February 2021 Monthly Horoscope


According to your February 2021 horoscope, friends turn out to be blessings in disguise with the stellium of planets in your 11th house.

The best time to ask for a favor is on February 12-13th when the planets are adding a special blessing your way.

You may come to some decision that will change your current life path. Ask for the help of others who have been there before.

You’ll feel a tight kinship with groups of people you can identify with. Your work associates or other group affiliations will be important now.

Mars remains on your midheaven stirring up the work environment a bit. Avoid power struggles and even possibly aggressive moves from others.

Recently reprimanded or verbally confronted by an authority figure you seek the opinion of others.

Things are still a bit rough and may weigh heavily on your mind effecting conditions on the home front.

Seek the advice of an elder or father figure that can help provide you with the answers that include security issues. This leaves you feeling much more comfortable with your current situation.

The North Node now squares Saturn in your 4th house and Chiron in your 10th.

Perhaps you have been identifying too much with others you work with that have been through similar situation. Its time to cut loose and discover your own identity.

Try to become the person you were meant to be. This requires a specific amount of individuality that you may have lost sight of recently by working in group mentality mode.

Let others give advice but make sure you make up you own mind using the wisdom of the past to guide you. Not only will you resign yourself to making new goals and ideals now but new friends as well.

I expect they will take on the qualities of eccentric, unusual and more inventive than most. Continue to watch yourself at work and bite your tongue when necessary. Prevent temper tantrums and learn patience and servitude.

On the 23rd 2019 , you’ll have your answers then especially in regards to a work issue.

The culmination of affairs that have transgressed over the last few weeks will be apparent. Secret enemies revealed to you, you have no other choice but to feel sorry for them.

Hyper critical, obsessive or compulsive behavior at work may have led to communication problem. See to it that your views are expressed despite fear of rejection.

Although it might be wiser if you don’t use ultimatum or force to get your point across. Just go straight for the heart and enjoy the gut reaction it provokes.

Friends are there to stand behind you. Despite what others may think there is a little self-sacrifice that may be necessary to calm the fires that are stoked.

Attend to diet and health issues now. Realize how much work effects your over all health. This will help you to make the proper decisions. Treat your stomach gingerly, as it is more prone to upset.

Try vegetarian fare and do without preservative or other additives that can wreak havoc with your immune system.

Take time out to meditate and enjoy the outdoors. Rejuvenate yourself by tuning in to nature.

Relax and learn patience.


You start off on a rough note. Don’t fret just take time off and don’t stress yourself. Things steadily improve until the end of winter.

It brings with it a cycle of renewed energy and enthusiasm. You may want to add a crystal to your wardrobe to help you enlist this wonderful energy into helping you create projects that can benefit you in the further.

Wear an aventurine or pocket a moss agate to bring the good fortune you deserve.

Your profession and social standing in the community is under fire now as a stellium of planets visits your 10th house. A new job or position may require most of your time. A parent may become especially needy now.

Work requires a lot more of your time and energy now but it will all be worth while in the long run as long as you don’t over do it. Jupiter the planet of excess affects your health now.

Over indulgences in alcohol, food or drugs are going to effect you more now and its best not to fall back on old bad habits.

That includes smoking. Attend to mechanical problems before they hinder your transportation.

Buy a new vehicle only after having it thoroughly checked out and only with warranty included. Travel may be delayed or restricted now.

Things look promising by Valentines Day when the Moon visits your sign shining a special blessing your way. Enjoy all your favorite pleasures now at least for these 2 days. Seize the moment as an opportunity to discover life.


During this month of February 2021 , there’s a wonderful doorway of opportunity that opens up for you now. Be ready to make some changes.

Old boundaries dissolve in order to prepare you for a climate of relative ease and wish fulfillment.

Aladdin’s lamp at your beckon call. Seize the opportunities that exist for this transit lasts for only 17 days.

Once its over it will leave behind a beneficial afterglow if you take time to take advantage of the opportunity it presents. You’ve gaining in recent experience but find you are still quite busy and unsettled with your new knowledge.

Your dedication to help others  will bring a promise for good fortune in your future.

Let the fresh air and wind improve your chances for good health. You’ll pick up some wonderful new ways of improving your situation that are quite unusual and may include humor.

