Cancer 2022 Horoscope – Love, Money & Career

If your birth date falls between June 22 and July 22, your zodiac sign is Cancer.

The year 2022 is a year of change for Cancer. If the last years have passed without major fluctuations, in 2022 the planets will determine and put Cancers in front of new challenges both in terms of personal development and in the sphere of love, relationships, education, career and travel. 

Cancer will be put in a position to look for solutions to balance the couple’s life and career. They may appear either conflicts with your life partner due to the fact that you pay too much attention to the professional plan and put the relationship in the background or conflicts at work due to the fact that you do not focus on your duties and put other issues, such as married life, at the forefront. 

So, those born in the zodiac sign of Cancer must pay attention to this situation and try to balance the situation. 

As a result of the transit of the great benefactor, Jupiter, after 12 years in the birth sign of Pisces, starting with December 29th, 2021, Cancer will be of the luckiest signs in the zodiac.

 Make the most of all the opportunities that this transit will bring you: a possible job abroad, the chance to formalize your relationship, possible additional earnings. And in terms of health, things will be fine if you are willing to make a minimum effort to adopt a balanced lifestyle.

Love Predictions 2022

The house of marriage and relationships occupy an important place in the life of Cancer in 2022. The couple’s relationship will go through profound changes. 

There will be times when everything will go well, and then the “storm” will come and bring instability and profound changes. 

It is an oscillating year on a sentimental level, full of strong emotions. After October 2022, you must look at the sentimental relationships with realism and lucidity. It is a good time to consolidate and clarify different aspects of married life. 

Single Cancerians will not be followers of flirtations and adventures. They will be extremely serious and will look for a long-lasting relationship. But be careful that the relationships started in 2022 may be very intense, sometimes with extreme accents, oscillating between love and hate. But don’t be scared when the relationship becomes more contentious. With a little maturity, this moment will be overcome very quickly. 

The most favorable times to meet someone in 202 or to fully enjoy with your life partner are the moments when Venus, the planet of love, will transit the house of love starting August 17th.


In general, Cancers will not face major health problems in 2022. Don’t overwork and give yourself time to recharge your batteries. Healthy eating combined with rest are essential. Chronically ill people may have the opportunity in 2022 to follow various treatments that will significantly improve their health.

Money & Career

The year 2022 will be quite oscillating, with surprises and spectacular changes. Tense moments at work, conflicts with bosses or colleagues are possible. 

The fact that you fail to address diplomatic issues will bring you sleepless nights. Our advice would be to try not to escalate conflicts and to try to achieve a balance between professional and personal life. Opportunities will arise related to working abroad or developing a business on your own.

The financial situation will not be spectacular. You will have to work to earn the material resources necessary for a decent living. In particular, in the first part of the year, try to save your money as efficiently as possible, minimizing your expenses. The appearance of Jupiter in Pisces in the second half of 2023 brings the possibility of unexpected additional gains.

2022 Month by Month Horoscope

  • January – Strong emotions regarding your family, home, or childhood seem to overwhelm you, and you will strive to overcome them.
  • February – This month could bring for the single Cancer the chance to meet someone who will raise their interest, and start a sentimental relationship. 
  • March – It is the right time to focus on your health, and to adopt better habits. 
  • April – Those born under the Cancer sign should pay more attention to this aspect because older healt issues might reoccur this month. 
  • May – The full moon could bring an unexpected amount of money for Cancer, and Sun can determine them to make everything possible to improve their income, and it will even bring them opportunities in this respect. 
  • June – Cancer will have the chance to associate, and to sign interesting partnerships, which will help them to gain attention professionally.
  • July – July is going to be a lively month sentimentally. If so far, they felt that things don’t add up, from now on, they will give love another meaning, another connotation.
  • August – Cancer will encounter some situations that will force them to reevaluate how they manage their money, and it is possible to discover new methods to gain money without stress and pleasantly. 
  • September – During this period, Cancer is more prone to stress and irascibility, and this nervousness might cause them insomnia. 
  • October – The people born in Cancer will not feel quite comfortable in their current relationship, even if it’s a short-term relationship or marriage. 
  • November – The Cancer will have the energy that many will want to focus on obtaining better professional results. 
  • December – This month will bring Cancer more romantic and passionate moments and a greater openness towards their partners. Those who are involved in long-term relationships or those who are already married are favored this month.

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