Love & Marriage Horoscope 2022

According to the yearly horoscope, 2022 will be suitable for solving many problems! But what will happen to love?

For some zodiac signs, 2022 will be a year rich in love, romance, and success.

At the same time, in the new year, the desire to overcome ourselves will be at maximum levels, so many of us will want to get rid of relationships that do not work at normal parameters.

Let’s see further what the love horoscope 2022 has prepared for each of us:

love horoscope 2022


Aries will feel great in 2022.

Aries has all the chances to meet his true love this year, but the most favorable period is in the first months. It is very important not to throw your head forward and start a love story that can be doomed to failure.

Dear Aries, in 2022, the slower you take things, the better the result will be.

Arians already engaged in a serious relationship will have both good and bad periods. Their relationship or marriages will be put to the test in the middle of the year and it will be time to see if you are made for each other. Fortunately, in the winter things will return to normal, but only if you manage to communicate enough.


If Taurus proposes to have a boyfriend, in 2022 he will certainly have one. It all depends on him and what he wants from his life.

It is very important for Taurus to carefully choose the person he sets his eyes on and try not to mix professional life with love.

Otherwise, the results would not be the best. For Taureans engaged in a relationship or marriage, there is a risk of losing interest in the person they love.

It is important to keep the love flame alive if they want their relationship to be long-lasting. Fortunately for Taurus, the chances of success are guaranteed, because Taureans and their partners will go in the same direction without realizing it.


Geminis will not focus too much on the sentimental side in 2022, so the fact that they will not find lovers will be due only to their decision.

They will let themselves be carried away by the wave and will not give in to the pressures of those around them, but it is possible in the middle of 2022 someone will appear in their lives whom they cannot resist.

For Gemini engaged in serious relationships, 2022 is not the time to discuss the appearance of a child in their lives. Any plan will be doomed to failure, so the horoscope advice is to let things come naturally. Gemini would do well if they did not invest too many resources in this sector of their lives!


Cancerians will not be without fans this year, but they will not have a very successful relationship either.

It is very important not to be satisfied with anyone just for not being alone, so it is better to give up some partners , than to have a 2022 full of compromises and dissatisfaction.

If you are a Cancer engaged in a serious relationship or you are married, then you must learn not to force your partner to do only what you want. It is very important to have an understanding on both sides and not to rush into the future forgetting to live your present!


For Libra, nothing is certain, but it is possible to meet someone special in 2022.

Libras have a charm that they are not aware of and attract many admirers without wanting to. Of these, only a few can reach their hearts, and only if they understand and accept the lifestyle they have had so far. Anyone who wants to change you will have a black ball!

If you already have a boyfriend or a husband, then most likely there will be quarrels, but also moments of romance. The heated discussions between you will be normal and on trivial topics, so you don’t have to worry about a slightly higher tone, especially since these things have happened in previous years.


For Leo, this year will revolve more around flirting and adventure. If you are still hoping for the better future of a relationship that has just begun, then you will most likely be disappointed or suffer. It is very important to choose well the person you are willing to give everything you have, otherwise, it would be advisable to limit yourself to to relationships that bring you fun.

If you have a stable boyfriend, the year 2022 will be one without major incidents, but it all comes down to honest communication between you and your partner. If communication is lacking, the risk of relationship deterioration will increase, and your behaviors toward each other may degrade. Don’t let jealousy or money get in the way of your happiness!


For Virgo, the beginning of 2022 will be full of vain hopes. You may think you have met your true love, but it will prove otherwise.

Even if you fall in love easily, you should keep your feet on the ground, don’t believe all the promises made to you, and don’t have too high expectations. Any relationship you engage in this year will be doomed to failure.

If you already have a boyfriend or a husband, now is the time to move on to the next level of the relationship. If you really want this, take the first step and don’t wait anymore! You will have many chances, and all of them will prove beneficial for your love life.


Dear Scorpio, it is possible that this year you will start a love story with a person you have never looked at this way.

Even if you have ups and downs, it is important to communicate with your partner and solve your problems. Most likely, any relationship started now will not make you feel that you are evolving, but you will feel love to the fullest!

Some bad news comes for Geminis who are engaged in serious relationships. They will face many problems and will have quarrels that will consume their resources. You are unhappy because your partner never takes the initiative and you will feel you need to take a stand on your future plans.


Although you can easily conquer many people around you, in 2022 it is possible to choose someone totally inappropriate. You will have a passionate love, but it will pass as quickly as it came. However, 2022 will be a much better year for you in terms of love.

Those Sagittarians engaged in serious relationships, need to give up pride and make some compromises for everything to work properly. For your peace of mind, get rid of excesses of jealousy and the desire to control your lover at every step. For a beautiful future together, you need to trust each other.


In terms of love, the year 2022 may not be a great start for you. However, starting in the middle of the year, the chances of meeting someone with whom you will get along sensationally on a sentimental level increase.

Totally can leave the discussion with a person you can meet on a trip. Capricorn must be relaxed and let himself be guided by his primary instinct.

If your relationship is stable, the year 2022 will come with good and also with bad situations. Due to a lack of communication, you will accumulate frustrations that you will turn into hate.

It won’t be long before everything returns to normal, but it takes some effort to rekindle the flame of love between you. At the end of the year, you will appreciate much more everything you have.


There are no chances to meet your great love this year, but it is possible to meet a person who makes you think. You certainly don’t know what you want from yourself and so you can’t get an idea of your future.

If you are engaged in a serious relationship, the year 2022 could be full of pressure and stress for you. Serious quarrels with your life partner are not ruled out, but if you two remain united you can get over anything. Try to ignore everything around you and enjoy life.


Pisces may fall madly in love with a totally inappropriate person this year. If at first everything seems perfect to you, along the way you will realize that you made the wrong choice.

Unfortunately for Pisces, the trust they place in those around them will be their main enemy.

If you are engaged in a serious relationship, you will find how different you are from your partner. You forget to appreciate his qualities and focus more on flaws.

If time has shown you that your relationship is strong, then your route will be the same from now on. Instead, if the relationship is squeaking, expect major changes.