May 2021 Monthly Horoscope


A sudden opportunity may significantly affect your life. Your monthly horoscope indicates out-of-the-blue luck or a change of fortune for the better.

Confusing, even disconcerting situations in which you have felt trapped may suddenly change. The monthly Cosmos influence helps you break out of nebulous situations and get your life going forward again. If you need freedom, this aspect should give it to you.

Be ready to act should an unexpected opportunity open. It will likely demand a quick assessment and decision, as the opportunity may not be there for long. Don’t, however, take foolish risks just because there is opportunity.


You approach one of the most profound times of the year . May 2021 is a powerful and intense time representing a “portal” through which you can now pass. Issues of money, sex, and trust are likely now. Feelings flood to the surface.

Bless the old. Embrace the new. Get out of a bad situation by using your will to make it happen. Use the intensity of the time to engage in spiritual practices such as shamanic processes, therapy, sweat lodges, vision quests, etc.


Gemini, you should enjoy the month of May. You are on an intellectual roll as Venus in Gemini perks up your mind, bringing a new sense of intellectual excitement.

Gathering new data and information sets the stage for a breakthrough now. You are able to think fresh solutions to old problems.

Don’t waste this time being rigid or conditioned to old mindsets. Try pure spontaneity as you start in one direction and end up somewhere completely different. Leave time for new experiences that revitalize your life.


The garden metaphor is an accurate portrayal of your life now. The reason? The month of May, with the Sun’s transit of Taurus, allows you to feel connected to your life through the earth, its many moods, its seasons.

You can touch again what is essential. This is especially so near the lunar eclipse on May 26. It is time to give more structural shape to your garden (or life), weed out and plant.

Work to give your life more definition. Get rid of stuff you no longer need. Establish new ways of doing things. Spend time in nature. Walk in the woods.


Keep your “bull—-” detector tuned this month as the planets challenge you, especially those born the first week of August.

You may come into contact with those who want to take advantage of you, seduce or sweet-talk you into something that is not good for you. Circumstances become nebulous, confusing, or you receive mixed messages.

Be aware of shady characters or situations that feel weird. Avoid drug use as your good judgment suffers and can lead you into an unpleasant situation.

Keep your Leo bravado under control as you can make a bad impression now.


Resist getting drawn into your own mental garbage. This advice is especially so for those born the first week of September.

You are prone to get sucked into your chronic worry scenarios, feel overwhelmed with far too many details and react abruptly or critically. It doesn’t all have to get done today.

Slow down and breathe. Take one step at a time. Take care of business methodically, focus on the one task at hand and let the future take care of itself.


What goes around, comes around is an apt description of your love life now. From May 18 through June 29 is the perfect time to more clearly understand your current love life by taking time to review your past love history. Or, past actions come home to roost.

Old love issues and patterns surface once again. Past lovers may reappear, especially those with whom you have unfinished business.

Look to your past love life to help you understand relationships now. Reevaluate current significant relationships.

Are they progressing well? Do you feel satisfied? If not, dig deeper now to understand why.


Scorpios swim in turbulent waters now as the lunar eclipse stirs up your Sun on May 26. Important life issues come to a head with tensions at their peak.

What issues manifested at the last lunar eclipse ? They reappear, especially if they were ignored in the fall. Hopefully, you will not be too difficult or destructively dramatic.

Face what comes with honesty and compassion. Soften rather than harden. Be willing to forgive and be forgiven. Simplify rather than complicate.


Your May Horoscope 2021 elevates your mind and lifts you up from the deep inward journey you have been on.

This is the time to lighten your psychological load, to synthesize and summarize your understanding of your deep and essential needs.

Glimpses of your future are possible from your own inner guidance. Astrology, tarot, or palmistry readings may be uncannily accurate.

Get your horoscope done now by a competent professional. Chances are a consultation will be extremely helpful and affirming.

If you are part of a spiritual lineage or want to be, this is the time to ask teachers, mentors and guides for spiritual initiations, or to be taught mystical techniques.


Capricorns love order and the feeling of relief when everything is in its place.

All Capricorns, but especially those born the first week of January, benefit now by bringing order and renewed strength to your life.

Early May is one of the best times to sort through your stuff and get rid of all you can.

Unburden your load by spring-cleaning. Sort four piles: keepers, possible keepers, useful giveaways, and garbage. Make space externally to allow for new space internally. Then watch the new come into your life.


Be careful to not bet on the wrong horse in May. Avoid any new “too good to be true” pitches at this time, especially if anyone seems “shady.”

Avoid committing your time and energy to a floundering ship, for example, a company that cannot be rescued. Or is known for taking advantage of employees.

Be skeptical of prospective employers casting you as “just who they need” or flattering you to accept the offer. Get things in writing, especially the promised perks.

Avoid unnecessary strain on your body as you are more easily drained now, especially those born the first week of February.


May 2021 is one time period to use caution with important decisions, especially mid month.

You are more vulnerable and gullible so you can be suckered, sweet-talked or taken advantage of now.

Beware the hard luck story or someone appealing to your compassion.

Be as truthful as you can. Stay away from co-dependent or untrustworthy others.

Take time to get to know anyone you meet for the first time this month. Trust your intuition if you feel a warning sign. Use your discrimination.

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