Mars in my zodiac sign meaning

Let’s find out what He ( Mars ) is like and expects in a relationship. Don’t forget that women who have Mars in that particular sign will look for these traits in a man.


Mars in Aries is aggressive and enthusiastic. He loves the chase as much as the prize. This is the guy who is/was the captain or the star of his team, or he may be a sports car fanatic. Vroom, vroom ! Don’t forget to compliment him on his achievements; his pride is as big as his list of accomplishments is long. Watch out for that temper though- he’s got a short fuse and doesn’t like to lose !


Mars in Taurus loves to own tools of a trade. These guys are precision craftsmen and love to create with their hands whether it’s a fabulous home cooked dinner (don’t count the calories on this one, gals) or a hand-carved complete bedroom set ! These guys are not aggressive, but if backed into a corner and forced to fight, beware of El Toro, the Bull. These are the big cuddly teddy bears type who keep their homes outside the pride of the neighborhood.


Mars in Gemini are the flirts of the zodiac ! If you think you’ve won his heart, he’s probably already forgotten your name. This guy has a very active mind and loves debate and intellectual contest. He may have several jobs at once or have a long string of short-term jobs. For instance, he may be self-employed and run his own business, catering to many clients, or he may be a journalist and sell his stories to several sources. Beware of his rudeness or sarcasm; he may not mean what he says… but really he does!


Mars in Cancer would do well with an older woman, not necessarily in years but attitude. This guy probably moved away from home at a fairly young age. He definitely wants to own his own home and rule the roost. He’s very considerate and charming, but also probably very moody on a bad day. This guy is probably the do-it-yourself kind, so let him putt around the house and yard. He’ll most likely build you a pool, deck and patio all on his own !


Mars in Leo is warm and passionate; masculine and high-spirited. He may not like to let you know his feelings too openly, but don’t be afraid to show yours toward him. This guy likes to be the leader, but don’t let him get pushy! He is also a show-off and exaggerator of his abilities and can get himself hurt by proving it to win your affections. Let him prove it in bed, not by bungee jumping off a bridge!


Mars in Virgo is a hard worker and a skilled craftsmen. He may be a surgeon or precision machinist, but he’s very analytical. He may be shy and need a push in your direction. If you don’t like to wait, then this isn’t the guy for you. If you don’t mind waiting while he picks out the right suit, the right tie, the right restaurant, then he’ll be worth the wait, I’m sure he’ll also chose the right gift just for you !


Mars in Libra is the “Love at first sight” kind of guy, He’s very strict though in his game of love. If you don’t want to be fenced in by one partner, he’s not for you. He doesn’t like indiscriminate relationships and wants to settle down with that someone special. He usually looks for an enthusiastic partner because once the chase is over, he can’t be bothered with trivialities, so you’ll need to keep things in order.


Mars in Scorpio is extremely passionate and demanding. ” Variety is the spice of life” describes this guy. He’s got a voracious sexual appetite and he can never get enough. If you’ve got what it takes to keep him satisfied, his love for you will run very deep. He’s very secretive so don’t nit-pick him with silly questions. Compromising is not an option either. And talk about holding a grudge ! Don’t ever cross this one because he doesn’t forgive or forget ! So if you want an intense guy, enjoy this one for all he’s got.


Mars in Sagittarius is the freedom lover, sports enthusiast and possible gambler. He’s very restless and there’s always greener pastures to be found. He loves to travel, possibly hunt, but definitely outdoor sporting events ( a small wager on the side to be sure ). He is very patriotic and loves parades. To win his heart, keep him guessing. He loves adventure and excitement. How about sending him a treasure map, you’re the prize !


Mars in Capricorn is the guy who really responds to affection. He is very idealistic and takes a lot into consideration before he’ll chose someone, he takes sex very seriously; it’s something special to share with someone and he won’t just give it to anyone ! He is probably the self-made man starting from humble beginnings and making his way as a business executive, politician, or a highly decorated Military Officer. Professional success mean a great deal to this man and he won’t tolerate a lack of ambition.


Mars in Aquarius enjoys sex and sexual experimentation, but don’t look for an early commitment from him. He needs complete freedom and if he does chose you, you must trust him completely. This man is a team player and a humanitarian. He may be in the Peace Corps, work in a hospital, or on a rescue team. He is also the zany type that likes to gain your attention by doing silly things and embarrassing himself along the way.


Mars in Pisces is the truly romantic type. He is sensual and passionate but is also highly emotional. He loves a bit of the mysterious in a woman. He is artistic and may be musically inclined, may work in a hospital but he may also be a detective or a jailer He’s shy and secretive and likes quiet interludes. He loves secret love notes, mysterious phone calls, and the secret, special love gestures.