You’re very talkative and informative now so others will want to hear what you have to say. You could be asked to speak at a seminar or special teaching event. Your creative images come across quite nicely.

Often portraying the wonderful beginnings you foresee. Other’s learn from you and are attentive to your new and inventive ideas.

There is definitely a new beginning in store for you. Creative abilities enhanced, beautiful images come to mind, pulled from your over active imagination that increases your chance of success.

You are about to experience how easily the blending of the masculine and feminine can occur.

The fool about to step off the precipice may be how you once perceived it. Saturn may delay things for the time being but it is the growing of that relationship over time that can improve your life style.

There’s a good chance you’ll make a healthy investment now, although the reward may not be immediate. You still have some chasing to do as far as money owed to you. . Things will steadily improve next month and quite rapidly.

Take a trip and visit the ocean. Find a place where you can escape and create beautiful scenery that provokes comment from others. Let them sense the same escape by looking at the picture.

You are at your most creative now but don’t forget to set time aside to rethink a few of your goals.

The North Node now visiting your 11th house is about to insist that you do just that. Look over your current path making sure its right for you.

Perhaps your heart reaches out to a distant adventure not readily apparent or available yet. Keep in mind that the starts are bringing all sorts of unusual opportunities your way. Expect many to border on new technical advances that you will be readily receptive to.

You’ll find your mind accepting new principles quite rapidly and adopting them as your own. The concepts of quantum physics, computer technology, astronomy and astrology will all be appealing to you.

More intuitive then usual you’ll find yourself pulling the words and thoughts from others minds before they say them. There may be some that find that quite offensive and take issue.

Don’t let others intimidate or control you. Ask for space if you need it. You may be in for some drastic changes in this area as you eliminate contacts that are not worthy of your time. There will be some endings now that may be necessary to make way for the future.

Some hit you quite suddenly sweeping you right off your feet. Take time off to steady your nerves and slow your vibrations down to earth speed. Find calming methods to soothe you in times of stress.

The 16th and 17th February are your power days. Perhaps take a long Valentines Day weekend off with your mate.

On the23rd, your home environment will be very busy now. You may decide to clean house and store extra material that no longer has use.

A connection to your own mother may be felt strongly now bringing emotional feelings to the surface.

Your love of home environment becomes apparent and you share your feelings with others there, enjoying good food and conversation around the kitchen.


Sudden nuisances are afoot everywhere on the first. Read between the lines and do some research on your own.

There are some mysteries yet to be solved and clues can become readily apparent now while the stellium of planets visits your eighth house. Dreams and premonition quite accurate.

On the 7th the starts are robbing you of some of your much needed energy but certainly not your attitude. A competitive spirit develops that is stimulated by Saturn’s influence.

Much is resting on your shoulders now. And if you avoid confrontation you’ll find yourself doing yourself a big favor.

Don’t seek too many favors from others. Maintain a calm disposition and behave independently from others.

February 27th of 2021 brings the much needed spiritual uplifting you’ve been looking for.

A well-educated companion can do much to arouse your dreary demeanor. Romantic encounters can be found in prayer or mediation groups as well as in creative projects.

The  8th asks you to look into the dark and begin to study a whole new realm of being.

The spirit world reveals special information that will help you to develop a plan. Stop being so critical of yourself and get over it. You can only do so much before leaving it up to others to help out.

The horoscope advise you to  make drastic changes in your health as well as work environment now its time to collect.

Real estate transactions continue to be favorable as well as monetary advances from bank or other institute.

You may decide to sturdy a new religion or metaphysical subject now. Astrology holds a special interest for you and you can find many clues to your own behavior there.

On the 19th-20th a special encounter is about to beseech you . Your relationships are about to go to the next level.

Stimulating and supportive partners enrich your life with some wonderful new plans. New ambition can be found and you feel as if you’re back on track.

February 23rd  sheds some light on communications especially those with neighbors.

There is an increased chance for travel now. Visits with sibling can be enjoyed leaving you refreshed. Be sure you have all the facts and details before you leave or you may get lost in transit.

