August 2019 Monthly Horoscope



The New Moon in Leo on the 5th could herald the start of a new romance, a new creative project or the birth of something new and exciting in your life.

And with the Sun here too, as well as Mercury and Saturn, this is where the serious effort in your life is being required at the moment.

But being serious doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable – on the contrary, the Sun in Leo simply wants you to get enjoyment out of your efforts. And don’t overlook the effect of Mars, your ruler, spending the next six months in Taurus, the area of your chart connected with your possessions and your income.

Whatever else happens, you will not lose sight of the importance of your financial or property situation and during this lengthy period, this is where much of your energy is likely to be expended..


As Mars moves to and fro in your sign until next February, your life is likely to be busy, but rewarding. Mars will also have the effect of making your more self-assertive, but as long as you can be left alone to get on with your own projects, you will be quite happy, although somewhat insensitive to the needs of others.

But this month, the New Moon in Leo on the 5th suggests that a new start is possible where your home or family is concerned and with Saturn also in Leo for the next two years or so, the responsibility of home and family will be heavy at times.
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In the shorter term, however, Venus, your ruler, spends the first half of the month in Virgo, urging you to enjoy yourself to the full. Then, as Venus moves on into Libra, all workplace relationships will go well, offsetting the self absorbing effect of Mars in your sign and making working life a little easier.

Your health too, should benefit, although you may be tempted to over-indulge! .


The emphasis stays on communication in all its forms, as Mercury, your ruler, remains in Leo and returns to direct motion on the 16th. The New Moon here too on the 5th suggests that a new beginning is possible where communication, travel, or even where your present locality is concerned.

Your social life make take a new twist or you may find new friends in your neighbourhood. You may even decide to start a new course of study and with Saturn in Leo too, for the next two years or so, anything you do in these respects will be done seriously and with responsibility, as you learn more about yourself through your interaction and communications with others.

And in the meantime, Venus in Virgo ensures that home and family life gives you the pleasant refuge you need from your hectic social schedule!.


The New Moon on the 5th occurs in Leo and the sector of your chart connected with finances and personal property, allowing you to turn over a new leaf or make a new beginning in this area of your life.

And with Saturn here too, during the next two years or so, this would be a very good time to put your financial affairs in order, if they need attention. Saturn will require you to take more financial responsibility, or to address any issues concerning property or finance that need to be addressed.
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But be extra careful when Venus moves into Libra halfway through the month, encouraging you not only to enjoy your home to the full, but also, perhaps, to go overboard on redecoration or acquiring pretty possessions for the home that you don’t really need.

While Jupiter remains in Libra, you will have the opportunity for expansion where home life is concerned, but will need to budget carefully to avoid over-spending.


The New Moon on the 5th is in your sign, heralding a new beginning in a personal matter, or perhaps a change of attitude on your part. With the Sun, your ruler, and Mercury and Saturn here too, you can focus on your needs and desires and formulate your plans for the future.

A new you will emerge over the next two years or so while Saturn travels through Leo and although your responsibilities may be heavier, the lessons you learn as a result will stand you in good stead for the next long period of your life.
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And with Mars in Taurus for the next six months, you are at your most ambitious and prepared to put all your energy into achieving your objectives. Meanwhile, during the first half of the month, Venus in Virgo suggests that money is easier to come by but that you may be tempted to spend more also.

An urge to acquire things you don’t really need may cause you to blow your budget if you are not careful. And finally, the Full Moon in the second half of August  sees a resolution to a partnership matter..


With Venus in your sign until the 17th, and the Sun moving into Virgo on the 23rd, you are coming out of your quiet, reflective period and are ready and willing to interact with others again.

Venus encourages your amiability and your willingness to compromise and no-one you meet can fail to be bowled over by your charm and friendly approach. The New Moon in Leo early in the month, however, brings to light a matter or a fear that you have been keeping to yourself.

With Mercury, your ruler, in Leo too, you are still reluctant to discuss it with others and will be more inclined to keep your own counsel until Mercury returns to your sign in early September.

It would not be surprising to know that you are suffering from a certain amount of confusion and anxiety at the moment, without really knowing why.

Saturn in Taurus will have this effect and consequently, it is not a good time for you to take on new projects at the moment, rather to allow yourself time to evaluate your life to date and make long-term plans for your future without taking action..


Venus, your ruler, is currently in Virgo and until it returns to your sign your time is no doubt being taken up with caring for others who are less fortunate than yourself. After the 17th, with Venus back in Libra, life will take a turn for the better and your amiability and willingness to compromise will engender much good will, ensuring a like response from others.

