Do you want to find out what is your sign’s obsession? Read the following lines!


Aries natives are obsessed with the idea that they don’t have enough time…They also have the mania of speed and they are obsessed with the idea that they are just wasting time if they sleep 8 hours per night.

Aries people are obsessed with promptitude and good service, so they are a real terror for waiters!


They have a fixation for stability and a sense of possession. And because of that, greed and exaggerated costiveness emerge.

Basically, they are so obsessed with gathering money, assets that they don’t think about consequences.

In their couple’s lives, Taurus natives are obsessed with their partners and in case they fight, they can present serious deviant behavior.

Taurus people tend to become “the head of the family” and impose themselves through verbal violence, if not physical violence as well…and this leads to some sort of fanaticism.


They have a fixation on stupid people…and they get pretty annoyed when they get in contact with that sort of people.

Gemini natives almost have no obsession, mainly due to their duplicitous nature… You never know how they are going to react or whether what they say is true or not.


They are truly obsessed with old objects and memories…with cleaning and with family.

Cancer women have a fixation on their fathers and they usually choose their life partners based on this model.


They are obsessed with the idea of betrayal. This is why they become jealous in their couple’s life and extremely suspicious about their work colleagues.

Leo natives rarely come back to people that have betrayed them: may they be friends, lovers, relatives.

They adore being praised and appreciated, but this is far from an obsession. Most of the things done by Leo natives are done correctly and elaborately arranged; you just have nothing to reproach to them.

Deep down, Leo people are afraid of loneliness and the ones that are left alone for long periods of time become obsessed with the idea of finding someone.


They are obsessed with cleaning. They are very observant and they manage to see every flaw and every fluff on the carpet.

Virgo natives are obsessed with perfection! And they tend to become pesky and dogmatist persons…


Libra natives are obsessed with justice…which must only be on their side! They analyze every issue every time so that they will always find a way to show their interlocutor that they are wrong, even if they are not!

And this is what creates Libra’s contradictory nature…when their strategy doesn’t work they choose to impose themselves through more or less irritated tone and gestures.


Scorpio natives are truly obsessed with perfection. They can detect anything, at any time and they are not afraid to say it out loud!

Scorpio is also the sign that tends to have sexual obsessions…
Scorpio natives have the tendency to be very secretive and to manipulate anyone that stands in their way.


This sign is obsessed with money. With other people’s money! They are not in the mood to work and they take advantage of others.

But Sagittarius natives are also obsessed with overestimation…they see themselves at a level of intelligence and beauty that goes beyond any limits and they believe that nobody can measure up to them… which is extremely false…

Most Sagittarius women get married for convenience and they get divorced several times during their lives. Also, a high percentage of them get divorced twice before they are 30 years old.


This is a sigh obsessed with being in control and if they lose it, a huge level of vanity and maybe even an acute depression appear.

Even if they are not right, Capricorn natives give advice and try to influence the ones around them. And this can lead their interlocutors who listen to them in totally wrong directions.


Aquarius natives have the mania of persecution! They have fixed ideas and if someone wrongs them…they will torture that person with questions and various facts until that person has a nervous break-down.

They also have paranoid tendencies and that’s why they are jealous in their couple’s life and they tend to separate their life partner from their friends and family.


They are really passionate about superstitions and supernatural phenomena.

And some of them manage to turn this into an obsession!
Pisces natives are also obsessed with the idea of loneliness.

They would agree to accept anything, even infidelity, if it prevents them from being alone…

They are usually closed up and they don’t talk about the problems they are facing with anyone. They tend to become pretty seriously depressed.