Pisces facts and characteristics

Pisces characteristics

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign in the long line of star signs. People born during the month and duration of February 20- March 20 tend to be the shy ones and just because they come last in the line of zodiacs, it does not mean they are last in everything. They may out-smart the few of you out there and can be surprising and uninteresting simultaneously, within a moment or a span of time.

Ruling Planet

The planet ruling for these individuals is the Neptune.

Pisces have the element of water.

The Fish (double fish)

Some Famous People belonging to Piscean horoscope signs: Bruce Forsyth, Jean Harlow and Prince Andrew


The Pisceans are more likely to go with Pisces since both like to drawback and take some time to read each other’s minds and see what suits them both. Other than Pisces, they also like mixing with Taurus who is known as the all-rounder. Aries and cancer also go well with Pisces as both are intrigued by the behavior of Pisces in bed and romantically.

Characteristics of Piscean zodiac signs

Pisceans are generally the dreamers and the ones that are normally shy. They do not wish to be “out there” or at the centre of attention, rather they much prefer it that they withdraw into their personal shells and reside in their fantasy worlds. These so called dreamers have a fantasy universe and not simply a world for they can drift away to the deepest depths of the sea or the darkest valleys of the mountains with no trail in sight, which makes it hard for people to keep up with them. They are thought to be very gifted artistically. They can gain and obtain and fame and fortune or simply be at easy with the mental satisfaction once they have given gratification to their immediate needs. They are great listeners for they rarely talk thereby giving way to other much useful qualities. They are sometimes known as the “dark horse” of all the zodiac signs because they possess qualities that are innate giving them and adding edge to their surprisingly all-rounded personality.

Pisces and Creativity:

When and if all the above aspects are combined and nurtured, Pisceans can become very creative. One of the very few who have the great gift of being naturally talented means that they can exceed the limitations and boundaries of literature, music and art. They have a need and appreciation of artistic professions and bond well with nature. These fish-dreamers think of traveling to exotic places and also perceive a life of bliss and solitude. What is more appealing is that Pisceans have a greater probability of being able to perceive beauty. Beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder when the beholder is a Pisces for they are very observant giving way to whole new niche of qualities. They can deeply analyze a person without feeling the need to explain or tell anyone and most often than not they prefer to derive and create explanations of inanimate and living entities.

Pisces and Relationships:

Unlike many other zodiac signs—hints going out to Gemini and Aries, Pisces are not egotistical at all and end up providing more for their friends and lovers and get much less in return. They neither expect nor ask for more—which makes it very easy for their partners to obtain emotions such as love and affection from them. They are sexually very gentle and partners of the opposite sex may find that Pisceans are very loving. They have the delicately appealing nature which makes them almost irresistible. They are mystical which is why almost all other zodiac signs are attracted to them because the sense of magic combined with mystery makes others curious. Since they are extremely loving and loyal, they make great lovers and friends, provided that there is someone to understand their unorthodox ways.


Career-wise they are happy most when they can extend their dreaming and/or loving and caring emotions to their professions. They work best when they are working independently within a small department or being a subordinate who can take instructions well but define their creativity within their work. They do not wish to manage whole companies and/ or departments because they feel that they are in a position of substantial risk and failure. Being a vet, a librarian or even an architect are some of the professions that suit Pisceans. This is not a standard for many Pisceans have gone into other professions and been successful.

Nevertheless, professions that allow their imagination to run far ahead of everyone else will always allow Pisceans to develop an understanding and become pioneers or great examples. Those that do not achieve greatness yet are of the more average scale often try their luck at a variety of occupations—this is not weird for a Piscean to do, for they can rarely keep their attention-span and concentration on one project for a long time. Their inability to “stick- it-out” means that they either be good at a variety of things or be good at neither of the things they do. Hopefully most Pisceans are a master of all but appear to be a jack of none.

Overall Pisceans love to dream, they like to be mystical and love getting lost. When things are within their realms of satisfaction, they excel and show qualities that are fascinating and beyond what others may fathom. When things are hidden and superfluous, they desire for it to remain that way however once something has been disclosed Pisceans tend not to favor the open-natured content. They dislike people who are overconfident about knowing everything for their imagination and dream-like state allows them to be wide-spread and broad-minded. Nothing is ever fully known when it comes to a Pisceans—which explains why they think too much. In turn they do not like the obvious because it leaves no room to be imagined and cannot stand criticism. However they are magical and always go that one step ahead to surprise others.