But whilst you are ready to make concessions on a personal basis, Mars in Taurus finds you prepared to fight for what you feel is rightfully yours in the matter of shared resources or jointly owned property.

And, of course, with Jupiter remaining in your sign until October, whilst this continues to be a period of major growth and development for you, you may also have an urge for more freedom.

Opportunities will continue to present themselves and the key to your success will be in your ability to find the right group with whom to work. In fact, the New Moon on the 5th, in the area of your chart connected with group activity and your long-term hopes and wishes, suggests the arrival of new friends, acquaintances or new group activity in your life.


The New Moon on the 5th occurs in Leo and the sector of your chart connected with your career or public image, giving you the opportunity to turn a page or make a new beginning somehow.

And with Saturn here too, for a two year period, any hard work you have put into your career should finally start to produce a reward. If you are ambitious and have prepared well, then this can be the time of your greatest success.

However, it can also be a time of great responsibility in your career or public life, which may put a strain on your home life, so it will important to find a balance. And your close personal relationships will not be helped by the six month long transit of Mars, your co-ruler, through Taurus, and the area of your chart connected with partnerships.

If your partnerships are strong (and this can be either business or personal) then you will both achieve much during this time. Otherwise, an unwillingness to compromise on the part of one or both of you will create tension and antagonism.


The New Moon on the 5th in Taurus falls in the sector of your chart connected with travel and further education, suggesting that new plans in either of these directions are likely.

But with Saturn here, too, for the next two years or so, any long distance journeys you make during this time are likely to be undertaken more for serious reasons or obligations than for pleasure. Similarly, any further studies you undertake will be with a serious purpose in mind.

But now that Mars has moved into Taurus, where it will stay for six months, work or health issues will come to the fore. Where work is concerned, you may be working very hard with little apparent appreciation for your efforts and there may be tension with work colleagues as you would prefer to work alone.

And as far as health is concerned, you may get much more involved in a fitness and diet programme and put a lot of your energy into this. It would be good to work off any tension in such a way, to prevent a build-up of frustration.


The New Moon on the 5th August  in Leo falls in the area of your chart connected with jointly owned property or shared resources, suggesting that a new approach to such matters is possible.

And while Saturn, your ruler remains in Leo for the next two years or so, your responsibilities in this area of your life are likely to be heavier and of a more serious concern to you.

Borrowing money may be difficult during this period, so the New Moon is giving you the opportunity to take a new look or find a new solution with which to work. And there is a suggestion that a resolution can be found by the end of the month, with the Full Moon occurring in Aquarius and that part of your chart connected with your personal income or property.

But you will also have to contend with the energy of Mars, which spends the next six months in Taurus, making self discipline difficult for you. Mars here makes you feel more like playing than working and encourages you to put off the things that you don’t particularly enjoy doing.

It will encourage your creative side during this time, however, although children, if you have them, may give you more of a problem.


The New Moon in Leo on the 5th is in the area of your chart connected with your partner or your closest relationships, indicating that a new beginning is possible, or that you have the opportunity to start afresh with a clean page.

And while Saturn, the co-ruler of your sign, spends the next two years plus in Leo, the demands and responsibilities of your closest relationships may be heavier.

During this period, strong relationships will become even stronger and more serious, whereas weaker ones may founder under the strain. And for the next six months Mars, newly in Taurus, occupies the area of your chart connected with the home and family, creating a certain amount of tension, particularly if there is opposition to your ideas and plans.

Your home is where your energy will be expended and Mars here makes it difficult for you to compromise. You may be thinking of moving or just of changing your home in some way and may be somewhat insensitive to the needs of others who share it with you, because you are intent on having it just the way you want it.


The New Moon on the 5th falls in Leo and the area of your chart connected with your workplace or your health and diet. Saturn is also in Leo now, where it will remain for the next two years or so.

The New Moon suggests that new solutions may be found to work issues or a health matter, while Saturn indicates that in the longer term you may have to cope with extra responsibility in the workplace without immediate recognition for your efforts.
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Whilst the going may be tough during this period, your perseverance will pay off in the long term. And as far as health is concerned, Saturn gives you the opportunity to take disciplined steps to improve your fitness through your lifestyle and your diet and any efforts here will also pay off eventually.

And in the shorter term, Mars, in Taurus for the next six months, sees the whole tempo of your life increase.

Whilst you may be somewhat argumentative with Mars here, you may also put forward your beliefs assertively, so this is a very good time to sell someone on your ideas and an excellent time to work on anything that requires intellectual effort..