some very fundamental and basic areas of your life.

Spend plenty of time before hand looking into what has changed within you, what has changed within your life and where you want to go from there. Eclipses always offer opportunities for exceptional personal clarity and strength. Do your homework and be ready for them.

Another highlight of 2020 is a total eclipse of the sun in December bringing some intensity to the most routine and mundane areas of your life. Those details that can often be overlooked, those day to day activities that are barely noticed all become important tools that lead to larger aspirations and goals.[/show_more]

 love predictions

Does it support you and can you support it? Those are the top questions that you will find yourself looking into with love, romance and passion this year, Gemini. It’s more than daydreams and heart dances.

It’s more than the exciting first stages of falling in love and it’s more than the passion that ignites when you’re intimately close to someone you love and are attracted to you. This year much of the most delightful opportunities are found in the little efforts that someone gives to support your life.

It’s a moment turned into a miracle or a memory. It is someone who can fit into your everyday world and supply you with a sense of peace and comfort. How you fit those same requirements in an important someone’s own life are also on the table. With a Venus retrograde bringing the past back later in the year a retrospective flashback to passionate liaisons is on the agenda.

 Health Horoscope

In 2020, your health and your mood are interconnected. When you are sad, anxious or tensed, the diseases are on a prowl, and the immunity is decreasing. However, when you are confident and optimistic, your health state improves considerably.

In other words, no severe affections are waiting for you during 2020, unless some astral aspects are specified in your personal chart. The affections you will struggle with are rather somatizations of your emotions and thoughts.

This is why, our advice is to engage more often in pleasant activities, to meditate more and not forget to exercise. Spend more time in the company of your friends and your dear ones and have the courage to do what you feel – this is the only way of finding spiritual fulfillment.

As a weak link, the endocrine system is sensitized, so it wouldn’t hurt to do some medical tests or to test the thyroid gland’s functions.

If you are aware of medical issues, it is recommended to follow a proper diet for the medical issues you are suffering from and to follow the specialist’s advice. Since we’ve mentioned doctors, in 2020, the stars are in your favor for finding the appropriate doctor or therapist that you can resonate with and who can help you treat or, at least, ameliorate the issues you are facing.

Money & Career

Jupiter is helping lift this area for the first 8 months of the year. Yet, with Saturn in your sign all efforts that apply to finances, resources and security should be inspected for long term appeal and strength.

Those rules still count. Gemini, in 2020 you’ll receive fair compensation for what you work for but hard work will be a necessity. It is feel good work (as all of Saturn’s lessons ultimately are), the kind of focus that taps into hidden strengths and forces you to stretch your knowledge and your tenacity. Money owed you from a job done long in the past could be arriving unexpectedly during October and November. A long wait pays off.

Beneficial Months

Jupiter helps support your financial needs and gives you an edge on the competition when it comes to making what you’re worth for the first 8 months of the year. After that it moves into the area of your chart that symbolizes thoughts, messages, conversations and short distance journeys.

There can be a lot of coming and going especially with family and friends. A party atmosphere prevails and you’re more likely than ever to be generous with those who are an intimate and important part of your life. Stay aware of what you have to teach others. Jupiter adores wisdom…and it loves sharing it even more. If there is information necessary…don’t look far away. It most likely is found in a friend or close by resources.

Change Yourself in Positive Ways in 2020

Uranus continues throwing lightning bolts into your future changing your ideals and your life journey at will. Enlightenment and cosmic wisdom are all little gifts from this eclectic and unpredictable giant. Go after something you want to learn. Find unusual ways to absorb a new skill a new branch of study.

Expect to be ziz-zagging your way forward with love and romance and, occasionally, finances playing the biggest roles in the changes that appear.

A touch of enchantment, something intriguing and mysterious still looms just out of reach as you plan and plot and conjure up your future. Sharing the same spotlight Uranus is currently under the horizon you are picturing in this moment may be something else entirely tomorrow. This is a period of heightened spirituality where new clarity and beliefs are available.


The north node of the moon is often the strongest mile marker we have to understand where our future is entering and where our journey through life is taking us. With the north node currently in your sign and with it remaining there through out the year you can expect to be calling many of the shots when it comes to how you want to do your life and your future. Saturn isn’t ever far away….so continue to pay attention to those regulations and continue to play by the rules.

