December 2019 Monthly Horoscope (day by day)

This December 2019 begins in a waxing cycle, which is great for jumping into action.

You’ll have a more philosophical attitude as the month starts out with 3 planets in Sagittarius. You’ll also have urges to travel or to have adventures.

Freedom is a big Sagittarian theme, so give thought as to how you can bring more freedom into your life.

What feels imprisoning? How can you alleviate it? It’s important to connect with others this month, to share your ideas and beliefs. It can help you grow spiritually.

Your mind is ready to soak up knowledge. But make it fun knowledge…the kind that is gained through travel, debates, and new acquaintances. You may have to put a brake on your words, or you’ll end up with your foot in your mouth. Just take the time to think before speaking, and choose your words carefully. Actually, it can be very refreshing to hear more honesty and frankness.

This month brings opportunity for freshness in your relationships. You really feel like being with friends, doing fun things together. So plan some parties and make them really original. An interest in the avant garde for the next few weeks may have you buying unusual music or art. Some people may need more freedom within their relationships, so give your loved ones the space they need. It’s not a reflection on you….and it can improve how you get along.

Mars is in Libra the first few weeks of December, giving you lots of energy for socializing and beautifying. Other activities, though, may tire you quickly, so conserve your energy for what you truly want to do. On the 23rd, Mars enters Scorpio, and you are suddenly a powerhouse. Not only is your stamina increased, but your passion is awakened. Some people become more intense, and others have a very healing effect. How can you be a healing force in the world? You’ve got the power.

A Full Moon in Gemini on the 11th should be a very lucky and lucrative day; it begins the 2-week waning cycle. On this day, conversation is incredibly interesting. So get out and connect with others. By talking about your dreams and goals, you plant the seeds for future success.

The Capricorn theme moves in on the 21st, helping you to plan a strategy and new goals for the coming year. Security and commitment are Capricorn themes, but make sure you are committing to something true to your desires. If your work makes you terribly unhappy, don’t stay just for security sake. Remember, life is a journey, not something you have to “get through.” Make your journey joyful. Meditation will guide you toward your path.

A New Moon in Capricorn on the 25th is excellent for contemplating your ambitions. Visualize where you want to be, write about it, talk about it. It WILL happen.

Take the time on the 31st to reflect on all the things you accomplished this year. Look back and focus on the positive things. Do something to reward yourself for hanging in there and doing the best you could do. And look forward to another new beginning…another new slate.

 Horoscope Day by Day:

1 Fri: Moon in Aquarius. Critiques turn to opportunity, especially when you’re positive. Healing in the morning, high energy in the afternoon. What do you need to modernize? Tonight, a surprise.

2 Sat: Moon in Aquarius; enters Pisces 7:23pm. Make time for friends today, you have lots of energy for group meetings, as well as computer time. Postpone your urge to question authority; you’ll save yourself a headache.

3 Sun: Moon in Pisces. Creative or imaginative work is greatly enhanced. Try not to overindulge at breakfast. Mercury enters Sagittarius at 12:26pm….your thinking is more adventurous, but think before speaking for the next few weeks. Tonight, don’t be a martyr…you can give without draining yourself.

4 Mon: Moon in Pisces. Another imaginative day. You can appeal to the masses with your ideas. Definitely mix business with pleasure….good opportunities can arise.

5 Tue: Moon enters Aries 6:17am. Spontaneity is the keyword today. Make life a little more exciting, take a chance. Do something totally different. Luck in the afternoon.

6 Wed: Moon in Aries. Another day for exciting challenges, but use a little more forethought than yesterday. Your brain is really imaginative, and your words mesmerizing. Huge ideas all day. Prevent an argument tonight by maintaining a happy vibe.

7 Thu: Moon in Aries; enters Taurus 1:26pm. Do things a different way in the morning. Then go back to being comfortable in the afternoon. Socializing may be awkward midday; artistic expression is a good outlet. Tonight is excellent for meditation.

8 Fri: Moon in Taurus. Great day for focusing on money and earnings. Also good for working with plants. Tonight, plans may change, so go with the flow.

9 Sat: Moon in Taurus; enters Gemini 4:50pm. A fun, happy day to spend with friends. Also good for computer work. Spirituality is a focus. Increased self-discipline helps you finish those chores. Tonight is excellent for writing or socializing.

