2019 Yearly Horoscope – Love, Money & Career

Find out what the stars have in store for you! Discover the 2019 astrology predictions for love, money, and health and see what you can do to attract luck on your side!

The Yearly Horoscopes is full of surprises for the Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn , zodiac signs that will unexpectedly obtain achievements and accomplishments they probably didn’t even dream of in 2018.

Aries, Leo, and Libra will fulfill a dream they have had for a long time, this is why these 3  can consider themselves some of the luckiest of the year.

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Money and Career

Financially, 2019 is going to be an excellent year . All the financial collaborations will be successful, so you won’t lack money either.

However, the recommendation  is to spend money wisely and to also save some money for other investments.

You will also have many chances to evolve professionally, but with a bit of effort and commitment.

The Earth Signs can expect important promotions and increases in salary.

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In terms of health, this yeat is announcing to be  scattered with some colds or unpleasant migraines, but nothing to be worried about.

Practicing a sport is recommended because it helps them to strengthen the immune system and to maintain shape.

It is possible for a health issue to emerge for  Gemini, but things will get better towards the end of the year.

The health state will improve  after the beginning of June. Fatigue can occur, but overall, this year is going to be milder than 2018 in terms of health. Also, your lifestyle  is going to improve during this new year.


In 2019, the love and social life will represent the main interest areas. The Fire Signs will have many satisfactions, and for the couples that tried for many consecutive years to have children, Jupiter will make miracles in this regards and will create a favorable context.

This year  doesn’t promise any spectacular evolutions in the couple life of the Water signs. Certainty, some exceptions may exist, depending on the particularities of the personal horoscope, which is made taking into consideration the place, date and the exact hour.

But, in general, the year is announcing to be quite peaceful. The existing relationships will proceed in the normal parameters. And in case of new relationships, it is unlikely for them to evolve in some stormy passions or who knows what turbulences that could significantly affect the existence of the natives.

The feelings and passion of Scorpio are going to reach maximum levels this year, and this can only be a good thing, especially in love.

This year, three big planets are situated in their own signs –  which they govern and where they have the most power.

Since 2011, for many years, Neptune has been in Pisces.  In December 2018, Saturn also returned home, in Capricorn. In November 2018, Jupiter also moved in Sagittarius.

The periods of time when a planet returns home have a higher intensity, and that’s when the planets have the most powerful influence, therefore, when the powers of as many planets as possible, which are simultaneously in their home signs, are combined, those periods are full of energy, things are going better, we feel more lively and more prepared for any situations.

Take full advantage of these periods that display a maximum of planetary energy to complete your big projects.

Mercury Retrograde Calendar:

  • March 5 – March 28 (in Pisces )
  • July 8 (in Leo) – August 1 (in Cancer )
  • October 31 – November 20 (in Scorpio )

On March 5, Mercury enters in a retrograde position for the first time in 2019, and it will maintain its position until March 28. Its influence will be powerful not only for Pisces, but also for the other two Water signs: Cancer and Scorpio.

Between July 8 and August 1, we can discuss about a period of introspection, reanalysis, reorganization, corrections and return to some projects, relationships, actions . It is not recommended to start new actions, to launch new projects or businesses.

It is time to resume some discussion, to make some corrections to the projects that were started few years ago, to renegotiate contracts, partnerships and we can also restart some courses or change our minds about other courses, or friendships.

In October, Mercury will deliver a coup de grace: we will witness the recognition of the true values and the punishment of those who tried to take advantage of others for the past 27 years.

The third period is when Mercury goes back to a direct trajectory, on November 20, in Scorpio . It is the best time to concretize projects, to make the changes that we want and many things that we kept facing in the second part of July will start to clarify. We have more energy, as if we wish to recover a lost time, this being the perfect time for a new momentum.

 Planetary Influences


Venus will transit Scorpio from January 1, 2019 until January 1, 2020, when it will enter  Aquarius . Because  Scorpio is a pragmatic sign, Venus brings the capacity to look at any sentimental issues with a critical eye.

It will help you find solutions more easily and, because of its influence, you will be able to avoid games, drama and any complicated situations.

This is a time when we can be more exigent in our social interactions. Our list of personal priorities includes choosing the people we want to surround ourselves with, but also what we want the most in our lives.

Venus is also the finance and assets’ planet, thus its presence in Scorpio will bring even more financial responsibility. Scorpios have to be careful about how they spend their money every day, but also to the investments they make.

The Solar System


Mars, the planet of action, sexuality and initiative, will enter the Pisces  on January 1, where it will remain until January 1, 2020, when it will enter the Scorpio.

Due to the fact that Pisces is one of the most passive zodiac signs, the planet of action is not quite at ease here. In the next period, Pisces will have a hard time mobilizing and implementing their plans.

