Dating the Same Zodiac Sign . Can Same Sign Couples Work?

I’ve observed that we tend, in the main, to be drawn to people born in or near our own season, but not necessarily sharing our sign.

With same-sign people, there is a resonance of assumption and need and expectation. Because of these similarities, a fierce competition can arise. While another born the same month as we affirms and validates us by being like us in some elemental way, we may also feel in danger of being eclipsed. We may worry about losing our own unique identity, by having it fused with or replaced by the other’s or simply because we lose a sense of distinction.

With same-sign people, we are most transparent and, in some sense, most vulnerable. They know how to push our buttons and we theirs. Maintenance of boundaries is difficult if not impossible.

On the other hand, telepathy and the deepest empathy can occur. We can expand our self-knowing by relating to same-sign people. A pair of Gemini’s can get into double mischief together and become inseparable playmates. A pair of Scorpios can go deeper into the why’s and how’s of the universe together than they can alone (and scare one another silly). A pair of Capricorns can grouse and laugh together, provided that their moods are not out of phase.

Same sign relationships challenge us to love ourselves. We’re most likely to project our least lovely qualities onto a same-sign person and do battle with them there. If we can befriend our own qualities in another, we make peace with ourselves. Conversely, if we succeed in establishing a needed boundary with the other, we have indeed mastered a disruptive tendency in ourselves.

If competitiveness or projection does not keep same-sign people apart, they may feel as if they can triumph over any obstacle, transcend any conventional limit or ethic or rule, because there is something special and maybe secret about their bond, something no one else could possibly understand or appreciate, and this is undoubtedly true.

Similarly, at our own native phase of life, we tend to be most sure of triumph, most willful and determined. We are also living our most vulnerable time, precisely because we are least cautious and least aware of otherness around us.

If we think of harmonics, levels and levels of cycles, our coming to our native phase in life is something like becoming Aries. There’s a beginning implicit in this coming-to, an arrival. A gear meshes, a cycle within a cycle begins. In our own time of life, we experience both Aries’ invinciblity and vulnerability.

We might also think of same-sign relationships with others as having an Aries-like quality. Indeed, the heedlessness of boundary, the penetration, the hope of triumph, and, at the same time, the vulnerability of Aries is present. It’s likely, then, that same-sign relationships thrive in springlike climates, at the beginnings of enterprises, in an atmosphere of exuberance and hope. Indeed, they tend to create such a climate. Same sign pairs would do well, I believe, not to set about to accomplish anything tedious together or to share burdens of responsibility.