10 Sun: Moon in Gemini. Healing comes through words…either write or talk to a trusted friend. Stimulate your brain. Tonight is great for creative writing.

11 Mon: FULL MOON in Gemini 1:03am; enters Cancer 5:48pm This begins the waning cycle. Time to get rid of old junk, habits and negative attitudes. It’s a LUCKY day, but avoid important agreements from 9:15am until 8:48pm.

12 Tue: Moon in Cancer. You are very persuasive today, and intuitive as well. Do things which make your home or workspace homier. Re-connect with loved ones.

13 Wed: Moon in Cancer; enters Leo 6:09pm. Emotions are high in the morning, but can clear the air. An elder may give you good advice. Trust your instincts today. Avoid important agreements from 11:00am until 6:09pm.

14 Thu: Moon in Leo. Time to get playful…it will feel uplifting and healing. You win them over in the afternoon. Tonight is good for entertainment.

15 Fri: Moon in Leo; enters Virgo 7:30pm. Your mind is quick and inventive…write down your ideas. Lots of stamina helps you get things done in the morning, but you may face an obstacle around noon. Stay happy, it will pass. Avoid important agreements from noon until 7:30pm.

16 Sat: Moon in Virgo. A great day to clean…it will work off any grouchiness you may feel. Some may be criticizing…don’t overreact. The important thing today is to stay positive and remind yourself of all your great qualities. Allow time for relaxation.

17 Sun: Moon in Virgo; enters Libra 11:01pm. You can accomplish a lot today, but may still run into some critics. Smile and keep up the good work. Clean, organize and make lists of your health goals.

18 Mon: Moon in Libra. Look your best today…it will feel great. Luck is in the air, along with some passion. Creativity is heightened, and your social skills are enhanced. Mingle.

19 Tue: Moon in Libra. Do creative things today. Relationships and friendships are a focus; healing can take place. A surprise in the morning. You feel like talking tonight.

20 Wed: Moon in Scorpio. Skeptics are lurking…be ready with the proof. You may feel manipulated by another…stick to your beliefs. Tonight is good for connecting to your partner’s soul.

21 Thu: Moon in Scorpio. Good day to investigate or research. Determination helps you get lots done. Don’t let a surprise in the afternoon throw you off, be flexible. Tonight is passionate.

22 Fri: Moon in Scorpio; enters Sagittarius 1:57pm. Intensity is in the air; stay calm and positive. You have the courage to speak your mind. Avoid important agreements until after 2:00pm. Tonight is lucky.

23 Sat: Moon in Sagittarius. Freedom is an issue today….allow yourself some. You may feel pressured in the afternoon….have a good escape route. Expect a surprise visitor today. Mars is now in Scorpio giving you increased passion and lots of stamina for the next few weeks.

24 Sun: Moon in Sagittarius. You may feel disconnected today, so avoid things requiring lots of logic or concentration. Postpone important agreements. Spend time with your spiritual self today.

25 Mon: NEW MOON in Cap 9:22am A day of good energies, and opportunities to express your thoughts. You’ve got lots of self-discipline and a good sense of practicality. Get down to earth with those you love.

26 Tue: Moon in Capricorn. A good day to give thought to your ambitions and goals. Write out a list…it will clarify things. Do some organizing, then relax and watch some good comedy.

27 Wed: Moon in Capricorn; enters Aquarius 1:25pm. Promise yourself something fun today, it will help prevent restlessness. Avoid important agreements until after 1:30pm. Computer work is enhanced. The night is filled with luck, but some may be aggressive or angry. Your positive mood can help lift them.

28 Thu: Moon in Aquarius. Liberate yourself from outdated habits or methods. Look to the future. A good day for group meetings or brainstorming.

29 Fri: Moon in Aquarius. Rejoice in your originality. Try to postpone talking to authority today. Do your work well and then blow off steam tonight with your friends.

30 Sat: Moon in Pisces. Follow your intuition today…it will guide you. Spend time in nature, especially by the water. Let your creative self emerge.

31 Sun: Moon in Pisces. The morning calls for solitude…meditation is enhanced. Some people or words may cause you to withdraw. It’s ok to follow your instincts. Tonight, alcohol may seem like the perfect escape, but it’s important to use moderation.