What Your Zodiac Element Says About Your Love Life

Every sign in the zodiac possesses a style, an approach to life all its own. And, too, every true romantic under the stars has her own way of expressing her heart’s desires.

What kind of romantic are you? The answer is “elemental” — at least according to your horoscope. That is, the element your astrological sign belongs to can tell you a lot about your romantic style.

All 12 astrological signs come under one of four groupings called elements. These are: fire, earth, air and water. The elements have been used for thousands of years in various branches of metaphysical studies, including tarot and astrology.

Simply put, signs of a like element have certain characteristics in common — one of which is how you approach romance.

What’s your ideal courtship scenario? What kind of hero are you attracted to? You can get important clues to these and other issues from knowing your element.

The Impassioned Romantics – Fire

  • Aries (March 21-April 19)
  • Leo (July 23-August 22)
  • Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

You’re the most dramatic of romantics, and yearn to fall in love in an epic way. Romance must be larger than life for you, something that sweeps you away from the ordinary.

A constant stream of hearts and flowers is impractical, it’s true. But you do demand of your beloved a grand romantic gesture from time to time — such as filling the back seat of your car with roses, or whisking you off in a hot-air balloon to sip champagne as you float high above the countryside.

The fire signs possess a positive and dynamic approach to all aspects of life. You have a personality that is warm and exciting, the kind that can light up a dull gathering just by entering the room.

Leo has the most dramatic flair, while Sagittarius and Aries may appear more casual, even offhand, about the whole thing. But you have but to scratch the surface to ignite a true fire romantic.

Fire equates with passion, and you can give Scorpio a run for the money in the sexiest sign contest. Sometimes you do play with fire and fall for the wrong guy. But sex is certainly not all you have in mind, for to be passionate about life is to burn for experience. The fire signs seem to blaze with an unflagging inner zest.

You need a partner with whom you can throw yourself into common interests and activities. Doing things together is almost as important as sharing feelings and thoughts.

You can easily envisage yourself climbing Mount Everest with your beloved, or teaming up to detect and foil a plot by evil diamond smugglers. As well, a cause you can both feel impassioned about, such as saving an endangered species or raising funds for a charity, can provide a close and lasting bond.

Most of all, you believe in the lightning-bolt, love-at-first-sight experience. You really enjoy hearing about other couples who got together in this way — and you feel it can and should happen to you.

Instant passion blended with complete understanding is your ideal scenario. You truly believe two people can look into each other’s eyes and become a couple the first time they meet.

Should impetuousness lead you to romantic disappointment, you tend to bounce back more quickly than people associated with other elements. You’re also likely to remain friends with your exes.

For you, life is just too short to hold a grudge when another new and far more exciting romance could await you just around the corner.

The Down-to-Earth Romantics – Earth

  • Taurus (April 20-May 20)
  • Virgo (August 23-September 22)
  • Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Down-to-earth, salt of the earth — your approach to romance is definitely practical. Even when being swept off your feet, you manage to keep at least one toe on terra firma.

No one has more old-fashioned common sense than you do. Earth signs are uncomfortable with a lot of extravagant wooing. You do appreciate the finer things in life, but your sense of responsibility often interferes with enjoyment.

Should your loved one blow a bundle on a night out, you worry about the cost too much to let yourself go.

Taurus is the most cautious and conservative earth sign, with Virgo close behind. Capricorns underwent a major transformation in the early 2017. Many of you are now more open to the intangible side of life — like romance.

But in general, all earth signs remain sceptical about love at first sight or promises of castles in the air. Your hero must respect your need to ease slowly into a relationship and be willing to work with you to make it succeed. You believe everything, even love, comes only through some effort.

For you, the most important element of romance is building a life together, and that process usually includes building a home together.
You don’t like to rush this phase, either. You like to watch the bricks go up, one by one. You enjoy all the little details involved in growing closer to someone.

The earth signs are very sensual, but not in an overt way. You’re uncomfortable with showing too much affection in public. For you, growing intimacy, especially passion, is a very private affair.

You like to think any commitment is forever — and when it isn’t, you become more disillusioned than most people. Earth signs also take a long time to get over disappointment.

Yet, though you don’t like change, you do believe one or both partners can undergo a transformation through love. As an earth romantic, you know love has the power to redeem.

