Star signs that you should not marry

Influences from each star can be felt in the behavior of every zodiac native. Today, we are telling you which are the most inappropriate husbands from the zodiac and why you should stay away from them.

The Aries Man
He cannot be the perfect husband because he is extremely stubborn and sometimes he even has anger crisis that can lead to aggressiveness. Most of the time the Aries man needs a woman that he can have under close control.

The Gemini Man
Nobody says that he is a bad husband, but he is not a good husband either…He is the one running away from responsibilities and the one that prefers to let the woman take care of everything. You cannot count on him when it comes down to serious issues and moreover, he will drive you crazy with his jokes, which are mostly bad.

The Libra Man
A slacker. This is how we could, pretty much, characterize the Libra man. Although he has got potential to go far, his nature is too bohemian, relaxed and careless to take an attitude. Only a very strong woman could bring him on the right track, but there is also the possibility of him getting scared and running away…

The Capricorn Man
He thinks that the entire universe is about him and he expects his wife to fulfill all his cravings whenever he wants. He’s an egocentric guy and even lazy, but he knows how to keep the appearances so that everybody around him think he is actually working.

The Aquarius Man
He has the character of a misunderstood artist, so it’s hard building a life next to him. If it were up to him, you would be living in a trailer on a desert beach, not doing basically anything all day long. He is like a teenager, so it’s hard to convince him to work or to be serious.