Planets and Their Meanings

The Influence of Planets in Astrology

The Sun, the Moon and the planets specific configuration during the day of your birth and also the transits along the celestial vault in the past, present and future have a great influence in astrology.

At the time of the birth, each planets from the solar system, along with the Sun and the Moon, have a characteristic position, represented in the personal chart within the astrological houses.

The positions of the planets are relative, changing as the planets transit on the celestial vault and form in the chart different angles and aspects that are continuously changing. Their specific configurations, their locations and their dimension exert positive or negative influences on the entire mankind.

In astrology, the planets are subdivided into two categories: personal planets and transpersonal planets. Personal planets are considered to be: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. These are considered rapid planets, because it takes them very little time to cross the Zodiac circle (minimum 28 days for the Moon, maximum one year and 220 days for Mars).

The Solar System

As they move from one zodiac sign to another, they release their energies in a different way for each person. Transpersonal planets are slower and they need between 12 and 249 years to cross the entire Zodiac circle.

This is why, they are also called collective planets, except Jupiter and Saturn, which are a bit faster than the rest of the planets. These are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The collective planets remain in one zodiac sign for many years in a row and their energies can influence one or more generations, but they have a much less influence upon the individual personality.

Although it is considered that the planets dominate certain zodiac signs, to some extent, all of them influence each zodiac sign.

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The Sun

Although is not an actual planet, the Sun has a particular meaning in astrology. Situated in the center of the solar system, with all the planets gravitating around it, the Sun gives life and illuminates the nature and the human character.

The Sun is the symbol of masculinity and it represents the father figure; in the horoscope of a woman, it indicates the partner she feels attracted to. The Sun governs Leo, from the 5th House of the Zodiac, offering many positive characteristics: dignity, authority, trust, endurance, loyalty, courage, generosity.

The other fire zodiac signs are also borrowing many of the Leo’s characteristics. Regarding the health and vitality, the Sun influences the vitality and has a great influence for the heart and the spine, the right eye of the man and the left eye of the woman.

The Moon

The fastest astral body, it crosses the Zodiac at every 28 days, spending approximatively 2 and a half days in each zodiac signs. In astrology, the Moon is equally as important as the Sun.

The Moon is a symbol on feminine energy, representing the woman from the horoscope of a man, his partner or the woman he feels attracted to, it also represents fertility, maternity and children.


The closest planet to Sun and the most attuned to it. It is sometimes referred to as the Sun’s “spokesman”. It governs the communication and the commerce.


Venus is the second planet from Sun and the brightest celestial body from the night sky, after the Moon. It is considered the planet of love, beauty and creativity.


The forth planet from the Sun, the ancient god of war, it has an energetic and aggressive influence. The symbolic color of Mars is red, the color of blood, fire, action and passion. Traditionally, Mars governs Aries – offering determination and the desire to lead, Scorpio – influencing its perseveration and sexuality and Capricorn – influencing its loyalty and ambition.


In roman mythology, Jupiter is the guardian, the King of Gods. Planet Jupiter is also known as the planet of royalty, culture, philosophy, luck and optimism. Jupiter remains in every zodiac sign for 12 months, travelling through the entire Zodiac for another 12 months.


A big planet, like Jupiter, but its influence is rather concerning the limitations, restrictions and delays. Saturn governs ambition, career, motivation, authority and induces the sense of duty, responsibility and discipline. Saturn presents a series of obstacles, necessary to our development in every aspect.


Uranus is considered to be the rebel of the zodiac. As long as Saturn functions only by rules, Uranus thinks the rules are made to be broken, regardless of the consequences. Uranus symbolizes independence and personal freedom. It governs all the unexpected things, it is the surprise-planet.


Discovered in 1846, Neptune represents Poseidon from Greek mythology, the God of the Sea. It governs everything related to water, ocean, navigation, fishing and marine life. It is a planet of imagination, dreams, illusion and deception. It offers inspiration and the ability to see beyond your own eyes. It maintains the spiritual side of life and the belief in what stays hidden from sight.


It has been discovered in 1930 and it is associated with Hades, the God of the Underworld in Greek mythology. Pluto is the planet of rebirth, regeneration, transformation, in the same way the Phoenix bird rises from its own ashes. Pluto is characterized by all things that are occult, spiritual, unconscious, but it also represents sex and death.


Chiron holds your deepest pains and life wounds. It powers your ability to heal self and in turn heal others. It is where you are vulnerable and potentially scarred. Healing this point in your chart brings great inner strength and triumph.


The north node powers your goals for the future. it displays lessons and understanding you need to assimilate into your life. It is the engine of your future and all that you can become in that future.


: Is always directly opposite the north node. The south node was the engine of your past. It is areas which are known and comfortable but no longer to be lived in. Applying the talents and skills found in the south node in your chart towards reaching the north node allows you to harmonize the two and empower them.