Marriage Horoscope 2021

Like any big event, a marriage is influenced by the movement of the planets through the zodiac. The wedding ceremony is particularly important. It represents the birth of the marriage.

So if you’re planning a marriage in 2021, check your sign and that of your partner, as each month sees unique planetary positions that could leave your marriage blessed or cursed.

Which Zodiac Signs Will Get Married in 2021?

If you are wondering to what extent 2021 is a good year for marriage, we have excellent news. Astrologers’ predictions say that 2021 is a very good year for marriage.

Which Zodiac Signs Will Get Married in 2021?


An Aries is always looking forward, so picking a wedding date is important, as a successful marriage ensures that you’ll never have to look back. If you’ve been hedging on tying the knot, be warned: there is a dry spell in the future regarding astrologically excellent wedding dates for your sign. 2021 is the time to take the leap.

  • Best months to get married: February, May, first week of June.
  • Recommended wedding colors: Reds, Lavenders
  • Recommended honeymoon: Mexico


A Taurus may be more focused on affording a wedding or thinking about the awaiting gifts than in the timing of the actual event. 2021 will be a challenge to the Bull. There are only a few excellent time periods, so pay attention!

  • Best months to get married: Between August 15 and September 28
  • Recommended wedding colors: Gold, Rust
  • Recommended honeymoon: London


A Gemini is always more likely to talk about what the wedding will be like than they are to actually make solid plans. Since 2021 only allots you one excellent month to begin a marriage, picking the right date should be high on your list of things to get done.

  • Best months to get married: May.
  • Recommended wedding colors: Deep Purple, Gray
  • Recommended honeymoon: San Francisco


The Crab is looking at one of the better years to tie the knot. If financial security is important, August will assist your union’s wallet. This year is looking great, overall, but don’t feel rushed. Almost any week in 2021 is just as blessed.

Cancer Horoscope 2021
  • Best months to get married: May 25 thru September 28
  • Recommended wedding colors: Light Aqua or Pastel Rose
  • Recommended honeymoon: Maui


A very dramatic time in your life could be capped by the ceremony of your lifetime. If you’re on the fence about marriage, consider that while the next six years have various good dates on which to exchange vows, it will be six years until a truly great day for the Lion to get hitched occurs. Take the leap.

  • Best months to get married: Anytime through August 24
  • Recommended wedding colors: All shades of Orange
  • Recommended honeymoon: New York City


Attention to detail will always favor a perfect wedding for the Virgo, so pay attention to the position of the planets. If your partner is getting nervous, this is one year during which weird behavior will be actually a good sign, as the little quirks of Virgo’s spouse-to-be are what will make your marriage dynamic.

  • Best months to get married: From April 1 through September 14
  • Recommended wedding colors: White with Chartreuse or Maroon trims.
  • Recommended honeymoon: Dublin


As you seek balance, Libra could go from one extreme to another. Halfway through planning your big wedding, you may decide to elope. Such chaos will bring a sense of uncertainty to your planned union, so try to stick with a plan your partner finds agreeable.

  • Best months to get married: March or May
  • Recommended wedding colors: White on White
  • Recommended honeymoon: Las Vegas


The intensity of wedding planning could be a bit much, so take comfort in the fact that this is one of the best years in the past 15 for you to get married, so waiting for 2021 was definitely the right choice, astrologically speaking.

  • Best months to get married: Anytime after June
  • Recommended wedding colors: Muted Blue
  • Recommended honeymoon: Paris


Wedding planning this year will take a back seat to concerns about your home life. You can keep your focus on real estate and domestic arrangements by letting the stars plan your wedding for you.

  • Best months to get married: November
  • Recommended wedding colors: Tartan patterns, multicolored woven trim over white
  • Recommended honeymoon: Lake Tahoe


If you aren’t sure or feel pressured, delay your marriage until 2022, when the stars align much better for your sign. There is but a short window of astrological blessings for your union this year. Straighten out all financial concerns prior to the ceremony.

  • Best months to get married: August 23 thru September 14
  • Recommended wedding colors: Silver trim on Navajo White
  • Recommended honeymoon: The Grand Canyon


2021 marks the last great year for you to get married in more than a decade. You’ve dawdled too long, it is time to tie the knot or wait at least ten years. The stars are moving on. Make sure that love does not.

  • Best months to get married: Any this year
  • Recommended wedding colors: Satin Magenta on Eggshell White
  • Recommended honeymoon: Palm Springs


You’ll have plenty of time to mull things over. The planets are lining up in your favor this year, so there are no absolute obligations for you other than the ones you accept. The next few years will be just as bountiful for Piscean weddings as 2021.

  • Best months to get married: July, August, November, December
  • Recommended wedding colors: Extremely formal or themed (gothic, Medieval, etc.)
  • Recommended honeymoon: The Bahamas

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