Aquarius Dates and Personality Traits

  • Date: January 21 – February 18
  • Symbol: The Water Bearer
  • Element: Air
  • Stone: Amethyst
  • Planet: Uranus
  • Lucky colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Black and Silver
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 17, 22, 27, 30
  • Lucky Day: Sunday and Saturday

An Aquarius is a thinker, always trying to puzzle out the mysteries of life. Visionary, creative, curious, and energetic, it’s no wonder that many scientists and inventors have been born under this Sign, and that original Aquarius minds are often considered “eccentric” by other people.

In today’s society, the Aquarius is likely to have the latest tech gadget (or be inventing the next one), and the mix of their logical and creative abilities make them the cutting-edge thinkers they are.

Uranus, the planet ruling Aquarius, represents innovation and non-conformity.

The Aquarius often has such a busy mind that sleep is elusive. The element air represents the thinking qualities of Aquarius.

In love, an Aquarius can be very independent, unconcerned by the fact that other people have trouble figuring out what makes them tick, and allowing a partner so much freedom that it might be misconstrued as lack of interest.

Any Aquarius who is born on zodiac signs dates near the edges (or “cusp”) of the Aquarius sign will find some influences and effects of the neighboring sign on their personality.

This, of course, is part of the reason why not every Aquarius is exactly alike.

If your birth date falls near the border of Aquarius or Capricorn, or on the border between Aquarius and Pisces, you will see these personality traits affected by your zodiac signs:

  • The Capricorn/Aquarius Cusp–People born on this cusp will tend to work without tiring whenever they work on a project that interests them. They also tend to be independent and individualistic, and sometimes a little critical of people who are less ambitious. Their opinions are often fixed and they stick with them, bolstered by their own sense of logic and their strong confidence in self. Even when it comes to leisure and hobby activities, they are likely to be competitive and enjoy company and conversation that let their conversational skills shine and engage with other people.
  • The Aquarius/Pisces Cusp–People born on this cusp tend to have talents in both creative and scientific. They tend to be somewhat withdrawn or shy and value their independence. Their strongest characteristics tend to be compassion and a strong sense of visionary strength.

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Positive Qualities


Although Aquarius is social and loves being other people, they are independent both mentally and financially, whenever they are in trouble, they will try to solve that problem themselves first before attempting to get help.


Aries is known for being logical and is always looking for intelligent solution for all problems.


Aquarius is about freedom and imagination. They loves field of work which requires a lot of freedom and imagination thus they are able to come out with things that is new, this is due to their ability to think differently to the common people.


Once an Aquarius gets close to someone, he will be extremely faithful to his friend, a dependable partner and will do anything to help his friend. They are expressive and attracting, so it is easy for them to make new friends.


Aquarius faithfulness to his friend and lover is well known; Aquarius is dependable and will not leave his friend or lover in trouble alone.


They care deeply about the situation around the world and are always looking for a way to make everyone’s life better.



Although Aquarius is friendly and faithful, they tend to need sometimes alone and when they do, they will do it regardless of the circumstances.


Being a lover of freedom, Aquarius does not feel too comfortable about commitment. Although they love to make friends; they always make sure that there is an intimacy line that cannot be passed.


When making a judgment and decision, Aquarius will always try to pick between one thing and other thing that is the complete opposite of the other possibilities. They will always things of the worst or the best between each problem, there is no middle ground and will not compromise, its either winning or losing.


Aquarius loves freedom and will not let other people advice sway their judgment.


Aquarius loves to think outside the box, so it is difficult to guess what they want or what they likes, it is making it harder to get close to them.

Aquarius compatibility with other zodiac signs

Here’s what you can expect in a relationship between an Aquarius and other zodiac signs…

1. Pisces

The emotion of Pisces and intellect of Aquarius can be complementary–or they can create a rocky relationship and inability to connect easily.

2. Aries

Adventure combined with eccentric intellectualism–this match will never be dull. Strap on your adventure gear, because this pairing will take both parties to places they wouldn’t have ventured alone.

3. Taurus

A Taurus may have the power to draw Aquarius out of intellectual pursuits to enjoy the creature comforts.

4. Gemini

An Aquarius and Gemini tend to stick together inseparably. This can be a match made for life, due to the traits of both parties.

5. Cancer

This relationship will be founded on mutual respect for one another’s strong points and skills. Where one partner excels, the other will encourage them, and both can learn from each other because of their mutual support.

6. Leo

The magnetic attraction between Leo and Aquarius keeps both parties interested indefinitely. The magic and chemistry seem never to go out of a romance between these two.

7. Virgo

Intellect paired with intellect, a thoroughly thinking pair. Just don’t forget to mix in some fun and social activities, because left to themselves, this pair might live an entirely intellectual life of the mind. When they share their thinking with one another that can be a strong bond.

8. Libra

This will be a nurturing pairing, filled with communication and affection. It may be the type of relationship that other people envy because they see how closely connected this pair can be, and how deeply they enjoy and appreciate one another.

9. Scorpio

Curiosity and intrigue keep this two attracted. Lively minds and adventurous spirits will keep life interesting, and keep this pair interested in each other.

10. Sagittarius

The ability of each to be comfortable with independence means they will give each other space and respect and appreciate one another’s chosen ventures in life. Paradoxically, they often grow close together because of the trust that follows from both parties having enough space for themselves.

11. Capricorn

These two are so very different than they can actually complement and complete one another. Where one party is uncomfortable, the other takes charge and leads the way, and in another situation, the roles might be reversed. Between the two, this pair can handle almost anything, because their talents and skills are so diversified.

12. Aquarius

With no one to dampen their eccentricities, this pair can be as quirky in combination as they please. Nobody can understand an Aquarius quite like another Aquarius, so let the “Age of Aquarius” reign when these two pair up together.

How to Make Aquarius Women Attracted to You

The most important thing on how to attract Aquarius woman is not to force her as she loves her freedom. And her unwillingness to get into commitment is also a problem, so high level of patience and persistence are needed.

You need to be unique to get the attention from Aquarius woman and you will have to be able to come up with different kinds of different talk topics as Aquarius woman have a lot of sides in her personalities.

How to Make Aquarius Men Attracted to You

You need to be a good listener if you want to attract Aquarius man, as Aquarius man loves to talk about his inspirations and imaginations. To get closer to Aquarius man is not that simple though, as you need not to force a commitment out of he and you need to let him have his freedom.

Keep things in line, start by being a friend with the Aquarius man and make sure that he knows about you, and then you can start to pursue the relationship after he shows that he is comfortable being around with you.