Being an earth sign and a romantic to many people seems a contradiction. For isn’t romance itself an intangible, a fantasy? How does that mesh with being practical?

You see no problem here. For you know the only truly happy ending — whether in a fictional or real-life love story — is the one where you both live happily ever after. And that means in the real world, with both feet firmly on the ground.

The Social Romantics- Air

  • Gemini (May 21-June 21
  • Libra (September 23-October 23)
  • Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

The setting is perfect for romance. Your eyes sweep across the ballroom, sparkling with chandeliers and just-poured champagne. Dialogue swirls around you as effervescent as the setting. You finally spot your handsome, dashing hero talking to the ambassador….

If you’re an air sign, this scenario speaks to your romantic heart. Your fantasy may not be as extravagant as fancy-dress balls. But if a prospective hero can’t blend with your friends or help you explore new social horizons, then you won’t cast him in the lead role.

The social mix does change, however, depending on your sign. With Geminis, the crowd leans heavily toward the intellectual elite. Librans fill their guest lists with people from the cultural world.

And of course Aquarians, with their love of the unusual, mix nuclear physicists with opera singers — and perhaps a visitor or two from another planet.

Your element may be air, but that doesn’t mean you’re ‘airheaded’ when it comes to romance. Just the opposite is true; air signs place the intellect and the world of ideas above all other concerns. Bright and stimulating conversation ranks high on your list of attractive qualities in a man.

Alone with your beloved, good communication is more important than any other demonstrations of affection. Let others sigh deeply and gaze soulfully into their beloved’s eyes, or shower them with rose petals.

You’d rather be with a hero who can articulate his feelings.

Paradoxically, you’re often drawn to enigmatic types. This is because your own constantly active mind loves a puzzle. A potential hero who is a bit complicated intrigues you.

You always assume that if you apply your intellect, you can figure him out. And if he can match wits with you or even top you now and then, you’re likely to stay fascinated for life.

If you’re like most air romantics, you’re far too restless in youth to settle down too quickly. And as much as you need companionship, your standards are very high. You believe in an ideal mate — which may be hard to come by in an imperfect real life.

But when you stop focusing too much on the ideals of romance, you can fashion the kind of relationship other people envy — one with excellent communication, played out against the backdrop of a glittering social life.

Some might say the setting and plot can overshadow the inner workings. That’s okay with you — you’re probably already planning your next ball.

The Go-With-the-Flow Romantics- Water

  • Cancer (June 22-July 22)
  • Scorpio (October 24-November 21)
  • Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Two people lock eyes across a crowded dance floor. Suddenly nothing else in the universe exists as they draw closer and closer together.

They begin to dance, instantly in tune with each other’s rhythms. The unspoken understanding is complete, no dialogue is necessary.

If you’re a water sign, you just know when it’s love. Like the fire signs, you believe in love at first sight. But unlike the lightning bolts they experience, you prefer the gentle and complete merging of two souls.

Intuition is everything to you, and you’re more likely than other signs to believe in soul mates.

Pisces, especially, believes that people destined to be together just flow into one another. Scorpio adds more intensity and drama to the mix: nothing short of une grande passion will do.

For Cancer, the process takes a bit more time to evolve, since home and family are strong factors.

While your heart may yearn for a spiritual or mystical bond, your approach to courtship is on the traditional side. You revel in all the customary trappings: candlelight, soft music, dancing cheek-to-cheek. But everything is secondary, really, to growing emotional closeness.

For this reason, the new ideal of the ‘nineties man’ — one who isn’t afraid of his feelings — is in many ways your true hero.

It’s just not enough for your ideal guy to be strong and stalwart; he must also have a compassionate side. You dream of a romance in which you both fulfill your hearts’ desires.

Like the earth signs, you feel marriage is the natural conclusion to any love affair. But for you, it’s less about doing what society dictates, and more about the symbolic fulfillment of all your hopes and dreams of true intimacy.

Naturally, the course of true love rarely flows in a nice, steady stream. In real life there are always some snags, occasional undertows, sometimes raging torrents.

But it is this variety that makes romance so exciting. And your ability to navigate whatever comes your way is your strength. You dream of a great romance where you both come together after facing many disappointments — where love conquers all and always, always, triumphs in the end.