Career Horoscope 2021

Discover what awaits you in 2021 in terms of profession and what changes will take place in the life of each zodiac sign.

In 2021, the finances are overflowing due to the professional success and/or support of some family members or superiors (awards, promotions, or even job changes that are very beneficial financially).

career horoscope 2021


For Aries, 2021 is an excellent year for studying, professional training, and preparing for career advancement.

This year could bring Aries enough professional satisfaction: interesting job offers, awards according to their efforts, increased prominence, appreciation, etc.

In the first part of 2021, the Aries should maintain some financial prudence, avoid risky decisions and evaluation errors regarding the resources and possibilities. New collaborations or contracts are to be expected in the last months of the year.

The Aries should also be cautious regarding remote traveling and contacts with foreigners or people living far away.


The year 2021 will emphasize your creative side. Don’t hesitate to take some risks in the professional domain. You will get rewarded throughout the year.

Take advantage of any opportunity that occurs. It is the best time to request a salary increase or a promotion since your relationship with your superiors is excellent throughout the year. Avoid borrowing money and try to reduce expenses.


Following a tumultuous period, the year 2021 is going to be relatively peaceful in terms of profession.

Salary increases and promotions – this awaits you if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of your free time for pursuing your professional goals.

Financially, you will manage to get rid of your debts, loans, and you will recover some of the material losses suffered lately.

Pay attention to any acquisitions involving a lot of money and unjustified expenses.


Until September of 2021, Jupiter facilitates access to information for Cancers, and it helps them assimilate easily new ideas.

During this period, the Cancers should read, write, subscribe to newspapers and magazines, sign up for driving school, learn a foreign language, take a class that incites their interest, or go on a study trip.

Also, due to Jupiter, the Cancers become more nonchalant, establish much easier connections, and their communication or negotiation skills are improved.

Cancer’s house of relationships is further marked by Pluto, which exerts its influence most of the time at a subtle level.

Starting from September of 2021, the main achievements involve the home, family, and real estate. You are likely to invest, to renovate, or to relocate to a more beautiful, spacious, and more valuable place.


This period is excellent for putting into practice your ideas and plans. There will be numerous occasions to obtain a new job, maybe even to relocate to another city or country.

The first half of the year will support your desire to learn more and to extend your professional aria. A few financial issues may occur, but you will manage to solve them with your characteristic determination.


This year, your career will bring you a lot of fulfillment and an improvement in your income. It is the ideal time to consolidate your professional status.

However, make sure you know which way is the best to highlight your views and ideas in front of colleagues and authorities. Let other people also express their opinions.

Avoid confrontations and heated debates that can have a negative impact on the future of your career.

You have the drive to try something bolder such as to invest, purchase shares (provided you study the market, and you have trustworthy financial advisors), adopt innovative methods or modern technologies that could streamline your work and bring you more money.


Your professional life could go through a somewhat fluctuating period during the first part of 2021 when it seems you are looking for solutions meant to make it more profitable and, at the same time, more pleasant.

The general situation improves noticeably starting from September of 2021. Jupiter restores your security and confidence, instills energy and vitality, and brings you accomplishments in most life domains.


Pluto, a planet with which the Scorpio has special affinities, is in the Scorpio’s house of intellect and communication from 2009, where it will remain until 2024.

It is a long time, so you should take advantage of the benefits of this position: persuasive power, mental force, analysis capacity, a talent for research and investigation, interest in psychology and different profound, subtle, or even mysterious topics, and also to protect yourself against its unpleasant influence: excessive critical spirit, negative thoughts, anxiety or phobias, nervous tension, and the tendency to manipulate the others.

It would in your best interest to focus on the study of topics that you are passionate about, to learn to talk honestly and straightforward with someone close to you about what is bothering you, to try to learn some mental relaxation techniques, or do things that can facilitate your personal development.

The year 2021 is especially suitable for finding a friend or a group that could help you in these directions.


In 2021, to have success, it would be best to focus on less but important goals that you know for sure that you can manage. The new projects that you want to conduct rapidly could go slow or overstrain you.

The most advantageous for you would be to get involved knowingly in a long-term project from which you do not expect immediate results.

If you work on it consistently and responsibly, over time, it will offer you great satisfaction.

With Jupiter, the Great Benefic, in the house of career until September of 2021, you have high aspirations and large-scale plans. Your status and prestige improve, and new openings and great chances of success occur.

Try to be rational, don’t overestimate your chances, and never stop striving for success! Jupiter gives, but it doesn’t help those who don’t help themselves!


In 2021, the Capricorns will need to make more efforts in the professional domain to reach new peaks in their career. Try to stand out in the projects you get involved, and ask for the moral support of those around you.

Moreover, there will be certain circumstances beyond your control, and they might have unexpected outcomes.


Money is a topic of great interest for Aquarius in 2021 because the monthly nodes energize your financial axis, Neptune is in one of the two financial houses of Aquarius throughout the year, while Jupiter is in your other financial house until September.

You are likely to earn a lot of money, but you need to be very cautious because the losses can also be considerable. Regarding the Aquarius career, in 2021, it could go through a reorganization process or goal resetting, following a lengthy process that could last from the beginning of the year and until the fall.

This process could be sprinkled with stressful or conflicting moments or even stimulated by competition.


In 2021, Pisces will go through a constructive phase in the professional domain.

Your career-related plans will encounter new dimensions, and you will desire new things. It is paramount not to let yourself be overwhelmed by small imperfections and move forward. Try to be careful around the middle of the year.

Additional income opportunities may occur in June and July, and the relationship with the financial institutions is facilitated.

The last semester of 2021 is favorable for Pisces in terms of real estate investments, acquisition of durable items, or launching a business with good development in the future. Money behaves well when used for practical, precise goals.

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