March 2021 Monthly Horoscope

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces 2021 Horoscope Overview.
The planets suggest you should think more about travel – not only rewarding trips to countries you’ve not visited before but journeys of an intellectual kind which will put you in touch with new and fascinating interests.

Student Pisceans also will get enormous benefit from this trend. Whatever creative gifts your Pisces Sun sign has endowed you with, get your act together and consolidate your efforts – be disciplined about the time you spend in these pursuits.

A certain amount of stress sometimes occurs, but making fresh starts and sweeping away that which is no longer wanted in our lives is good.

If your birthday falls during the first week of March you are probably ready to re-assess your life with a view to change.

Try to keep off ultra-rich food, and don’t take risks when investing.

This March 2021 Monthly Horoscope:

If possible wait until the 25th before making decisions or committing yourself. You’ll feel considerably revitalised on and around March 14th when you’ll be in an excited mood and ready for anything! But enjoy your birthday celebrations whenever it occurs.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

Because your mind is cluttered up with what amounts to a lot of unnecessary and even silly problems which have become disproportionate, you are not at your most assertive or determined.

Maybe you are more tired than you realise. These complicated feelings will dog you until the glorious 21st of March when the Sun enters your sign and focuses on a beautiful clear blue horizon.

Rest assured, by then you’ll know exactly what to do!

TAURUS (April 21 – May 20)

A lively investment which has elements of risks will pay off because you’ll have expressed your Taurean business sense and sound ideas on the venture.

As Mercury is being distinctly unhelpful, you will experience delays or complications when making arrangements with friends and acquaintances – double check times of arrival, meeting places and so on, otherwise they – or you – will turn up an hour early or late, or even mistake the date!


Both physical and intellectual is very high, but you will be very prone to speak out of turn and upset people more than you realise.

Being consciously aware of this will be an enormous help because then your quick-witted responses will be to the point and very incisive.

Your social life will take a decided upturn after the 21st, when you’ll do something or go somewhere new and different.


While you will hit a few trying days between the 11th and the 13th when Cancerian worry will dominate, this glitch is definitely temporary, and will probably be caused by someone close to you being uncooperative; but come March 14th you’ll soon see just how unnecessary their attitude was – and so will they!

Visitors from overseas will also feature, and mixing business with pleasure will be excellent for all concerned -and they’ll love your entertaining skills!


Financial complications will be resolved after the 21st when you will move forward and put plans of this sort into action.

There’s a superb influence from Venus coming your way from the 5th, which will enliven your love and sex life, and if unattached the possibility of a new relationship is very distinct, but don’t be put off if you get an initially chilly response on or around the 11th .


Your usually excellent communications skills will be far less good than usual when in discussion with your partner.

If you are making plans, realise that until after March 25th it will be difficult to finalise them because you may be talking at cross purposes, and simply need some breathing space before decisions are made.

As the month ends, the situation will resolve itself and you’ll happily work together to achieve your objective.


While your love and sex life will be particularly dreamy and delicious, work won’t be. You’ll experience muddles and confusion due to other people’s carelessness or forgetfulness.

But you’ll be ultra-diplomatic as usual, and will bear all this with a patient shrug.

From the 21st , you’ll be able, even more than earlier, to concentrate on that delightful romantic scene.


Go with the flow, and don’t put up any barriers to suggestions put to you whether they involve your personal or business interests.

If in the mood to take a gamble at the races or any kind of risk, listen to your intuition as it’s particularly in tune at the moment. The result: fun and satisfaction!

Towards the end of March 2021, you’ll be working under increasing pressure and will make more sound progress than you realise.


If you feel that your love and sex life has been a bit too predictable or even dull for a while, you’ve only yourself to blame.

However, at present, you really are in an excellent position to be considerably more adventurous in your attitude towards your partner who will delight in your inventiveness and experiments.

Go for it – especially at the time of the Full Moon on the 9th!


You recognise a good investment when you see one, and this March that particular Capricorn quality will emerge.

However, you’ll challenge yourself because on one hand, you’ll tell yourself that ‘investing’ in it’ (whatever it might be) will be a mere extravagance, but on the other, you’ll get such a strong gut reaction to it that it’ll be hard to resist.

If that feeling is dominating, forget the other and lash out; because your painting, jewel or designer gown will give you terrific pleasure!


An interesting and potentially exciting month awaits, especially if you’ve just met someone new.

You’ll run the whole gamut of emotions though, because you love your independence and that rather special lifestyle, therefore, if you deepen your blossoming relationship you know sacrifices will almost inevitably have to be made.

According to your March 2021 Monthly horoscope, this problem probably lies further down the line, so for a few weeks just have fun.

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