April 2020 Monthly Horoscope


Aries 2020 Horoscope overview.

Until December Jupiter will back you up if you want to make investments of any kind – financial or amorous!

In financial terms growth may be slow, but it’ll be steady. In amorous terms, invest time and affection and emotion and you’ll see results. Towards the end of 2020 you’ll be feeling ready for a little travel.

If you need to do this for business, fine – add a few days onto the end of the trip for sheer enjoyment. This year the planets will put you in a somewhat serious frame of mind which will steady any inclination towards Aries over-impulsiveness.

You’ll be unlikely to make hasty decisions which might turn out to be faulty. Health-wise all seems well, but you must pace yourself when exercising or practising your favourite sport – you could easily damage your knees or develop nasty pulled muscles.

If you’ve just started a new romance, the auguries are good – especially if a long-term friendship is turning into love. 85% positive

This April 2020 monthly horoscope:

You’re feeling positive and assertive, and while the pace of your life will be more hectic than usual you’ll still have time to party.

If ready to start a new project or you have to make an important decision, wait until after the 16th, when any minor problems will be resolved. 80% positive


The thing to do is to keep quiet – about anything important in your life – until April 20th and you can be as open as you like, especially if you have some exciting announcement to make, such as deciding to get married, start a new career or move house.

Friends and family will react even more positively than you may hope, and you’ll be surprised at the enthusiasm and your increased popularity. 80% positive


The first half of the month will be the busiest, the second the most profitable.

Your social life will more than come up to your expectations, and if you’ve been busy setting up some social occasion – a party of some kind – you’ll be surprised and delighted at how well it goes (and how much money it raises, if you’ve been doing it for charity).

You’ll make new friends this month, too, especially at the time of the Full Moon on the 8th. 90% positive


According to your monthly horoscope, In April, career and business activities will take up more of your time and energy than usual, but exciting prospects will involve clever and interesting people, so those long working hours will be rather more amusing and fun than you might expect.

Your shrewdness and intuitive business sense will be very much to the fore, and you’ll probably astound even your toughest rival with your incisive remarks and suggestions.

Keep a very open mind if changes are being discussed. 80% positive


You’ll be faced with a situation in which you’ll have been particularly mentally alert. You’ll respond well to the challenge, especially if the event is totally alien to you.

It could involve some demanding or dangerous sport, a type of business of which you know nothing, or meeting up with people who are both culturally and ethnically different from you and your usual friends or colleagues.

All very fascinating – no matter what area these indications will focus on! 40% positive


Has your sex-life been a pit bull for a while? You’ll be able to liven it up considerably this month, if you feel inclined – you’ll find that what you want matches very well with what your partner needs at the moment.

This will apply in general, too – you’ll spark off each other with lively ideas, reminiscences and suggestions for new developments both personal and involving your family.

After the 20th you may go so far as to start financial planning to put new and exciting ideas into action. Use the energy of the New Moon on the 22th for all this. 85% positive.


Until April 20th the planets are emphasising every aspect of partnership – your lover, meaningful friends and anyone with whom you share a special bond through joint interests or business.

Make time for discussion with a view to future plans. You’ll not always agree, but interesting compromises will be reached. Use the energy of the Full Moon on the 8th to have meetings followed by enjoyable and useful socialising. 76% positive.


Additional demands will be made on you during working hours. Prepare to be stressed out.

Try to fit in the occasional massage, facial or whatever – with maybe an emphasis on the ‘whatever’ – which will help ease any build-up of stress.

By the 20th you’ll realise that all your extra effort is beginning to paying off extremely well, and there will be time for some more adventurous and strenuous pleasure. 45% positive


April is an excellent time of year for you. All your lively Sagittarian characteristics are bursting to be expressed. You’ll take a few daring chances where love and sex are concerned, and your partner will love it. You’ll cheer up other people, and have masses of fun.

However, do remember that old English saying ‘the grass isn’t always greener over the hedge’, and if all that sexual experiment is with someone other than your partner,m you may be disappointed.

Your most exuberant time will be on and around the Full Moon on the 13th. 90% positive.


In April 2020, the accent’s on home and family. Your nearest and dearest will appreciate any extra effort you make – whether in the kitchen or the bedroom – and this will, in turn, be very satisfying for you; but you could feel pretty tired in due course!

It seems possible you may have to plan an important event – a wedding? Special birthday party?

If you’re female and pregnant: relax – everything’s going to be fine – the time couldn’t be better. 65% positive


You’ll be very fortunate to be able to get away from your computer this week – it’ll be full of interesting Emails (as opposed to rubbish).

These may well be the result of your speaking up regarding some injustice or problems affecting a lot of people.

If having your say has meant a heated discussion in any media – know that you are in the right. Be prepared to put your social life on hold. 70% positive


You’re especially intuitive at the moment. Don’t ignore any feelings you have, providing you look at them logically and control the tendency to over-react.

All this is also very inspirational so get out your best notebook, paints, or fabric and follow any creative urge that surfaces in you.

Your ‘powers’ are at their most dynamic mid-month and on the 29th . According to the April 2020 monthly horoscope, romance is in the air for all Pisces lovers. 95% positive

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