Gemini 2020 Horoscope

If your birth date falls between May 21 and June 21, your zodiac sign is Gemini.

  • Element: Air
  • Quadruplicity: Mutable
  • Ruler: Mercury
  • Natural House: The 3rd
  • Parts of the body associated with Gemini: Hands, arms, nerves, lungs and respiratory system

Much of the focus for 2020 spotlights your work, Gemini, from career to the way you simply do your job, from ambitions and aspirations to the more routine moments that support the bigger agendas.

Playing by the rules is the only way to go. While this may feeling restraining at times, while it may seem as if your wings are clipped and you’re tied to the ground there is immense growth going on.

As your 2020 horoscope reports, a lunar eclipse in your sign will spice, drama and excitement, so, in November you the chance to transform some very fundamental and basic areas of your life.

Spend plenty of time beforehand looking into what has changed within you, what has changed within your life and where you want to go from there.

Eclipses always offer opportunities for exceptional personal clarity and strength. Do your homework and be ready for them.

Another highlight of 2020 is a total eclipse of the sun in December bringing some intensity to the most routine and mundane areas of your life.

Those details that can often be overlooked, those day to day activities that are barely noticed all become important tools that lead to larger aspirations and goals.

 Love predictions

Early this year, Gem, lovers or close friends will press for much more of your time, dedication and loyalty than usual.

At present, love relationships need to expand to include greater awareness of outside social influences, new group friendships and long-term commitments to family.

Before mid-March watch for romantic partners to become highly focused on new activities, forms of entertainment or social outlets.

Much of this new enthusiasm, Gem, will end an almost 18-month phase of cosy, home enjoyment and private romance: expect a powerful wave of social belonging and group involvement to arrive in all key relationships.

Some Geminis, especially those involved in highly private relationships or complex social triangles, will this year experience a dramatic public acknowledgement of their romantic and emotional commitments.

Enjoy the attention, Gem, but refuse to be derailed from your original priorities of honesty, closeness and shared emotional support.

After mid-March watch also for property matters, new investments or expanded family finances to take on a more solidly defined and serious tone in your life.

Planetary alignments indicate that this year many Geminis will let go of previous emotional, social or home restrictions and rapidly pursue new levels of romantic commitment, public acceptance and family security.

If single, many Geminis can expect to encounter unique romantic proposals from unusual sources: distant love affairs, older or younger lovers and new cultural experiences may all be on the agenda.

By late October a complex decision may also be necessary: romantic timing, solid financial planning and rare property or legal permissions may all affect the planning of key relationships.

An eventful and complicated year, Gem: expect powerful improvements in the months to come.

 Health Horoscope

In 2020, your health and your mood are interconnected. When you are sad, anxious or tensed, the diseases are on a prowl, and the immunity is decreasing.

However, when you are confident and optimistic, your health state improves considerably.

In other words, no severe affections are waiting for you during 2020, unless some astral aspects are specified in your personal chart.

The affections you will struggle with are rather somatizations of your emotions and thoughts.

This is why, our advice is to engage more often in pleasant activities, to meditate more and not forget to exercise.

Spend more time in the company of your friends and your dear ones and have the courage to do what you feel – this is the only way of finding spiritual fulfillment.

As a weak link, the endocrine system is sensitized, so it wouldn’t hurt to do some medical tests or to test the thyroid gland’s functions.

If you are aware of medical issues, it is recommended to follow a proper diet for the medical issues you are suffering from and to follow the specialist’s advice.

Since we’ve mentioned doctors, in 2020, the stars are in your favor for finding the appropriate doctor or therapist that you can resonate with and who can help you treat or, at least, ameliorate the issues you are facing.

Money & Career

Jupiter is helping lift this area for the first 8 months of the year. Yet, with Saturn in your sign all efforts that apply to finances, resources and security should be inspected for long term appeal and strength.

Those rules still count. Gemini, in 2020 you’ll receive fair compensation for what you work for but hard work will be a necessity.

It is feel good work (as all of Saturn’s lessons ultimately are), the kind of focus that taps into hidden strengths and forces you to stretch your knowledge and your tenacity.

Money owed you from a job done long in the past could be arriving unexpectedly during October and November. A long wait pays off.

Jupiter helps support your financial needs and gives you an edge on the competition when it comes to making what you’re worth for the first 8 months of the year. After that it moves into the area of your chart that symbolizes thoughts, messages, conversations and short distance journeys.

2020 month by month astrology advises

  • January – This month, the people born in this sign will succeed in getting out of the crowd, which means they become attractive, energetic, and gain reciprocity from their partners with ease.
  • February – You love life, and the relationships with others will get better.
  • March – If you are single, you will probably fall in love with an old friend.
  • April – If you work in the same domain as your partner, or you have a business together, some disagreements are most likely to occur. 
  • May – You have more freedom and more options than you think. Have faith in the most loving and optimistic vision – something that you feel in your heart and soul. 
  • June – You are going to feel how life becomes sweeter and more beautiful as days go by, and you will be in the middle shining bright like the sun and enjoying the feeling. Many of your wishes will soon fulfil. 
  • July – This month, your energy is at maximum levels. You will gain a lot of strength to progress in life. 
  • August – You will be more concerned about the relationship with your loved ones, about how you can be of help, how you can help in punctual situations, and everything home-related. 
  • September – You will make investments to buy a car or to make substantial home improvements. 
  • October – Emotional healing takes place, and this is the perfect moment to connect with your past.
  • November – It is possible to change your job, and new beginnings to appear on the horizon. 
  • December – This is a wonderful month to connect with your family or with the people from your community who share your interests in healing and spirituality.

Change Yourself in Positive Ways in 2020

Expect to be ziz-zagging your way forward with love and romance and, occasionally, finances playing the biggest roles in the changes that appear.

A touch of enchantment, something intriguing and mysterious still looms just out of reach as you plan and plot and conjure up your future.

2020 is a period of heightened spirituality where new clarity and beliefs are available.

You can expect to be calling many of the shots when it comes to how you want to do your life and your future. Continue to pay attention to those regulations and continue to play by the rules.

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