This year Pisces will encounter difficulties in taking decisions and overwhelmed by situations when they have to impose their point of view.

Instead, the actions that focus on emotions and feelings are favored, but also the support for those who are going through a rough time. It is also a good period for taking care of both your own health and the health of your loved ones.


Jupiter transits  Sagittarius from November 2018 until January 1, 2020, when it will enter the Capricorn. Jupiter is retrograde , between April 10 and August 11.

Jupiter is considered one of the planets that governs the social life and everything that is connected to communication and environmental integration.

Jupiter is also Cupid, especially for the Air  signs. The retrograde motion of this planet often encourages widening the intellectual horizon and deepening the knowledge about spirituality, esotericism etc.

The period when Jupiter is retrograde in the air zodiac signs lasts 4 months. Jupiter will end its transit on August 11, a day when  Sagittarius will make the biggest changes in their lives.


Saturn continues to transit the Capricorn  until December 17, 2020 and it will be retrograde in 2019, starting from April 30, until September 19.

Saturn or “The Big Maleficent” in Capricorn is very powerful, because it is the master of this very sign. Saturn is in a special position, called in astrology “home”, which emphasizes its inner symbolism and allows it to highlight the characteristics of Capricorn.

This positioning is considered rather positive than negative, being one of the few locations where Saturn gives all its best and does as little harm as possible.

Saturn approves the difficult and laborious projects that require a constant effort for a longer period of time, loves taking additional responsibilities, appreciates tenacity, caution and moderation, therefore 2019 is a good year for starting this kind of projects.


Uranus is going to be in a retrograde position 2 times throughout this year, between January 1 and January 6 ( Aries ) and August 12, 2019 and January 1, 2020 (Taurus ). Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. In astrology, Uranus is known for breaking barriers, which often has adverse consequences.

In the first part the year, until the big event that will take place in their home, the zodiac signs will face new challenges at work, their superiors will ask more from them and, of course, financially, these efforts will be rewarded accordingly.

On January 1, Uranus will be retrograde in Aries. This event brings along a number of major changes, but also a series of emotional or even health problems .

On August 12 (Uranus stations in Taurus): another vision regarding money, debt, desire to adapt, financial surprises.

The last time when Uranus was in Aries, in the period 1927 – 1935, humankind faced events and made discoveries that changed the course of history, some of which are similar to what happens in the present times:

  • The first TV broadcast
  • Hitler came to power in Germany, and fascism spread all over Europe
  • Wall Street collapsed, followed by a global economical decline
  • Penicillin was discovered
  • Charles Lindbergh made his first solo transatlantic flight (from New York to Paris), and Amalia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean
  • An earthquake with 8.6 magnitude took place in China, with 200 000 casualties
  • The largest hailstone ever recorded fell in Nebraska, SUA
  • 1934 is the hottest year on record


Neptune is in Pisces from 2011, where it will remain until January 1, 2026 and it will be retrograde in the period: June 21 – November 27, 2019.
Neptune encourages our desire to dream, to be ambitious in creating beautiful things, meant to enrich our souls.

Every time Neptune enters a retrograde motion, we have the opportunity to obtain understanding and clarity in indecipherable matters. This acute sensibility can generate lethargy states and a strong desire to “disconnect” from everything that means everyday chaos. If the desire to rest, to meditate or to spend time alone occurs, it shouldn’t be ignored.

Once Neptune resumes its direct trajectory in November, those who choose to live consciously the experience of Neptune retrograde, will gain a better and clearer perspective of the point where they are in their lives. And from this point, hopefully, we will be ready to take the right necessary measures and be able to build our path in this direction.


Pluto is in transit in Capricorn from 2008 until 2024.

This year, Pluto turns retrograde between April 24 and October 3.
Pluto, the slowest and heaviest planet of the solar system (it takes 248 years to cross the zodiacal circle), is comfortably settled in Capricorn for 12 years. Its first entry  was on January 25, 2008.

Pluto governs the Scorpio, therefore it is a strong catalyzer for profound transformations, hidden resources, huge ambitions, power, regeneration, reconstruction, death and rebirth.
Although the characteristics and effects that it might manifest can be guessed, Pluto is the most recently discovered planet (1930), and its nature is still too little known and analyzed.

Capricorn is the sign of organization, restrictions, social ascension, resistance to harsh conditions, economy, ambitions, consistency and solid and authentic values.

Throughout 2019, political leaders, governments, and economic systems will change, but only where power has been abusively obtained or it has no solid foundation, or where there are considerable ideological fissures.

In other words, Pluto destroys everything that lacks quality, authenticity, with no chances to withstand the test of time. Instead, it builds something durable, on entire different bases than before. Everything that gets to be modified during these years will be hard to break down afterwards.