Best Gifts by Zodiac Sign

Gift giving is never easy. Most of the time we choose gifts, we , would like rather than those of the recipient. In knowing the Sun sign of a person we can determine what that special gift might be. With holidays just around the corner you might want to look for multiple gift ideas. Provided below is just that for each sign. If you find that this is not enough, determine where the Moon is for that person and you’ll determine what they really love and can’t live without. If you want to learn about birthstones by zodiac click here .


Diamonds in all shapes and forms. Leather and suede are also quite attractive for Arians, bringing out the true Martian energies. Anything with the color red in it. especially under garments

A trip to hot arid places where dear Aries can bask in the Sun. Of course a place that provides a good workout would benefit not only body but head and provide the perfect and adored gift.

Any kind of crime or mystery novel especially one that has all the gory details. Sports biographies as well as exercise tapes are always enjoyed. Scary movies or DVD can be enjoyed.

Tickets to all sporting events. boxing, race cars, football or rodeo as well as live entertainment. A trip to Las Vegas or any gambling facility .Anything with a touch of excitement attached to it. Aries love to get the adrenaline rush associated with life in the fast lane.


Emeralds are always a nice touch as well as most jewelry and articles of adornment. The colors pink and blue are favorites.

Useful gear like cooking equipment and recipe books A wine rack filled with different wines. Camping gear or RV.

A trip to a local herb farm or nursery with gift certificate in hand. A bag of bulbs to plant. All nursery items would please Taurus just be sure it keeps growing.

Clothes that are comfortable and functional. Green and tan colors predominate in the environment. Where pinks and blue tend to be favorites for items of clothing.

A home cooked meal with lots of meat and potatoes. In fact potatoes and other root crops tend to be favorites of Taurus. Almost all food and drink is appreciated as long as its not to fussy. Wine and other spirits highly recommended.

Holiday memorabilia. A special edition. Photo albums, Music of all kinds including stereo as well as instrument of choice. Art supplies as well as decorating material


Mercury ruled Gemini may be the hardest to buy for because they bore so easily. There minds never stop as well as there interests which will be varied.

Small animals in all shapes and forms.

Writing material as well as communication equipment and computers. Gemini’s can talk constantly and to more than one person at a time. Any high tech gadget will be appreciated as well as more simpler ones like a special pen or glow in the dark one.

Bright colors like yellow , turquoise, hot pink attract their curiosity. They need a wide variety for their various moods and personas.

Provide an evening out with there numerous friends . They can act quite adolescent and would enjoy places like the Amusement park or ice and hockey rinks. Travel of all kinds is always enjoyed . Take them on a road trip with picnic basket included. They need to be reminded to eat. Finger foods fare best.

A planned get together where you serve plenty of small appetizers. They don’t like to stay still for too long when there are so many people to talk to, so many things to do. This way they can mingle while they eat. Don’t ever try to have them stay in one place for too long.

Trinkets of all sorts tending to the unusual. Silver preferred over Gold. Can be seen wearing numerous rings and bangles to accent their lovely hands and arms. Hair ornaments are also appreciated . Give a variety of smaller items like this in a gift basket and you’ll soon become best friend for life.


This sentimental wonderful sign loves heirlooms of any type. Things previously owned by someone near and dear to them brings pleasure. Family photo album would be perfect gift.

Food is a great gift as well as is any kitchen appliances or cookware. A great meal cooked especially for them always works.

Silver and shell colors like abalone are favorites of theirs. Soft cashmere sweaters as well as silvery shimmery moon clothes for those nights dear Cancer wants to shine.

Trips to the ocean or aquarium will calm these Moon children. Telescopes to view their planet as well as visits to a Planetarium. Just don’t forget the sweets. Cancer can get crabby without constant feeding.

Pearls, Quilts, Candles ,Gift Baskets of Food and Chocolates , Antique jewelry marcasite and dolls. A gift certificate for their favorite restaurant.


Gold and more gold and anything the color yellow. Jewelry in any shape or form as well as hair adornments.

Dinner and Theater tickets. Concert or black tie events with Limousine provided.

A designer outfit. Stick to the colors of flames like gold , red, orange. Proper accessories should be included.