Gemini 2020 Horoscope month by month



Work is going to cause you some serious problems in May. This looks unfair to me because I see that you’re very good at what you do! Subconsciously, you know what’s going on but it may cause you a few sleepless nights wondering what went wrong. You feel as though you went above and beyond the call of duty, and indeed you did; however it doesn’t seem to be appreciated. Someone in your support system is going to help you with patience in this situation and then you can look forward to a new start either where you are or at a new position. You may have to change a few of your old ideas of how to do things. And, this may be difficult for you because you tend to do things rather quickly and sometimes without thinking them through. It wouldn’t hurt to be more thorough. So, your “watchword” for this month is to be more careful in ALL your endeavors and then everything will be all right.[show_more]


There will be times this month when you’ll feel that you’ve just “had it” with a certain situation! All you really wanted was for everyone in your family to get along but that doesn’t seem to be possible for the time being. Be careful not to take your frustration out by too much day-dreaming or over-indulgence in any activity or the consequences could be serious. Stay busy and keep reminding yourself of your long-term goals. You have a lot going for you and you can’t solve all the problems you’d like to by yourself. In fact, many of the issues you’re concerned with are other people’s problems and you don’t need to get involved if you don’t want to; however, you may be drawn in if you’re not careful. If you do allow yourself to be a part of this drama, there’s a good chance you’ll wind up feeling hurt. So, take care of yourself and keep yourself centered and all will be well.


Well, you walked away from that situation that was stagnating, didn’t you? And, you seem to have thrown off some chains from your past that were inhibiting you too. This has or will create a new opportunity for you that you’ve been wanting for some time. It looks as though your financial picture will improve too because of this change you’ve made. In addition, it seems that you will be able to impact those around you in a very positive way and help to make a difference in their lives too. It’s been awhile in coming but now that the time is here, take advantage of all the goodness you could reap from your actions! You seem to be getting the hang of creating your own reality and that’s great. Good for you!


August looks like a family-oriented month for you, dear Gemini. I see you having a really good time with all kinds of family members! There’s also the possibility of a marriage in the family but it could be read as a partnership of some other kind involving a family member or members. I do want to caution you about the possibility of being “ripped off” during some celebration or the other so watch out for your wallet or purse. It could be a different kind of “robbery,” however. There’s a possibility of overcharging by a merchant or some such thing. So, stay alert. It seems that the fun with family involves travel and at some point you will be in a caretaker role. It will be a very nice thing to do but don’t overdo it or you could become the victim in the situation. Just remain “present” and take care yourself and all will be well.


There’s a lot of joy in store for you this month! I see a family celebration with a truly happy group. I believe the celebration is for you. You’ve worked hard and you deserve this. You’ve made sacrifices for your goal and nothing is more fulfilling than having hard work rewarded. However, on another front, there is a feeling of a road you have to walk which is difficult and you’re not sure if there is happiness waiting at the end of the journey. In fact, there’s some despair that everything isn’t going to turn out the way you’d hoped. You haven’t decided to walk away from this situation but you’re very sad about the whole thing. No real decision has been made yet, so just feel the sadness and focus on the joy in the other situation. More will be revealed later.


If you’re as frustrated with your job as this reading shows, this is a WONDERFUL month to look elsewhere! It seems that you’re a very hard worker and deserve a lot more money with all the responsibility you’re given! If the previous statements don’t apply to your job situation, look at your relationship and see if they do. It would read this way, “You’ve worked very hard at this relationship and this is a wonderful month to look elsewhere for a lot more love and appreciation because you’ve given a lot in this relationship and it’s time to get into a situation where you’re more highly valued!” And, in either case, ask yourself if you aren’t very very tired of feeling alone either in the job setting or in your relationship? If the answer is “yes” then perhaps you’ve learned all you need to know there and it’s time to move on.


I see a big win for you in November ! The world is pretty much on your side with your Universe about to deliver all kinds of goodies! There’s one puzzling thing, though. It seems that something the Universe is going to offer you is something you will refuse and with all this good going for you, I have to wonder why. I also perceive you traveling which isn’t too surprising considering the Holiday in the United States. I also see all the wonderful happenings are, in some way, your just reward for acts you’ve performed in the past. There is one dark cloud on your horizon. Near the end of the month I’m getting some sadness from you. I’m not clear as to what that’s about yet. Usually, when I see something like that I look to people around you because your reading looks so good. So, right now, I’m going to speculate that it has something to do with someone in your support system. We’ll know more in December.


Peace. Remember the 80’s? (Even though you may have been born in them!) This is a month for peace to be your watchword. This does NOT mean at any price but it does mean you have the opportunity to work on inner peace and be a mediator for others who need some temperance in their lives. Stay away from minor battles…choose your battles if you must fight and don’t spread yourself too thin. Start this month and carry it into the new year that you have the determination that you will center yourself and know that YOU are peace![/show_more]