July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Recently you’ve been concentrating on what you know you have to do, and on how you can find new ways to open up life for yourself, your partner and family.  

This theme is with you until the end of the year, and then from January on you’ll start an exciting scheme with your partner that will set all of you on a new and very beneficial path.  

If you’re single the emphasis will help you cement a partnership; it may mean a new lover, but it’s rather more likely that you’ll join forces with a business partner who will be of considerable advantage to you. 

 These Jupiter influences are also putting you into a cautiously adventurous mood – sexually or financially?  

Both, maybe.   Your financial situation will become increasingly stable, and steady growth will occur after a long period when your investments may perhaps have been slightly sluggish.  


There’s no doubt about it, you’ll want to be where the action is, and will definitely see to it that you are – even if this means putting off appointments to be wherever that happens to be!.  

If you have to take the lead, others will meekly follow, so put your plans in action on the 12th or the 20th when the planets are adding extra frisson to your personality!


The monthly horoscope will give you masses of additional ‘get up and go’, along with enthusiasm and abundant energy to spend with energetic friends and children.  

Your usual Taurean calm could at some time be interrupted by an angry outburst – you’ll have good reason to let off steam.  

You’ll no doubt have right on your side – and the effect you’ll have on your opponent will be more than you expect! 


Think twice or even three times before committing yourself to any even remotely important investment; you could make an over-hasty decision which you’ll later regret. 

  This negative indication from Mercury (your really important planet), ends on the 12th, after which you’ll get a clearer perspective on financial possibilities, so be patient – not easy for you! 


Celebrate your birthday with the most romantic possible evening out you can contrive.  

Venus is sending you every conceivable beautiful vibe – especially until the 14th.   Birthday after that date? 

   Don’t worry, she’ll not neglect you – in fact you may get an even bigger, better and more hugely expensive present as a result of her changed mood – see above!


Relax – which traditional astrology says is important before your birthday!   This year Venus decrees that romance is definitely in the air for you, your languid expression and drooping eyelids igniting passion in admirers’ eyes, and with any luck not only in his or her eyes!

 As the month progresses your mood will become extravagant, in a first-class leonine way, and you’ll enjoy that too.   

After the 23rd, nothing will restrain you.


You’ve been working really hard recently, and now is the time to concentrate on your possibly neglected social life.  

Spend as many as possible of your leisure hours doing precisely what you want to do, and what gives you most pleasure; you really deserve it.  

 Your best time for some of this sheer unadulterated pleasure is on and around the 20th , when the stars will energise both your mind and body.


Be prepared for a not particularly easy month.   Try not to force any issues which might be in the least controversial – especially at work. 

You’re likely to come up against a brick wall if you do – that is until the 12th when Mercury will stop working against you. 

  Even then, be prepared to hold back until the 20th when the New Moon should kick-start better influences for you, and Venus also becomes distinctly more friendly as she encourages  romantic secrets?  


You’re probably feeling restless and in need of a change of scene.   If you feel like traveling, try not to leave home before the 12th; there may be delays and irritations.  

Until then, just plan your trip.   However, maybe it’s not a physical change of scene you need, but something more intellectual – some kind of mental stimulation, for instance.  

In any case, whatever’s going on in your life, you do need a short break from your regular pattern. 


Your gambling spirit will surface – but  keep in mind the fact that for a while the planets are definitely not on your side, especially if you’re feeling particularly reckless and want to place a bigger bet than usual. 

  You’ll do well to hold back until after the 12th – up to that point Mercury and some other planets will be in a bad mood, particularly for lively Sagittarians and their hard-earned cash.  So watch it!


It seems likely that at the moment you’re rather more concerned for your partner than you need be.  

If s/he says there’s nothing for you to worry about, believe it – you’re probably getting something quite inconsequential out of perspective.   Put any negative thoughts right out of your mind. 

  This is actually a time of year when there’s a good general astrological emphasis on your relationship, and there’s no point in wasting it.   Why not arrange a pleasant surprise outing? 


Your natural magnetic Aquarian appeal will positively sizzle, so don’t waste a moment of this delicious influence from Venus, aimed straight at you and with you until mid- July 2020!  

 You could attract someone new, or buy (or get someone to give you) that much- longed-for piece of jewelry or unusual watch – or, rather differently, simply make a special impact at work, when your ideas will stun all and sundry.   You choose: but whatever, go for it!


You’ll be coping with uncertainties about the way you feel, or about the way your lover feels about you.  

Perhaps you should have a discussion to clear the air – but because Mercury is not being particularly charitable until after July 12th you will do well not to speak up until after then, when the negative indication ends.

This will also give you time to get your thoughts clear in your mind.   This month is a good one for creative Pisceans.

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