June 2020 Monthly Horoscope


Until the end of June 2020, you should take serious notice of any well-sounding opportunities that come your way.

Though if you accept the challenges which are offered there’ll be an element of risk involved, as long as you’re consciously cautious of any problems you’ll be delighted with the outcome.

This trend also heightens your chances of success in love – or at the races (well there’s an element of one of these connected with the other, isn’t there?).

In the month of June, you may find yourself restricted by pressures of routine work.

However, the routine will be steadily progressive and prove far more rewarding and fulfilling than you may at first imagine.

Your powers of concentration will be enhanced, and the time will be right for you to develop any new and challenging interest which appeals to you. Take extra health precautions when you’re travelling, avoiding unusual foods or diets.

If you were born between the 13th and 18th of June, inclusive, you can expect to make some important changes.


With your usual display of sympathetic kindness you’ll be lending someone in need of moral support a shoulder to cry on.

This will consume a lot of time during the first two weeks of June, but later on a more rewarding, lively and cheering influence will work for you, the pace of life will pick up, and having put the winsome one on the right path you can relax and get on with your own life.

After the 22nd a new project will fall satisfyingly into place as the result of recent concentrated efforts.


You’ll be using all your leonine flair to socialise and entertain people you know well and love – and a number of those less close to you will feature in the general enjoyment, too, with new contacts being made from overseas after the 12th.

All this will be energy-consuming and leave you exhausted but satisfied. You may well be keeping a secret – your own or someone else’s?

Only you know, of course; but after the 28th all will be revealed – with much excitement, congratulations or amazement? Only you’ll know all about that too!


Think about the future. Set your sights on new aspirations, ambitious and challenges.

There are excellent opportunities for you to move forward at present, so in true Virgo style you should make a careful and detailed plan of action. Be bold in the knowledge that people who matter will take notice of what you have in mind.

Waste no time before moving upward and onward. ‘The force is with you’! *


Watch it! Don’t say ‘I can’t be bothered’, or (like Scarlet O’Hara) ‘I’ll think about that tomorrow’!

You’ll be in a very relaxed and pleasant mood and no doubt want to put things off, but if you let lethargy take over and rule your life you’ll be brought back to earth with a considerable bump.

That would be a pity, because around the 24th of June you’ll be in a particularly strong position to shape life just as you want to see it. ***


Scorpio shrewdness – especially during meetings or while on business trips – will come into play, and you’ll eventually have reason not only to feel very pleased with yourself and your actions, but pretty smug too, not only at the eventual outcome but at the way any tricky negotiations were overcome with the assurance and delicacy of a praying mantis climbs a wall.


Sparks will fly between you and your partner – sparks which will ignite stunning firework display – exciting, breath-taking and quite delightful.

Sounds like pretty good sex? You might think so, but was couldn’t possibly comment . . . The fireworks might include a little spat or two, probably over nothing.

The kissing and making up will be pretty good stuff. A flurry of unexpected events will add even more colour to your joint existence as the month ends.


Don’t ignore minor aches or pains – especially if your knees are suffering. Keep moving, but cool it at the gym, and for a few weeks avoid any too demanding new exercise schedule or adding extra weights to the bar.

Any recent or on-going problems with your communications systems will be resolved more easily and quickly than you expect, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the new benefits that will result from upgrades. ***


Things really seem to be alright with your world at present. You’ll have fun and experience a whole lot of really brilliant events and interesting developments.

You’ll be on a winning streak – whether chancing your arm at the casino or in a new relationship.

There’s a good chance of an unexpected surprise on the 16th or the 24th – 25th! If there’s a problem brewing it may result in your car letting you down.


You’re naturally intuitive, and at present this quality is particularly well-tuned.

Listen to what it’s telling you; trust it, but at the same time be a little sceptical, and don’t rush into taking action before allowing a measure of logical thought to balance your strong feelings.

Extra time spent on your favourite sporting or dance interests will be very rewarding. You’ll make progress as well as being really inspired.


You’re not backward in coming forward when it comes to speaking your mind, and this is definitely the time at which you can safely air your views and opinions, and persuade others to take action to right some injustice, or cope with underhanded behaviour that needs to be eradicated.

Your physical and emotional energy is getting a marvellous boost which only comes your way about once in two and a half years!


Taurean emotions and tenderness will be particularly well-received by your lover, and you’ll experience some blissful moments and memorable occasions.

This is the time to concentrate on well-proved techniques rather than experiments.

You’re in a good position to make extra cash – you can’t lose. The month ends with you receiving some kind of communication that you’ve probably been waiting for for ages.

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