Love Horoscope & Compatibility

In astrology there are four elements, each being specific to few zodiac signs: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The element that belongs to your zodiac signs describes some aspects of your personality and even the way you look at life and this is the reason it is easier to establish relationships with certain people.

If the zodiac sign of your partner has the same element as your zodiac signs, it will be easier to understand and know each other. Even if your partner will see things differently, you will still have something in common. Some would call this chemistry, but in astrology it is called the common element.

Although there are no incompatible signs, there are signs that are very compatible and signs that are less compatible.

This compatibility dictates how easy the two signs will understand each other, but, under no circumstances, it does not eliminate the possibility of a harmonious relationship between less compatible signs.

Knowing these values of compatibility and knowing in detail the characteristics of each zodiac sign, it will be easier to get attuned to the people around us.

Everything seems easier between two zodiac signs with great compatibility. This type of compatibility is not something we find very often in life, but it is always easy to recognize it.

We are referring to those people we feel even from the first interaction that we are “on the same wave length” with.

On the other hand, between zodiac signs with less compatibility, more work and more compromises are needed, but the satisfaction is as great.

When we understand the concept of compatibility between signs, we have an important advantage in our relationships with the people around us. Knowing why some relationships work better than others and understanding precisely what type of compromises we should make in order to bring a less compatible relationship to the point of functionality, we sail the cloudy waters of destiny with more ease.

Using this valuable information, the astrology apprentices can use their intuition to find out if a relationship will work or if it will burn down too quickly the partners’ reserves of patience and the willingness to make compromises.

In this way, we can avoid getting involved in toxic relationships before they even start and we can learn how to maintain a balance and how to fix a dysfunctional relationship.