December 2021 Monthly Horoscope


Your mind will be remarkably bright and clear this December 2021, which is a good thing because it’s an excellent time to do some firm forward planning – good, too, if you find you have to do research of some sort (this doesn’t necessarily mean deep research, but just finding out a few facts about some area of your life, or some per so in it.

Your concentration will be good, and you’ll fly through tasks that would take you much longer at other times.

If you find yourself starting or wanting to start a new relationship, things should go very well indeed, and there shouldn’t be any glitches.

Between the 16th and 18th there will be an important change, maybe where your particularly private life is concerned.

Things should move steadily ahead after the 4th, in any area of your life, and on the 12th they’ll take a quantum leap forward.

Your social life should go with a swing, especially mid-month, and particularly on the 22nd.


Try to slow down a bit this month and take a little time to relax, because after the 21st, when the Sun comes romping into your life, it will be all go.

Having a good time where you’re concerned usually costs money, and there won’t be much doubt about that this month, whether you’re buying something or giving a friend or lover a good time.


Someone is going to become more important to you this month than you ever thought they could – a colleague, a friend, a lover?

Whatever they suggest – a business plan, a day out, or a night in? – will go very well indeed, and you’ll end up caring much more about him or her.

After the 15th settle down and enjoy the Christmas season; Venus sashays into your sign on the 15th and your life will be as covered with glitter as you yourself!


You’ll feel as though something is hanging over you, without the faintest idea of what it could be.

The fact is that it’s probably due to some minor physical quirk or other – nothing serious, maybe something as simple as your not taking enough exercise.

Ignore it, take a bit more exercise, watch your food intake – and force yourself really to enjoy life. Once you start, you won’t find it difficult.


The planets positively insist that you have an adventure this Christmas. That may mean booking an adventure holiday, or fulfilling one of those strange ambitions some people have – like climbing Mont Blanc or bungee-jumping off the side of a skyscraper, or it may mean just going up to a guy or girl you see across a crowded room and suggesting that they might like to inspect your collection of early Egyptian foot-warmers.

Whatever you do, you’ll find that it results in the kind of spree that very seldom comes your way, and it’ll make Christmas absolutely unforgettable.


This may be an extremely expensive Christmas for you. You’re usually generous, but this season that instinct runs away with you, and you may find yourself wincing at your bank statement when it comes in February.

Never mind, it’ll have been worth it – just think of your lover in those expensive pink pajamas, and remember how s/he thanked you for them!

A good reason to lie back and enjoy that is that after Christmas and until the end of February you’ll be so busy your feet won’t touch the ground.


Now listen up. You know and we know that you enjoy a little double-dealing now and then, especially where relationships are concerned; and there is someone who will severely tempt you over the Christmas season.

Giving way to temptation isn’t something you’re especially against – that’s what temptation’s for, after all; but beware of hurting someone else more than you think possible – and it may be the person you’re allowing yourself to get especially fond of.


In the middle of the holiday season, you may find yourself continually thinking about how your life has developed over the past three or four years, whether you’ve made really good use of your time, established a firm relationship, made sure your career has developed in the way you wanted.

This will naturally lead to thinking about the future, and if you can manage to find a few peaceful hours it’ll be a good time at which to plan the future, or at least to begin to think about where you want to be in say five years time.


Oh, yes – it’s going to be just the sort of Christmas you enjoy, with plenty of parties, food, drink, dancing, and very likely meeting someone who will make your previous experience of sex seem very dim indeed. (Well, maybe).

You love life, and over the holiday season, life will love you right back. That’s about all there is to say – it doesn’t seem likely that over-indulgence will do anything but make the pleasure even more enjoyable, even if there are a few morning-after qualms.


I suppose we have to say that you’ll find it difficult to relax and enjoy Christmas this year – some problem or other will be continually nagging away at you and you’ll find it almost impossible for forget about it.

Given that worry is usually a major part of your life, this may not disturb you as much as it would some other people, and there’s at least every indication that by worrying away at the problem you’ll see a clear way around it by the end of the month.


Perhaps you have something vital to say to your partner or a close relative and have held back because you don’t want to be tactless or cause upset.

The time will be right to clear the air after the 15th when any hesitation will melt away and you’ll be glad when you’ve had your say.

From that date, you’ll also feel really lucky, positive, and outgoing which will set you up very nicely for the coming holiday season.


Use your clever, canny Scorpio qualities to make investments and you’ll not be disappointed with the eventual outcome -especially if you think long term. But this is also a good time for a little self-indulgence and let’s face it you’re good at that too!

You can worry about any increases to your waistline later on – by making a New Year Resolution perhaps? Maybe? Let no-one or nothing cramp your style.