What does it mean to have Venus in your sign?

Let’s have some fun and find out what she – “she being Venus” expects in a relationship.

Don’t forget that men who have this placement of Venus will look for these qualities in a woman, but let’s look at what a woman wants.

Venus in the Signs – Interpretations:


Venus in Aries is very loving but fussy and she’s turned off by an insecure man This is the lady who wants to know how you feel and wants to know why – the details that make her special. Don’t forget that this lady sparkles socially, introduce her around.


Venus in Taurus knows how to use her body to get what she wants! She loves beautiful, lavish, expensive jewelry and will spend a lot of time primping to make sure she looks as beautiful and she feels. She is impressed with financial security, so if you’ve already made your way to the top, she’ll be that much more interested.


Venus in Gemini needs a super-intelligent guy before she’ll even be interested; but don’t ever talk down to her. She’s definitely smarter than you think! She loves a stimulating conversation and really loves to travel. Take her along on your business trips and make it fun for the both of you ! ( Don’t forget to pack that lingerie)


Venus in Cancer needs to fuss over someone and definitely loves to be well taken care of. This lady loves the romantic dinner at home in a beautiful dining room, eating off of the family china and of course drinking from real crystal stem ware. No paper plates and plastic cups for this gal … And no takeout !!


Venus in Leo loves to be shown off and appreciated for all that she does for you. Don’t be afraid to let this lady know how you feel about her. This is the lady who adores throwing a very lavish and expensive party to show off her new “whatever” she recently acquired. Wear her on your arm as you would a Rolex watch- just stand there and look handsome with the most beautiful woman in the room by your side.


Venus in Virgo is very selective and wants to be needed and appreciated. The more you “need” her, the more she’ll respond to you. “I need to see your beautiful smile, hear your sweet laugh, etc.” you know – the mushy stuff! Don’t ever tell vulgar jokes, be rude, or show bad manners or you’ll definitely get the cold shoulder.


Venus in Libra wants to be swept off her feet with flowers, candlelight and soft music. This lady is in love with being in love. She is probably very beautiful as Venus rules Libra. Don’t ever keep this lady guessing about your intentions, she’s very intellectual, and never be slovenly around her. Proper social conduct and good manners are a must !


Venus in Scorpio is very sensual and has deep intense feelings. The real jealous type !! This gal will have a colorful personality that is attractive to other men, but don’t ever boss her around or treat her badly; remember she’s a very proud and loyal woman and if you ever betray her heart – Heaven help you – because she’s also very vindictive – eye for an eye kind of stuff !!


Venus in Sagittarius wants to be told how you feel about her. She’s very outspoken. She’s also very playful so keep her interested by changing the pace surrounding your relationship; a candle lit dinner , then horseback riding, then a museum, then skiing, then… well, you get the picture ! This lady would not appreciate any place that was small and crowded, she loves the outdoors and open spaces. Dinner in a restaurant at a corner table would not appeal to her !


Venus in Capricorn doesn’t express her emotions for the public. That type of behavior is beneath her. She is however very sensual in private, but she leads the way. For this lady, love is forever. She expects you to spend $$ on her- if you have to count your change to pay for dinner, forget it ! This lady likes to see bankrolls ! If you give her a gift, the price tag might accidentally have been left there by the girl who wrapped the gift so she can later see how much you spent. She also likes cars and clothes with emblems- you know – status symbols.


Venus in Aquarius is independent and popular. She’s everybody’s friend. Try to monopolize her time and keep her all to yourself is not a good thing to do ! This is the gal who likes a beach party, or a once a month gathering at a local restaurant, with her friends and yours, and you are just another couple there. She would also love a museum with ancient art as well as art nouveau !


Venus in Pisces will be devoted to you if you put her on a pedestal. She won’t be able to do enough for you ! However she’s also very vulnerable and let’s you know it. If you break her heart, you’ll feel like the biggest heel for a long time because she is so sweet and would never hurt a soul. So be careful ! This lady is also probably very creative, an artist or a musician. Take her on a picnic to the park or beach where she can create. Sit at her feet and show your appreciation for her.