September 2020 Monthly Horoscope


 Starting September 2020, you’re at the beginning of a potentially important period when the accent is on steady progress and increased responsibility.  

 From the point of view of your career you will make changes and new beginnings, and must not become apprehensive if offered promotion.  

Getting married or ending a relationship, starting or increasing your family and the purchase of property are all distinct possibilities.    

Your practical, logical qualities will be enhanced and your tendency to worry will be negated.  

Your mind will be working creatively and you’ll positively sparkle!   Your suggestions will be received with enthusiasm by your partner and you’ll not lack birthday surprises.


Don’t suggest anything remotely controversial to your partner during the first week of September 2020, as the chances of a positive response are virtually nil; but from then you’ll get exactly what you want and when you want it – flying lessons, a trip to Antarctica – you name it! 

If possible, find time to be a laid back Libra, that’s not difficult for you, but you’ll get increased benefit from relaxation until the 23rd when the Sun enters your very own, glorious sign!   


Relationships with colleagues or business partners could be difficult during the first week of the September, and while things may not come to a head until the 21st , with the possibility of a final resolution after the 28th , you are well able to leave problems at the office and enjoy life in your usual ebullient style, with opportunities to socialize and widen your circle of friends.  


Although Jupiter is travelling through your sign and giving you both opportunities and support, there’s quite a lot of temporary stress surrounding you at present. 

  It won’t be that easy to rise above it, but if you make sure you’re not sacrificing the things you enjoy doing most (especially exercise, sport – anything physical) it won’t get the better of you. 

  Your gambling spirit will find very cheering expression and good results on and around the 13th


Your powers of concentration and practical, cautious mind are spectacularly accentuated, so if you have anything difficult to study, a presentation/lecture to prepare, or you have to come to an important decision, know that the planets are on your side.  

You are unlikely to make a mistake or forget anything vital to upset the final outcome.  

   In all this, your mood will be positive and lively so why not make time for a weekend break somewhere different?  


You’re drifting up to cloud nine, and loving every colourful moment.   Enjoy whatever is going on in your life, but do try to keep a corner of your emotions anchored, because twice this month the planets are being teasingly naughty towards you.

On the 9th the Sun argues with Uranus (your ruling planet), their influence will make you unwisely extravagant, and on the 21st when Venus and Neptune are at loggerheads your judgment regarding the opposite sex may be somewhat impaired.  


This is a pleasant time of year for you when to get the most of the positive influences working for you, try to spend rather more time that usual with your partner, sharing what you have in common. 

  If this is less than you would like, you have what it takes to inspire him/her to be more interested in, and understanding of what fascinates and involves you, so that empathy, as well as love, is increased.


You’ll seriously need to give someone a piece of your mind.   Do just that on the 3rd or the 13th – as you’ll have what it takes to clear the air.  

The month as a whole looks as though there will be little time for anything more than routine, hard work, but you will survive and feel pleased after the 23rd when so much had been cleared up, and your prevailing atmosphere totally changes, with you mood becoming extremely romantic.  


“If music be the food of love, play on” wrote Shakespeare, and it will be worth your bearing his words in mind during the coming weeks. 

  If you allow your favourite kind of music to flood into your life it will certainly encourage love to follow, and who knows who you’ll meet at that concert, or what will happen when you’re out celebrating with the love of your life.   And all this is focused on the 17th and the 21st.


Due to a very active Mercury during the first week of September think twice before you criticise anyone, because your flurry of words will be far harsher than you might realise and in retrospect you’ll wish you’d been gentler and more tactful.  

Other than that, you will get excellent results for your efforts and will enjoy additional dashing around. 

  For the record, there will absolutely not be a single second when dreaded boredom will catch up with you.


Are you keeping a problem to yourself?   If your intuition is saying that this is the right thing to do, you should go along with it, as it rarely lets you down; but it may well be that you are in the throes of a bout of Cancerian worry which might well be disproportionate to the severity of the problem, in which case you should perhaps talk things over with a sensible, practical (Taurus or Capricorn?) friend.  


Play your cards right and you’ll make a lot of money.   Lovely but difficult!   You know you must consider long term growth, but then you’ll want to enjoy the making-spending process too, so if you’re really canny – which you can often be – you’ll play safe (with the long-term stuff) and go on to have a flutter at the races, casino or – even better – at the auction house when that lovely painting or sculpture comes under the hammer.    Go for it on the 13th.

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