A vanity mirror with jewelry box to hold all those special adornments Leo so proudly displays.

Pictures of them at one of their more memorable moments with special frame provided.

A night out for them to feel extra special dancing, dining and carousing .An Astrological Report telling them all about what a naughty wonderful playful person they are.


Dinner at the newest vegetarian restaurant. A small unusual haunt will do. The less spectacular the better. If you cook it and can provide them with all the healthful ingredients they would much prefer it.

Blue as well as tans and beige are comfort colors. All exercise gear and clothing are appreciated as long as its functional. and comfortable

Computers and all kinds of writing materials are necessities for this quick witted Mercury ruled sign.

A gift certificate to a health spa. Cooking lessons. A personal trainer for a week, Baskets, Candles and anything scented . Aroma therapy .An Astrological health and flower essence report.


Anything beautiful as well as antique. Rose, mauve and lilacs predominate in clothing as well as decorating.

Opals , amethysts and cameos are favorites. Don’t forget the romantic card and wrapping. A favorite pair of earrings will not soon be forgotten.

Flowers and dinner will also satisfy as long as there with a partner.

Books for display with their favorite artist designer or photographer. Biographies and romance novels are appreciated as well as an occasional mystery preferably from an ancient time and place.

A good movie, play or theater tickets will do very well in persuading your Libran to see things your way.


A good mystery novel with lots of gory details. Murder mysteries or forensic science as well as all occult subjects.

Black and Maroons predominate . Coats and outer gear as well as leather accessories are favorites. Gold is there preference in jewels.

A Genealogy Report with photos included.

Travel to oceans and water will always soothe their souls. Cats seem to bond well with Scorpios.

A locked box to store all there secrets in, A diary. Computer software that allows them to find out anything about anyone.

A personal Tarot or Astrology reading. A very hot date with someone they love.


Purple and dark blues predominate. Amethyst and topaz as well as aquamarine are favorites.

Travel near and far. Any sporting event where gambling is included. Lottery tickets. Airline tickets and anything foreign. Be sure to bring them back souvenirs from your latest juant..

Party invitations for every day of the week. A cyber site to unload all the latest gossip in one place for all to see.

Outdoor gear both clothing and survival. A trip to the wilderness. A survival course. A white water excursion. Hikes through dense evergreens. An Audubon book on birds, reptiles, trees or wildflowers. Map and compass with swiss knife.

Large dogs and horses. A gift certificate for horse back riding. Aviation lessons as well as jumping. A day at the races.


Stocks bonds and all certificates of deposit. These souls love money and investments. They live to check the ticker tape each day.

Real estate holdings are also a nice gift. as well as the fine furniture to decorate it.

History books as well as biographies. Often found in front of the TV watching hours of the history channel and war classics.

If you can’t buy the best don’t bother. These material souls know quality and like to wear it.

Dark green, blacks and gray work well for them. Surprise them to get them out of their depressing doldrums and offer them a massage.

A bottle of a very expensive liquor for them to enjoy at their leisure.


Give them a party or let them be in charge of one and they feel right at home.

Animals of all kinds. Electronics small and big. Silver jewelry and crystals in all shapes and forms.

Start a collection of unique things like Tarot Cards. An Astrological profile report. A years subscription to one of the high tech magazines. A new age CD. An astrology book or lessons in astrology.

Dance lessons to bring these outer world souls back to earth. Erotica and play toys. A black light with day glow stars or day glow paint to decorate their bodies with.

Chinese food as well as most unusual and ethnic varieties.


Sea colors of blue and green are favorites of this sign. Offer to take them to the sea often. Give them there own personal psychic reading.

Velvets and fluid type clothing as well as anything eastern inspired such as silk kimonos.

Incense, candles and all kinds of good luck charms. Crystal Balls or crystals to hang from their window and key chain.

Shoes in a big way, from athletic to dance, any kind will do.

Violin and classical music CDs. Poetry or romantic novels. All metaphysical and new age books. Peacock feathers in a remarkable vase or a special plant such as violet or orchid.

Tickets to the ballet. A night of dancing followed by a languish foot massage using aroma therapy. There favorite cologne.