You may have additional news to tell them when that handsome stranger you met becomes more than serious. You feel the earth move beneath you when you are in their presence.

Try to get your bearings at least for the time being. Family will be sure to remind you of past mishap in relationship area. Don’t let this mar your chances for happiness.

You convey real emotion in your voice now and soon they will get the picture. Writing it all down in a journal will do more good than trying to convey your feelings to others.


February 1st through the 14th you’ll find charming companions go out of their way to include you in their plans.

Telepathic exchanges can occur providing you a deeper glimpse into the heart and soul of others.

Save the last 2 weeks of the month for developing a financial strategy that will diversify your funds in more secure options.

Finances may be shifting and you may need to gather your funds quickly so you can reinvest in other options. Starting the 5th, the planets are making things you value successful.

A wide range of opportunities will present themselves now.
You may have recently decided that your path in life is one that should include more travel and higher education. You need to investigate the self through study of higher realms.

Spending a great deal of your time and energy at work may cause you to ignore these areas and a health problem could arise.

Fear not, you’ll have plenty of energy to get you through any crisis that develops while Mars visits this area of your chart.

The 8th promises new relationships or partnerships that will prove beneficial often providing you with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Use the 21st-22nd as your personal power days to seek anything you want. Your wish will be delivered and you can make a lasting impression on others.

You’ll see the culmination of your efforts on the 23rd when projects pay off.

Chiron a visitor in your house of partnerships brings old wounds to the surface.

Realization of a fantasy unfulfilled will present itself and hits you smack in the face if you’re not careful. Using better wisdom next time won’t be a problem. You’ve learned your lessons wisely now move on.


This February its all about health and fitness. A new insight into your own physical and emotional well being is about to develop.

With the long lasting effect of Uranus opposing Virgo you’ll need to be especially careful around flu or other contagion.

That doubles for being around negative people. Avoid them at all cost and eliminate that type of energy from your environment.

Romance beckons you to join in and seek the company of others in the community that might interest you. This can provide you a bit of distraction and excitement very much over due.

The answers come to you in a dream or premonition. It won’t be hard to interpret the meaning or the person you were meant to meet.

Beginning a new health regimen will be high on the list of things to do. The solutions may be quite obvious but unique just the same.

On the 23rd the starts brightens the picture a bit. A renewed strength can be found. It serves you well to find the answers through food or fluids you ingest. Evaluate how they effect your physical emotional health. Design a plan to help overcome any obsessions you may have developed over the last few years.

Try not to be too nitpicky and avoid being overly critical of self or partner. You present a picture of one who has it all together despite what others may think it is really possible for your near future.

Your service to others is the clue to achieving success in your own life. Its time to get serious about setting some goals again and following through with them. An older friend or authoritative figure may hold the answers.

Ask for advice and you find yourself developing a much needed bond that is gratuitous for both.

Sudden upheaval effects the home environment resulting in changes that have been long in the making and will result in a much happier environment. Seek the truth within yourself and develop a contingency plan that will allow you to break ties but still enjoy the perks.


Finding it difficult to get over a recent career change you find Mercury and the Sun come to your rescue followed by Venus shortly after.

A wonderful trine in fellow air signs develops promising a lovely time for leisure activity. You can expect to have an especially happy Valentines Day this year.

Take time off to get away from it all for the dream weekend of your choice. Intuition is at its best now. Color and sound experiences provide the background for expanding your awareness often healing you in the process.

This month brings creative inspiration your way that is perhaps ahead of its time.

Unusual and inventive ideas flow easily and your choice of medium is unlimited. This may cause havoc in your home environment possibly causing you to undertake a major construction project or makeover.

Jupiter’s benevolent influence finds you gloriously optimistic yet indulgent. The latter is what may get you in trouble making you put on extra pounds that may be difficult to shed or spending too much money. Your health takes on some unusual quirks now.

You may feel particularly nervous and will need to spend time recharging on your days off, void of all stimuli. Escape to fantasy land with a good book or movie and you’ll survive this overactive period.

Sharp tongue ultimatums will do nothing to advance your position with sibling or neighbors. You may find yourself breaking ties with one or the other for now so that you can reevaluate things.

Success recently finding you its now time to decide how you’re going to use it and what investments are worthy of making.

