August 2020 Monthly Horoscope


Don’t go bang your head against a brick wall on the 1st – it’ll hurt more than the frustration prompting you to take such extreme action!

Everything’s going to get seriously better, as the Solar System is working well for you as far as sheer fun and risk-taking is concerned (or did you prang your car or back a loser on the 1st ?).  

After the 7th the stars will make you chatty and communicative, but beware of being too provocative!


You’ll be in the mood to make your home (or student pad) more beautiful, comfortable and lovely to look at.  

New furniture, drapes and carpets will be a serious problem for your purse.    

  All will go well until the 9th when you must expect delays to delay delivery of whatever you’ve ordered.  

It will turn up, but don’t get rid of your present furniture until it arrives!     Do something romantic on the 24th and give your imagination plenty of freedom!


Be careful – your computer will explode with over-work!  You will be  ultra-communicative.   Maybe you have something to tell the world?  

Or perhaps a politician, teacher or jobsworth has got up your nose; in any event, you can’t hold back any longer from telling someone how you feel. . .

  Then there’s the possibility of buying and selling. You’ll get a good deal if involved with either.


Your mood will be nostalgic, so it’ll be a good time at which to visit your favourite Antique Mall and add to your collection of precious jewellery, silver or vintage Ballanciaga!  

Once there that nostalgic mood will succumb to gloriously expensive extravagance, but as ever, clever-with-cash-you, you’ll have made a terrific and enjoyable investment!  


The Sun travelling through Leo is also accompanied by Mercury and Venus – it’s all happening!  

   You’ll be thinking big, planning big (Mercury). You’ll be flirting, loving, entertaining and being entertained, and being a Big Spender, (Venus); but after the 9th you might have to be patient when it comes to new lovers.


Your mind is working brilliantly, but in overdrive.   Ideas are flooding in, and you could be a bit more than damaged by impulsiveness, especially after the 7th.  

If you calm down a bit and give your thoughts, plans and ideas time to mature before taking action, everything will fall into place after August 22th when  moves into Virgo – you’ll get superb results!


This is a splendid time at which to entertain close friends and family and people you’d like to get to know better.  

You’ll be looking your best and will positively doze Libran charm. Your relationship will take on a serious note around the 13th – a good time at which to finalise long term plans or resolve ongoing problems.  

Then you’ll be ready to get back into the social swing of things again.   Yes!   This effervescent mood’s going to last!


Indications working for you early in the month will lead to your having to go in for canny plotting and planning around August 15th – 17th .   

  All will be resolved when you take the trouble to get to the bottom of what’s happening and are then able to take assertive action!   

  However, holding back in your approach is one hundred percent necessary on August 28th .


You’ll do extremely well, whatever you have or want to do this month.   Travelling will be great; if you’re a student you’ll get praise and or good grades; and if you’re working on an important project it’ll move forward without very much stress. 

  If all this doesn’t seem to apply, think about what you would really like to do in the near future and make plans – which you’ll need to be highly motivated to make happen!


Expect frustration during the first few days of August 2020 – probably be due to other people (workmen, trades people, et cetera) letting you down.  

Don’t attempt to force issues until after the 6th, after which you can make as much of a fuss as you like, so that you get satisfactory results and feel smug that you’ve put the erring ones strictly in their place!

From then enjoy the rest of the month.


The Sun and other planets are travelling through Virgo – your partner sign across the Zodiac.  

This results in lovely influences, but – independent Aquarian that you are – if you’re not seriously committed they may make you think seriously about your relationship and consider sacrificing just a bit of that independence for greater security and permanence.  

However, if you and your partner are a real item know that if you take the lead you’ll both have some memorable and enjoyable experiences.


If only’ . . . ‘I wish’. . . You’ll fall into that kind of mood during the coming weeks.

Talk to your best friend or lover about how you’re feeling, especially if you want to do something, new, different, special.  

At present your potential is is getting a terrific boost from friendly planets, and crying out to be exploited.

The time is right. Go for it! – you have more support than perhaps you realise!