Despre Mine

How I’ve Become Astrologist

I’ve always been interested in astral predictions and I’ve wanted to learn the secret that stays behind these calculations. I’ve read many books and studies on numerology and esotericism that increased my appetite for astrology. The first time I’ve calculated my natal chart, I was impressed by the accuracy of the information I’ve managed to obtain.

The Benefits of my Profession

As an astrological counselor, I like to offer advice and to discover as many typologies of people through stars. I usually open the path towards self-knowledge to those who come to me. I help them discover basic details about their personality and, implicitly, about the principles that are governing their existence.
To be a good astrologist, you need to read, to always be informed, to understand human phycology, to know how to listen to the voice of the Earth and Universe, them to combine and interpret these data.

How Horoscope is made

The predictions of each astral sign are made based on complex calculation. Besides the sign of natives, the hour of birth and also the ascendant matter a lot. Not least, when we are born, the position of planets in the astrological houses and, especially, the Sun’s position, define the personality of each one of us. Thus, it happens that two people who were born in the same sign, but different days and hours, to have opposite temperaments. The natal sign is influenced by many factors.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect in astrology is the fact that it answers to the question when. Not every science or divination has the advantage of traveling in time. Knowing the position of the stars in the past, present and future, we can discover information about the events or people in a specific moment.

Personal Info:

Michael Hermann (astrologist at is:
– ISAR member (International Society for Astrological Research);
– Member of Astrological Association of Germany
– Member of Astrological Association of Great Britain
– Member of Astrological Lodge of London

He completed astrology studies abroad:

– Centre for Psychological Astrology – London, Great Britain
– Avalon School of Astrology- Florida Department of Education, USA
– Portland School of Astrology

Media appearances:

„Fresh Refresh” Show
„Morning Star” Show
„Focus” New Journal

My Role

The astrologist will interpret the personal astral chart at birth and will help us have a better understanding about who we truly are, what can we do in this life, and what is less favorable to do, so we can realize our true potential in this life.
The natal chart is a real map of your personality, structured depending on the day, hour, and the pace of birth. Thus, you can find out the characteristics of your personality, but also of your dear ones, you can understand better why some people tend to act in a way or another, and you can predict your next steps on your own.

Our expert in astrology will help you in your self-knowledge endeavor to highlight much faster some limitations, fears, shortcomings, biases, so it’s no longer necessary to go through more experiences to understand our life lessons. By deciphering in astrological key the natal chart, we can realize who we are, and how to eliminate or solve thoroughly the issues we face.