Which Game of Thrones Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you are a big fan of the famous series, you would certainly want to know which character you are, based on your zodiac sign!


The first sign of this zodiac is known not only for the leading abilities and charisma, but also for the impulsivity and the temper the Aries often displays. The Aries is restless and cannot helplessly watch from the sidelines, especially when we are talking about a difficult situation that the native knows he is able to solve. However, people are sometimes overwhelmed by his aggressive nature. Daenerys Targaryen is perfectly matching this description.


Prince Oberyn is devoted, reliable, romantic, elegant and kind, just as the Taurus native. He enjoys the best things in life and is not shy to show his hedonism or materialism to anyone. Unfortunately, he can also be ridiculously stubborn when he has a goal, which in the end will only bring his own downfall. Perhaps it is better to learn this lesson from Oberyn and let bygones be bygones.


Gemini represents two different personalities, both in one person. When dealing with this native, people often have uncertain feelings. Is he sociable? Funny? Loving? Or perhaps he is unhappy with a cold, wandering heart? When it comes to Arya, you never know how things are.


Robin Arryn is one of the few pacifist characters, who will offer you a helping hand. His lack of restraint in showing his feelings, in addition to his love for his mother are the characteristics ofthis zodiac sign. It is said that the people born under this zodiac sign are prone to mood changes and selfishness as defense mechanisms, if they are not properly taken care of. Moreover, they are extremely loyal to their close ones, their family and their home, avoiding at all costs war or physical conflicts.


Tyrion Lannister is the best character to represent this zodiac sign. Despite all the challenges he faced, his self-confidence, his courage and the gentle way he talks helped him survive the most brutal situations. Intelligent and creative people often tend to be lazy and arrogant, due to their admirable thinking capacities.


Just as Jon Snow, the natives of this zodiac sign are independent, down to earth, but often misunderstood. Their modesty, practical spirit and diligence are clear signs of a competent leader. They are able to strongly emphasize with others and they don’t necessarily like the spotlight, although their own abilities often bring them right there. Unfortunately, their enemies get aggravated by this. Sometimes, the Virgo natives can become too dedicated at work. Due to their loyalty and ethical behavior, the natives will complete a task, despite the fact the task itself doesn’t bring them any pleasure or satisfaction.


The dominant planet of this zodiac sign is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Which character can better represent it other than Sansa Stark? Sansa, just as any Libra native, can be futile and hesitant, but she is peaceful, upright and faithful at heart. She is an advocate of marriage because she functions best when she is not alone. However, the Lady of Winterfell is well known for her cunning nature.


Just as Khal Drogo, you are strongly attracted by force and passion. Your personality is often unable to establish intimacy, but in the right circumstances, you can be more loving than most people. You tend to pay attention to your own feelings, which means you are not a person who easily opens up in front of others. People need to gain your respect, otherwise you will not offer yours.


Jorah Mormont is a very envied character. He is full of energy and an extrovert, who can easily adapt to new situations. Like Jorah, the Sagittarius is an open person, idealist, intelligent and very ambitious. He needs the freedom of doing whatever he wants, even if this is something that affects his relationships with others.


Everyone hates Littlefinger. But if he is anything like the Capricorn, he has many handy qualities, like discipline and responsibility. Besides being the inventor of chaos, Littlefinger is a business man and an efficient manager, a man who doesn’t like doing things by halves. His work is a fundamental part of his identity. Littlefinger’s paranoia and common sense allow him to overmatch his enemies before time. Nevertheless, he is not able to let the past behind, he is unforgiven and he known everything. If he would have been able to forgive from the start, none of this would have happened!


It’s quite odd to compare Lady Melisandre, a lover of fire, to an air sign, such as Aquarius. Unconventional and emotionally shut down, Lady Melisandre and the Aquarius will fight until death for a cause they believe in. They have a solid perception of the future. Their weakness, however, is fiction and uneasiness.


The Pisces native is not very much different than Ser Davos Seaworth, both of them wise, intuitive and impartial. Both of them are compassionate and protective of their dear ones and they would sacrifice their lives for them. Because Ser Davos is intelligent and observant, he is able to learn from other people’s mistakes, just like the native of this zodiac sign. He despises unnecessary cruelty and his friendly nature allows him to enjoy the company of different people with different social backgrounds. The Pisces natives are also art lovers and they enjoy improving their knowledge. Try not to give your trust too easily to your dear ones. Sometimes, even the people we love are evil.

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