On the 23rd  could have you going for self-analysis. This can be done through astrology or holistic healer. Analyze how patterns at work can effect your well being and emotional health. If this is not satisfactory than its time to spread your wings a little and look elsewhere for broader horizons.

Will you use your present success to advance or let it ride for the next 14 years before you consider making a change?

Saturn will take that long before it finds its way to the bottom of your chart where you’ll be getting antsy again about moving.

Keep that in mind when making career moves and do your best to ride this wave to the end.


Moon visits you sign on the first 3 days of February bringing a renewed strength and feeling of well being.

For the Candelmas celebration on  1st create a house blessing that will bring renewed sense of spirit to your home environment protecting you from those who may wish you harm.

The bond between parent and child can be especially important now strengthening the connection for both.

With the New Moon and the majority of planets visiting your 4th house, home and heritage becomes increasingly important.

Your residence may change and you hold the dream key to the undertaking. Your understanding of relatives both here and recently passed becomes apparent.

You realize the decisions you need to make and what you’ll need to do about getting the proper housing as early as the 2nd.

You may find yourself developing a wonderful flare for some unusual decorating abilities that outshines even the most daring. It’s an excellent time to do some entertaining as well. Invite everyone near and dear and even some that are not so near.

The 14th proves to be a very important day that you’ll cherish forever. Make special plans to be with that special someone then.

Make sure you’re doing something wonderful on the 23rd . Friends flock to your side and bring some light to your current situation.

Try not to be too critical of those who have not lived up to your expectations.

Realize it is their own weaknesses that have prevented this from ocuring, not your own. You may also see some of your goals come to culmination now lending reason for celebration.

Enjoy yourself and enlist the aid of children to bring you to that special place where you connect with all living beings. Let loose your inhibitions and seek the pleasure you once had as a child.

Water will hold high significance for you now and you may find yourself traveling by air to arrive at waterfront hacienda. Unexpected circumstances bring you exciting changes that will keep you busy for months.


Control your anger for now and don’t over react. Light a pale blue candle for Candlemas and dedicate it to peace.

That includes all you may have offended over the last few weeks. You may want to bring some special goodies to work to show others your feelings and beg forgiveness through their stomachs. You can trust your instincts about neighbors or siblings. Work to communicate with them.

Keep a journal to help you on that quest for spiritual knowledge. Record all Tarot spreads and take notes of omens or mythological creatures. It may be especially helpful to review these archetypal messengers to help you encode a problem in your current affairs.

As you read through the stories and accounts of classical gods and goddess compare it to current times and facilitate your spiritual awareness.

The stars bring better chances of improving finances. A lessening of worries and workload follows.

The 4th ‘5th would be a good time to ask for a raise or advance. Others are intrigued and fascinated with you now, finding little fault with your wild suggestions.

On the 8th  you may decide to write a book or story . Your communication skills will bring new challenges and offer new beginnings, An opportunity to travel for education exists now.

Make it a point to visit siblings in there home. They will play an important part in the sudden events that occur. A change in residence is in the offing and it may come as quite a surprise. Friends help you conquer all obstacles.

February 23rd shines some light on your career and social status in the community.

A welcome change of events brighten your days. Despite working hard for your money you could actually get recognition in some form. A cash settlement or raise may surprise you.

Communications may be a bit misleading . There is an important lesson to be learned now and the healing part may involve a sibling as Chiron enters that sector of your chart. The change may be in the way you present yourself.

Force will not replace subtly and in this case a change is indicated before you break through barriers. Use the assistance of your more diplomatic friends to assist you in this very precarious matter.


With your money house highlighted you’ll be happier than a clam. Always your favorite subject this can hold especially true .

This only empowers you to perform more of your magic. Create enough to sit back on and smile. It may be time to direct your energies toward more compassionate ways of dealing with your family.

Much can be accomplished. Don’t push yourself or others too hard now. Keep up with current trends in your profession and keep communications active with those you work with. Be sure to maintain a healthy relationship between personal and professional life.

Study the history of spells and incantations well, especially those from ancient days and other countries that come rich with folklore to enhance your own imagination.

