Dog Astrology – Personality Traits of dogs by zodiac sign


I wouldn’t in the least be surprised if your Arian dog was a redhead. You’ll often find these dogs leading the pack. They take charge and don’t like opposition. Impulsive and quick they must always be watched for they can quickly walk into the way of trouble The need for adventure is strong and they tire quickly of routine. This dog has to feel he’s pleasing you. He could scare you to death with his bravery and can be very expressive in letting you know his needs. Give him lots of attention and exercise and he won’t disappoint you. Willing to give his life for those he loves.

Stubborn fixed but beautiful. Ruled by the planet Venus these animals can be very attractive in an earthy kind of way. They live for food and love potatoes or other root crops. Not overly active they’d prefer the couch over the show ring anytime . Often found amongst your flower beds, these fine creatures are truly beautiful and won’t disappoint you, as long as you can stand a little digging once and a while You can dress them up but don’t try to keep them out of the dirt.

These dogs don’t miss a trick. Ruled by Mercury they’re quick and agile. Bored quickly at least leave the TV or radio on for them when gone or they might eat your couch while waiting. Need to find healthy outlets for all that nervous energy . Tendency toward slim or slight frame .Herding or agility would be a good sport for them.

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These dogs usually reside in your kitchen . They will always be tied to their mothers either human or canine. They love to nurture others and can be very attentive to your needs and emotions. Highly intuitive they will always be at you side. Be careful not to have loud or emotional outburst while your Cancer dog is near for it could send them trembling back into their shells. They love pasta but can be very finicky at first and will never eat if stressed. Their stomachs are always the first to feel it. Give them lots of love and approval and never raise your voice. They respond more to soft spoken caring gestures then loud jarring noises.

Leo is lucky and beautiful and they know it. Just adore them and treat them like the royalty they are. Groom them frequently and give them special treats and they will love you like you’ve never been loved before for Leo rules the heart. Not especially active you’ll often find them basking in the Sun. These creatures can really enjoy being in the show ring and carry themselves quite proudly.

Sitting pretty is how you might describe your Virgo dog, demure and calm on the outside but a busy bee on the inside .Always planning their next escapade. Keep these dogs busy and in charge of caring for another being animal or human. They’ve got to have work to keep those busy little minds from getting them in trouble.

These dogs want peace at any cost . Will do anything to please you and lucky enough to look gorgeous while doing so. Its hard not to notice a Libran for they’re beauty is only surpassed by their calm and thoughtful nature. Very sociable in nature and need stimuli of other animal partners. Expect to find these beautiful creatures lounging around the flower beds and trying to make sure everyone gets along.

This dog owns you .Proud and independent she won’t like being told what to do. .Secretive and can be missing for long periods without you even realizing it. Often many hiding places for collectables and have been known to have quite a variety. Can be very affectionate to love object and usually a one person animal. Caring and sensitive to all your emotions. Psychic in nature.

These dogs know how to have fun. outdoor activity a must. They love other animals and humans. Travel also appeals to them and they know the sound of that key chain but can be equally cool left at home. They go with the flow are not usually problematic Very lucky in life. Can be clumsy and need plenty of running area woods and forest appeal to them. Bird dogs come to mind.

These dogs can overcome faults and difficult beginnings better than anyone. Persistent and tenacious , fences and rocks won’t keep them from getting out. .Loyal for life just keep them with their own little dirt pile and collection of toys and they’ll be happy for life.

Friendly with everyone and always the life of the party. Magnetic, electric and love to talk. They are way smarter than they let on to be .Often thought of as flighty or spacey they can pleasantly surprise you with their intelligence. Soon, they’ll be teaching you new tricks.

Shy and insecure but with loving attention can be brought out of their shells. Need water in their environment and someone to care for ,animal or human. Good companions and will live to please you. Are great actors even resorting to playing lame or dead for attention. Can be a 1 person animal for they will devote all their time and energy into loving you. Be sure to leave a part of you with her whenever leaving so that you can always be a part of her.