Interesting facts about Gemini

Zodiac means a life circle. There are twelve zodiac signs which are based on the position of the sun at a particular time of the year. Since the calendar used by many people on earth is designed in a way that makes it mimic sun’s motion round the zodiac, the sun is at the same space each period of every year. However, it is important to note that zodiac signs represent time when the sun is at a particular space and not the space itself.

Everybody has his or her horoscope or zodiac sign which is determined by the time they were born. Gemini zodiac signs are one of the twelve horoscope sign of people born between 21st of may to 20th June. Gemini horoscope signs are said to comprise people who have the following character traits;

  • Extremely independent: They are not people to be easily pinned down by rules of whatever nature or any authority. This zodiac sign has people who are always determined to have experience of the world independently. They greatly value freedom and change.
  • Friendly: People under this horoscope sign value friendships and they usually make very interesting friendships. They are always interesting to have around. They always make a mark to be remembered for in the lives of those they meet. They are very exploring and wherever they go they will take sometime to make friends. They share ideas and educative information and they are good at giving advice.
  • Good managers: Their adventurous character makes them very good in business management. They like focusing their effort and attention to various places. However, due to their interest in various activities, they leave trails of many unfinished activities. People under Gemini zodiac signs can motivate and persuade people easily due to their interest in establishing friendship. They can also manipulate people very well, a quality that makes them excellent salespeople.
  • Nervous: Due to their need for variety and excitement, people under Gemini horoscope signs have a nervous temperament. If they get bored and have nothing to explore they get wound up. They need to befriend everybody they come across. This makes them easily wound up as they try to absorb all that they can concerning what surrounds them.
  • Moody: This zodiac sign has characters who usually have feelings of discouragement. They are also moody although they always want those around them to always think all is well with them. That is why it is hard to realize when they are going through such experiences except their close friends and family members. Their moodiness makes them judge people on the basis of how they treat them. Thus, they may get wrong impressions of people because they do not look at the deep real qualities of people.

In a nutshell, Gemini zodiac signs comprises characters who are eager to learn about what is around them. They want to be involved in everything which sometimes makes them nosy. They like gossip due to their excellent communicative ability.

They are also intelligent and many sided with energy to undertake many activities at a go. Gemini horoscope signs characters are ever afraid of engaging in anything that may lead them in to boredom or routine. They are always determined to maintain their freedom and independence.