October 2021 Monthly Horoscope


Mars continues its journey through your sign, and as a result you’ll feel enthusiastic, energetic and capable of winning out in any situation, especially in the area of your career.

Rivals should watch out! Be careful in your enthusiasm not to become ruthless – people one treads on on the way up notoriously fail to be helpful when you’re on the way down!

After the 13th Venus will come in with a rather calming influence. Take time out occasionally to consider how things are going within the family circle, especially between you and your partner.

If you want or need to make changes, this will be an excellent time at which to do so though you should wait until after the 20th to take action.


You may have made some special plans in the middle of last year – say in July or August – which in some way have so far been frustrated and failed to materialize.

Only you, and perhaps your family and friends, will know about this. You, and they, may be in for some relief at last, for Jupiter is now settling down in your own sign – and as a result, things should begin to settle into place so that you will b able at last to press on with your ideas.

Don’t waste a moment of this excellent influence.


You tend from time to time to make silly, careless errors which dog your progress, and you’ll be prone to that kind of thing this October 2021; so take some deep breaths, relax, and above all take your time.

Carelessness and failure to concentrate can really be a major problem for you, and one that’s difficult to fight.

There is far less need to go rushing about than you think – your concern is being fuelled by Mercury, which is still having an adverse effect on you.

Happily, the trend ends on the 14th, after which you can safely set yourself some new targets on which to concentrate.

If you need extra help at home or at work, you shouldn’t find it difficult to get hold of the right person.


Not a lot of time for your favorite activities, this month – demands on your time will come from family, friends, or workmates, and your schedule won’t have much spare room in it.

However, the claims others make on you will, on the whole, be enjoyable to fulfill, and you won’t mind too much if you have to shave some time off your regular commitments in order to fulfill them.

People from overseas may figure prominently in all this, and you’ll also find that you have to spend time entertaining (or perhaps being entertained by) strangers who will speedily become friends.

A colorful and interesting few weeks ahead!


Finances are emphasized this October 2021. You’ll have the chance to invest, in one way or another, and whether you invest time or money the resulting profit will be enjoyable as well as probably fruitful.

A certain amount of mental dizziness could hit you, however, so try to keep at least part of one foot on the ground – especially if you spot something you want to buy (whether it’s an antique or something for the home which seems likely to be useful).

Your instinct in such things is usually excellent, but at this time might deceive you.

You should begin to get hints of something on the horizon which will be important where your personal ambition and career is concerned.


The emphasis this month is on your relationship with a partner – at least while the Sun travels through Pisces, until the 20th.

It’s a positive and happy influence, and if you can find extra time to spend doing the things you most enjoy doing together (and oh, dear, yes – Virgos really do know how to enjoy themselves in the right way) you’ll find that it will be time very pleasantly and positively spent.

If you can set aside the day of the Full Moon for just that kind of relaxation you’ll find it especially positive.

Virgos students will feel increasing (and justifiably) positive about their progress after the 23rd.


Avoid rich food as much as possible, until at least the 20th – your digestion will be particularly vulnerable to acidity and other disturbances until then, and while abstinence may be boring, at least you won’t be likely to groan too much when you set feet on your bathroom scales.

If you can confine fasting with treatment to lower the toxins in your system, you’ll feel enormous benefit by the end of the month.

After the 20th the accent moves from health to the relationship between you and your partner: it’s a good time at which to ask yourself how this is progressing.


An older relative or maybe a business partner – at any rate an authority figure of some kind – will be important to you this month, and you will do well to listen to any proffered advice, and carefully consider it.

Maybe the person attempting to advise you will be – or will seem – out of touch, behind the times; be tactful if you feel this is so, and at the same time don’t altogether reject the advice.

Make use of their experience and knowledge. The result of any plans you make now will take time to materialize, but will prove tremendously worthwhile in time; so be patient.


You’re among the Zodiac enthusiasts who never seem, to be still, and this is a particularly good time for recharging your batteries.

So relax as much as you can this month – at home with a good book, if possible!

After the 20th you can allow yourself to slip back into top gear and be totally Sagittarian again, the sparkle back in your eyes, ready to take on all comers in every area of your busy daily and emotional life.


You are not usually indecisive, but this month may uncharacteristically find it difficult to make up your mind.

Try not to let this get you down too much – it’s not the right time at which to commit yourself to any line of action, anyway, whether in an emotional situation or any other.

So turn your attention to some other area of your life, and wait until at least after mid-month when someone or something will help you to make up your mind, and you’ll see the road ahead with utter clarity.

The decision you reach will be absolutely the right one. 6


If you’re accused of being stubborn, take the accusation seriously – this is no time for inflexibility.

Try harder than usual to keep an open mind about important issues. You should be quite capable of seeing things clearly and not digging your toes in when a little calm thought will convince you that it’s a bad thing to do.

You should have time for fun and games, apart from that – especially on and around the times of the New and Full Moons.


During October 2021 your investments should grow steadily whether you have thousands to invest or only the odd small amount.

During this time take every opportunity to expand your interests – financial and otherwise – and take on new challenges.

Your confidence will be boosted by the planets, and you’ll be in the right frame of mind for taking decisive action.

During the second half of October 2021, you’ll feel rather more circumspect, and will tend to think twice before taking any important decision.

This is a good thing because it’ll be well for you to avoid any over-enthusiasm if you’re to maintain and even surpass the strong position you’ll have established earlier so that your progress will be steady and sound and at the end of the coming twelve months you’ll feel very satisfied with your progress.

Apart from which life should be fun, and the year shouldn’t lack romance. Health-wise, take care – as ever – of those Piscean feet!

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