July 2021 Monthly Horoscope


Watch where you step, Aries. The monthly planetary movement undermines your ability to see clearly. Your delusions and projections may tempt you toward ill-conceived actions.

Be especially careful with excessive drinking or drugging and driving. As your vital energy is low, you may be subject to infections, skin eruptions, exhaustion, or illness whose origin is hard to detect. Take it easy now.

Move with greater care and deliberation. Take better care of your body. Stay clear of druggies or drunks. Be cautious around situations that seem too good to be true. They are.


In the first week on July 2021 , Taurus feels the full force of Venus, his ruling planet. This is a “karmic” time for personal relationships, so take care with matters of the heart.

Any difficulty or challenge that surfaces now serves as a ‘reality check” to help you know if the relationship is worth your effort. If it is, your willingness to correct problems now results in a stronger, more honest and solid relationship. If it isn’t, you can more cleanly let go of relationships now that clearly are not working.

Keep what feels solid and appreciate what you have built. Be adaptable and willing to change. At the same time stand up and defend what you most value. Meet the challenges of your relationship now to ensure future success.


Gemini, use your best asset this month—your mind. This month’s planetary action helps your mind to perceive from greater depth, allowing you to understand root causes and unseen patterns beneath the surface.

If you are in therapy, this is the time for fruitful exploration and insight concerning difficult issues from your past. Profound insight or breakthrough is possible.

Use your mind. Tackle complex intellectual problems. Study with undistracted focus. Present your ideas to others as your words have genuine persuasive power.


Your need for emotional warmth and security is what you may long for as the new moon on June 29th occurs in your sun sign, Cancer. Safety and comfort are likely to be your highest priorities this month.

Sharing intimate feelings and being nourished by the loving parts of your family help you to affirm your sense of meaning and connection. Cancer children more easily soak up the warmth of positive parenting now.

Do what brings you comfort. Spend time at home, in women’s circles or at family reunions. Take Mariposa Lily* from the California flower essence line, always helpful for Cancers to feel the warmth of feminine nurturing and to strengthen the mother-child bond.


The emotional atmosphere around you is positively affected by the fiery heat of Leo mid-month. With as many as seven planets in water signs, you have been as comfortable as a cat in water. “Run!” may have been your instant response. The forces of the Goddess Shakti (lunar and emotional) wanes and are now replaced with the forces of the God Shiva (solar and creative.) Solar, hot energy is much more to your liking.

Let go of heavy and emotional issues of late. Focus on lightening your heart with play, fun and entertainment. Think of the blessings of the sun, not the shadows.


Sigh in relief, Virgo, as the wet, emotional atmosphere is rapidly drying out. The planets gives you the chance to more easily implement needed change.

This especially applies to issues in your home and family environment that may have been made painfully apparent the last four weeks.

Set new terms and make adjustments now. Homelife works better with a dose of structure and consistency. Take a strong stand and follow through. Strengthen families with renewed support.


“No time for us, no time for me” may be what you hear as pressing professional or financial demands conflict with the needs of those you love.

Long work hours and duties may result in disappointing partners, friends or children. This time will pass and your life can then return to better balance.

Better to not promise what you likely cannot deliver. Try to not feel guilty (or manipulated into feeling guilty) about a situation out of your control. If you can work with focus and concentration, you may still be able to free up time to spend with those who want your attention.


A task freely chosen is slavishly engaged.”—Bob Craft. According to Scorpio’s monthly horoscope, you now have the opportunity to shape current circumstances that leads to future success.

If you are ready to make a commitment, this may be the time to take a deep breath, fix on your goal and begin. Careful preparation now augurs success in the future.

Move toward your goal by getting support from others, especially from those in authority. Call in favors to advance your cause. As most successful business depends on who you know, ask now for introductions. Rally the troops.


Sagittarius was voted the “most likable sun sign” in an informal survey of astrologers. Why? Because of your extroverted, friendly and easy-going nature—jovial like Jupiter, your ruler.

Your natural enthusiasm and joy of life gain you friends and creates positive new circumstances now.

As your timing is good, either ask for favors or do them. Open new doors. Extend yourself on a friend’s behalf, as it is effortless for you and may make a big difference for them. Make a positive first impression. Advance with the aid of mentors. Spread your sunny Sagittarian spirit.


Hard rock is dissolved by water. The hard rock of your serious Capricorn nature can be softened now through the sensitive, compassionate influence of up to seven planets in water signs this July 2021 .

If you have a tough reputation or serious demeanor, you benefit by softening your professional façade and allowing others to see you as human.

Take off your game face. Look for opportunities for sensitive encounters with others. Listen now to what others have to say. Elicit feedback about how you can make the environment more responsive and pleasant. Tell others how much you appreciate them. Better yet, show them.


You may have a hard time dealing with the feelings and sensitivities of others this month, especially from your water signs friends (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

At times there are seven planets transiting water signs, not a comfortable atmosphere for detached and intellectual Aquarians. Others may perceive you as cold, aloof and insensitive. Children or pets are more moody, demanding or needy.

Listen to and respond to the needs of others. Try to respond compassionately, not intellectually. Don’t attempt to solve the problems of others, as this is not what is needed. Wade through the waters.


Water, water, everywhere this month and that may challenge you to stay emotionally centered. With as many as seven planets appearing in water signs this month, the emotional tides are stirred with conflicting currents.

Without protection, your permeable psychic boundaries absorb too much now.

Protect yourself and your aura by staying clear of large gatherings of people this month. Try this yogic psychic protection technique: Imagine a pinpoint of spiritual light above your head.

In your mind’s eye, envision a filament of light spinning a cocoon of protection around you. Imagine the cocoon weaving itself to a point below your feet.

Practice this visualization technique for a few minutes each day. You are building a stronger auric boundary to help you feel safer and more protected. It works.