The 6th and 7th are days you’ll not soon forget. These can be seen as your power play days. Use them to enhance your possibilities and encourage good reactions from others.

February 8th is sure to present you with many opportunities to enhance your money options. With 5 luminaries in your money house you’re bound to have more than one opportunity.

Your horizon reaches wide now and you will not settle for just any old thing. You want to reach back into time where your mind was set on a beautiful and fanciful deal that only you could devise.

Satisfying your current goals you take the initiative and encourage others to join in this wonderful new opportunity. Let others see you for the leader you really are.

This period brings a culmination to recent educational pursuit or travel plans. You may find yourself completing a long process of analyzing data and health information or diet.

Attend a special lecture or seminar to better your choices of life plan. The publishing of special papers or analytical data takes place now.

Your energy bears fruit and your recognized for your past efforts on a fine project that may deal with social issues or art.

There will be a break from the past that allows you to deal with hidden demons that obstruct you. Cut loose from their stronghold and set sales for brighter days.


You’ll find yourself quite charming and charismatic now. Your visions and ideas can be seen as inspiration for many as 5 luminaries visits your sign on February 8th. It’s not everyday you get a windfall or an opportunity to make big bucks.

You may have a few surprises in store for you the end of this month when planets visit your money house.

The February monthly horoscope asks you to take precaution from drafts by carrying a shawl or scarf on cold days. Avoid negative people in the work place. Especially those that rob you of energy and life joy. Toxic attitudes can be catchy now. There may be a friend you decide to avoid now but a reunion is in the offing.

Some of your life goals may come under review now giving way to more modern attainable ones. Keep a record of your plans for life in a journal. You may find it very useful in the coming months. Let each adventure add to it a memorable clich’.

On the 23rd  brings you to review some of your tax and investment returns. You may find yourself discovering facts that were not available before. Your intuition can be a fine source in guiding you to find the right answers as well as investment opportunity.

Broker or tax consultant is also under scrutiny. You’ll have no problem keeping the facts straight. You may want to take advantage of what others owe you now.

Keep self defeating actions or words down to a minimum . Use it for more constructive purposes like helping those in need.

Visit a hospital or other institute where they’ll welcome your appearance. Respect elders and their authority over you.

Keep an eye out for those who wish you harm, for secret enemy may come from unexpected source now taking you by surprise.

Have no fear with Chiron visiting your sign, you’ll have many chances to heal old wounds. A wonderful healing energy develops that brings delightful results.

The chance to double your wealth comes later this month . Keep enemies at bay by relying on some of your more powerful friends to help you.

Your destiny in sight now you venture out on new journey that brings exciting new challenge.

A wonderful opportunity awaits you abroad. Visit distant places and return to your past heritage to see a beauty not yet experienced. Dreams and messages will guide you to the right place. Take note of all your perceptions .


Renewed stability comforts you. Activity in your inner life and dreams becomes increasingly prophetic.

You’ll treasure your time off so that you can create a project that develops while you’re asleep or out walking and commuting with nature.

This month brings many new ideas that are received through dreams or perceptions not conceived of before. You’re about to make new changes that can include your own appearance and how others perceive you.

Don’t get too drastic with your change of appearance or you may live to regret it. Use this crafty time to study metaphysics or astrology.

There will be an extra amount of travel around your birthday. Telephone calls and messages can be especially meaningful now.

The stars ask you to become in tune with yourself and analyze the food and lifestyle methods you partake in. Associates can have a heavy impact on your well being.

Avoid those who upset you and try to separate your self from things that have ill effects on you.

On the 18th  brings a renewed sense of purpose and strength of character to support you in your endeavors. Partners needs to take priority now so you’ll need to find time to address them.

It will be much easier to provide them with your undivided attention now that you completed your mission. Keep your mind open to new career choices as you break tradition and make a change from the past.

The opportunity to invest with friends in a business can have advantageous results. A chance to profit from other investments can lighten your load.

This month brings light to some of your partner’s accomplishments and endearing qualities.

You’ll want to remind them just how important they are to you. Sacrifice your time to indulge them in some of their real life fantasies for a while.

You win them over for life and remain good friends even if not always together. The horoscope advises to enjoy this wonderful month of February 2021 .

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