May 2020 Monthly Horoscope


A number of planetary energies, related to values and material possessions, heat up this May 2020 .

This favors commanding action to improve your position. Add to your portfolio or invest in art. Risk or speculation might be involved, but don’t go overboard.

Be ready for a potential setback in your finances, probably the result of something you didn’t think through carefully when you made an earlier decision.

You have several options for solving the problem using the managerial talents of your Aries nature.

Toward the end of the month you feel an urge to move around, meet new people, visit with neighbors or write letters.

You’re more sensitive than usual to beauty, harmony and love; take time to appreciate them.


Get ready for an active month. Business affairs could be settled in your favor.

You may revamp your wardrobe, try a new hairstyle, or shed a few pounds. The more conservative your changes, the better.

Under these energies, you probably can’t resolve relationship issues. Save them for later.

This month, you want to make changes in life direction, but your timing may be off.

Another potential this month is that you’ll think you are in a better position than you really are.

Exercise caution. After midmonth, watch your expenditures. You attract support and encouragement from people who can benefit.

Invest in things of beauty, but do thorough research first and avoid getting ripped off.


Relationship difficulties are likely to come in the form of power struggles you may try to dominate your partner, perhaps thinking it’s for their own good.

At the same time, you can use this abundant energy to accomplish a lot; just avoid being too pushy.

Learn or practice any discipline combining physical action with contemplation, like yoga or martial arts this month.

These can channel difficult energies in a constructive direction. Use your gift of adaptability to formulate new personal goals.

Later in this month, suggests meeting new people, updating your wardrobe, or taking care of your health.

You look and feel great! You’ll attract pleasant experiences, and you can synchronize your own ideas with those of others.


This month, while agreeable, could also be tricky. You could speak your mind and risk alienating someone, or you could keep quiet and miss out on saying something important.

It won’t be easy to see which way it will go! Keeping everything out in the open gives you a better shot at success.

This period could give you some trouble if your ego gets involved in situations.

Selflessness is preferred this month; a way to manifest that might be to volunteer on behalf of your company’s favorite charity.

A welcome but unexpected surge of energy arrives toward month’s end.

You might find that a complicated problem from the past has a satisfying resolution.

Expect difficult but beneficial changes in your life as you face your limitations. See them for what they are, then get past them.


This month is a great time for preplanned goal-seeking activities or any work requiring initiative.

Maintain control but avoid being overly assertive. You might be hard at work on something that’s very important to you and a conflict with authority is likely diplomacy will help you progress more smoothly.

This month places extra focus on your career; benefits arrive along with frustrations.

There is potential for betrayal from an unexpected source, but they can only harm you if you let them.

Stick with the moral high ground and you’ll prevail. After thinking carefully, make wise changes to your future career moves – anything you plan now has a good chance of working out well.

Through the end of this month, your efforts come to a climax and you’ll find out whether or not you’re on the path to success. Be true to yourself!


This time span finds you interacting with authority figures, and it will benefit you to have the right attitude.

If you’ve been doing the right thing up to now, you’ll gain recognition and appreciation. Any past wrongdoings might also be noticed, so be ready to make reparations if necessary.

Begin a new field of study or continue your education this month. Travel or spend time with someone from another background.

Your thoughts turn to increase your knowledge in many ways. Expand your horizons, experience new things.

Later this month, people really seem to notice you! You’ll have a couple of days where you just look great and get along fine with everyone.

Because it doesn’t last long, it may be hard to turn it to your long-term advantage, but bask in it for now.


Start thinking more seriously about the most significant issues in life. Honesty is the best policy where financial matters are concerned.

Become more aware of your own unconscious motives. This month, you could be attracted to study with a broad view; long-distance communication and travel have high potential for rewards.

Your mind is more open and you’ll be better able to explain or teach complex concepts through speech, writing or fine arts.

It’s good to defend your beliefs and ideals, but don’t force your opinions on others.

Avoid conflict as much as possible. Instead, put your energy into growth and development. Enjoy nature and outdoor activities.


Complications might arise within an important partnership. The demands you make upon one another could seem restrictive, and arguments are likely.

Although difficult, the situation can give you a greater awareness of others, teaching you how to be tolerant and patient.

You can easily deal with the most profound and wide-ranging subjects. Use the energy wisely and make concrete plans now for all your long-range goals.

Think about what you want five or ten years from now, then break the larger goals down into smaller increments.

Expect frequent interactions with people, either confrontational or not. You’re motivated to improve your relationship with your closest friends.

You want to get it all out on the table, even problems that you normally wouldn’t want to discuss. Be kind, and all will turn out for the best.


Pay attention to your daily habits; you’re likely to feel lazy and self-indulgent.

No real harm in that as long as you don’t feel guilty about it! Now is an excellent time to select clothing that makes you look your very best. This is a good month for getting things done at home and at work.

You can persuade others to your side. More than ever, you’re practical and efficient; mentally sharp and clear.

You can derive much satisfaction from a job well done. Shun unnecessary strife, especially if it concerns a rival; compromise, or just avoid this person.

However, don’t forget that some things are worth fighting for! Discuss any repressed anger or old grudges with a partner.


Now is a perfect time for a vacation, especially one involving your favorite hobby. If you can’t get away, stay busy with creative activities, entertainment, or playground games in your spare time.

Once you’ve covered your responsibilities, celebrate! Expect financial delays this month.

You might become confused and impatient at this, but take care before making any major changes; it could be that these energies are creating the illusion of a problem where none really exists!

May could bring other constraints and hindrances. This happens to all of us, so don’t let it get you down!

Meanwhile, since you’re feeling so expansive, you’ll be tempted to test your luck, but avoid heavy risk-taking.

Hard work and discipline applied to enterprising ventures will bring the most rewards now.


You feel the urge to establish a solid foundation, and your interests center on home and family.

Don’t be touchy and intolerant, making it hard for others to deal with you. Spend time alone and ask yourself if you’re being reasonable.

Your attitude is generally optimistic. Tackle some projects you’ve been putting off.

Old behavior patterns can foster arguments that may make no sense. You could feel irritable and not know why.

Prevent unnecessary disagreements by keeping quiet and giving some extra thought to where it’s coming from. Self-understanding is key.


You’ll be thinking of hearth and home this month. Use this focus to improve your domestic life.

Evaluate your lifestyle; make plans to make daily living more satisfying. Self-confidence increases when you have a secure home base.
Creativity and fun are in your stars! Spend more time with young people. 

The monthly May horoscope 2020 advises you to enjoy yourself by pursuing artistic interests or playing games. Focus on self-expression to feel you’re in harmony with the rest of the universe. This is a crucial time for you to understand yourself.

Don’t doubt your worth – even when you see things you don’t want to see. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the worst traits have a positive side, and can turn out to be assets in disguise.

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