What are your chances to break up with your partner according to your astrological sign

Find out what your risk of getting a divorce is according to your sign and, especially, due to what reasons. Learn the characteristics of your sign that predispose you to getting apart from your loved one.

Aries (21st of March – 20th of April)
You are an impulsive person and, at the same time, a woman with high goals, but also with a modern conception about marriage. You do not accept to be restrained in any way and if the man next to you lacks initiative or tries to limit your freedom, you can walk away from a marriage without too much thinking.

Taurus (21st of April – 21st of May)
You are not prone to divorce because when it comes to making the big step, you only do it when you are extremely sure that you are making the best decision. And because family is extremely important to you, you do your best to solve problems in intimacy, with your partner, without anybody else knowing about it. Discretion is essential in your relationship. You must work on your stubbornness because it can cause trouble in your couple’s life.

Gemini (22nd of May – 21st of June)
You have a pretty high predisposition to getting a divorce and that is because you get bored very quickly and you tend to make hasted decisions. What seemed to be a sensational love story becomes a headache in a few years. Freedom is important to you, but so is diversity. Your swinging moods are another element that put your marriage in danger.

Libra (23rd of September – 22nd of October)
Even when there are problems in your marriage, you try your best to overcome them, to solve them and restore the balance. Divorce scares you deeply and that’s why you try everything to fix the disagreements. Communication helps you a lot in this sense because you like talking with your partner, so that you can see where from the problems truly come from. On the other hand, because of your wish of harmony, you are prone to give way to too much in your relationship with your loved one, which could put you in unpleasant situations.

Cancer (22nd of June – 21st of July)
Your predisposition to getting a divorce is pretty low because having a family is a very important step for you and you will think it through very seriously before making it. On the other hand, it is exactly this wish of having a family that works against you. You may have the tendency to indulge too much from your loved one, precisely to keep the peace in paradise, but in the detriment of your personal happiness and satisfaction.

Leo (22nd of July – 22nd of August)
Even though you are most often successful on all areas, not the same thing can be said when it comes to your marriage. You are very prone to getting a divorce and the main characteristics of your sign that lead into break ups are your vanity and your selfishness. In some cases, you can ruin promising relationships precisely because you cannot give up on your gestures of pride. You end up regretting many times, but you won’t admit that. If you want a happy marriage, remember the famous quote from the Bible: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”

Virgo (23rd of August – 22nd of September)
The Virgo man wants for everything to be perfect, both at home and in your relationship. He torments himself to solve all the problems and he is very well-ordered. If you want to break up with him it’s enough not to do anything. Don’t get involved in house chores, don’t pay him attention, don’t give him your time and tell him exactly what your thoughts are.

Scorpio (23rd of October – 21st of November)
You are a strong person and you set your ideals when it comes to marriage. But even so, you are pretty prone to divorce. The main characteristics of your sign that can put you in this situation are your desire to have power, to dominate and to make all the important decisions. A partner with an independent personality might feel tight down and this could lead to breaking the marriage apart. Learn to compromise.

Sagittarius (22nd of November – 21st of December)
You have an idyllic and maybe even an immature idea of marriage. You dream of being forever in love and to always feel those butterflies in your stomach, which is quite impossible. When the chills fade away, you are ready to pack your things and go search for that same sensation somewhere else. This is why you are prone to divorce. On the other hand, the obligations imposed by marriage scare you to death and you feel like they were designed to take away your freedom.

Capricorn (22nd of December – 20th of January)
You can overcome any obstacle with determination and calm. This is also available when it comes to the problems in your marriage and this is why you are not prone to divorce. You need stability and harmony and this is why you will look for a partner who can offer you these and who will always support you.

Aquarius (20th of January – 18th of February)
Even though you can be a rebel sometimes, you are very dedicated to your family life and to your marriage. Your partner feels loved because you are not afraid to show your feelings. You open your heart easily in front of your loved one and this sets the basis of a relaxed and beautiful marriage. That is why you are not prone to divorce. You must work on your obsession to be right if you want to eliminate conflicts.

Pisces (19th of February – 20th of March)
Even if things are not like you’d want them to be in your personal life, divorce is not an option for you. You want to fix problems, even though you sometimes have the tendency to whine instead of taking attitude. Anyway, you fight for your relationship to work out and this lowers your predisposition to divorce.