How zodiac signs kiss – Kissing Styles Of The Zodiac Signs Revealed


Arians are impulsive, passionate and quick. Don’t expect an Arian to conform to your rules. If the moment seizes them, then appropriate behaviour is the last thing on their mind – an Arian will grab you when you least expect it. It won’t matter if you’re cooking, working or even having dinner. They like the element of surprise, and it makes them more passionate.

The kiss: A few pecks that seem like they are going nowhere, followed by a sudden forceful passionate French kiss. They also love nibbling the lips.


Deep and deliberate – and coupled with an unexpected sensuality, Taurean kisses can go on for an eternity. They kiss only if they are sure of your affection. The kiss usually happens on their turf, which incidentally will be extremely aesthetic. Do not expect the Taurean to take the initiative and if they do – be prepared for an intensity that will leave you dazed.

The kiss: Long. Loong. Loooong. They love exploring the inner recesses of your mouth and mind, just as they would sample a fine wine.


Geminis are free spirits who love to talk, to move about unhindered and kiss free of any distraction. So be prepared for a flight of fancy with no clue of the destination. Most Geminis give out mixed signals that leave you wondering whether you should or should not kiss. But their kisses are usually so intense that they can overwhelm you. Geminis also have to be in their comfort zone before they actually do something, which means a long wait before the action starts.

The kiss: Passionate with little bites. They also love nibbling at the earlobes between kisses. However, they are also likely to break into giggles at the most intense point of the kiss.


Their kisses are tender, cool and refreshing, like an elusive mountain spring. You never want to let go once they start. Here is the natural homebody with the proverbial heart of mush within a hard shell. Cancerians hate kissing in front of the world and love isolated spaces. So make sure that there isn’t anyone around when you choose to kiss a Cancerian. They love the comfort of their homes so they often indulge in mooching there. They also put in lots of emotion in their kisses and expect the same from their partners

The kiss: Warm, tender and comfortable with just a touch of passion. A lot of hugging and snuggling in-between, and a deep sensitivity will accompany this kiss.


Leos are wild and uninhibited performers. Be ready for a wild, sunny ride. But also make sure that you know you are with an innate star, who loves to preen and loves having spectators around. So expect more kisses when you are at a party than when you are alone. They like kissing partners who are wild and unihibited like themselves. They hate prudes and the wilder your kiss, the more likely they are to want to be with you.

The kiss: Intense with a lot of passion. They also love using their tongues to tease.


They are meticulous, tidy and patient, and will constantly catalogue and analyse the whole experience. But do not expect foolish or impulsive moves. Practical considerations of where and what have to be sorted out before any action begins. However, they are attentive and caring.

The kiss: They are gentle and don’t bite or nibble. They love holding you tight when they kiss. But they will also give you a critique at the end of it that will rate your kiss on a scale and judge your performance.


Librans are fastidious and sensual with a fondness for romance and mystery. You also need to know that there will be no action if you haven’t brushed your teeth after dinner, and don’t smell like fresh roses either. Here is a true romantic. So soft music and dimmed lights in elegant surroundings are essential. An interesting conversation is also a major turn on.

The kiss: Long and romantic with few interruptions in carefully set surroundings that are pleasing to the senses. The kisses slowly escalate in their intensity.


Kissing is often not a priority. It is a step, a very small step towards more intense things. Scorpios also like control, so let them lead the way. The Scorpio kiss is likely to take you to the deep end of the ocean, so make sure you are in a space where you can go further or retreat graciously.

The kiss: Passionate, intense and hungry, with the capacity to continue for a long time if the Scorpio wills it. They hate deviating, so don’t expect any kind of distraction while kissing.


Sagittarians are adventurous, spontaneous and surprisingly sensitive. Be ready for warmth that will leave you feeling secure. But they are restless and might just drive you around the bend sometimes. Sagittarians are moody creatures, and kiss only when they really want to. Fortunately, that is quite often.

The kiss: Unpredictable, but also very focused on your reactions and guaranteed to light a fire. But they are rarely neatly executed jobs, and can be messy at most times.


Capricornians are intense, sincere and very skillful kissers. Be prepared to be approached unusually, for the perfection of the chase is as much a thrill as the final encounter. Most Capricornians love to plan the setting of the kiss in minute detail to achieve the maximum effect.

The kiss: Skilled, sincere and passionate. The complete focus is on the kiss itself. All other details fade in front of a Capricornian’s determination to do the job well. Sometimes including you.


Aquarians are dreamy, tender and easily distracted by even a passing fly. Be ready to have the kiss terminated at any point. The Aquarian always decides the right time, but you can try to set the right mood. Be constantly prepared to get a peck when you want a long encounter, followed by a discussion on the state of the world.

The kiss: Dominating, passionate and precise. With an eye always open to check your reactions. And though initially reluctant, once they get into it, you will be out of breath keeping pace.


They are starry-eyed, amorous and tender. They are moved by the whole experience and want to lose themselves in it. But do not expect them to take responsibility for the whole thing after it is over.
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However, almost any setting is enough to set the Piscean off. Irrespective of the surroundings, the Piscean’s notion of romance changes with their mood.

The kiss: Tender and mushy. Here is a person who will give you roses and will then kiss you like you are the sexiest person in the world. Unfortunately, they could also be very cold after the kiss ends.